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Ishq Subhan Allah 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update

Shahbaz Offers Kabir’s Wedding With Zara


Ishq Subhan Allah 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Ishq Subhan Allah 22nd March 2018 Episode Start With Zara comes to Irfan. Irfan asks his wife to bring Zara’s old saving box, we will have a dinner with her money today, for first time she have done something without telling, she is all grown up now, she became part of sharia board without even telling me, he shouts to bring her safe box. Mom brings her box.

Irfan throws and breaks it. Zara is stunned. Coins and some money falls out. Irfan asks Zara tell me how you want to celebrate this success of yours? Mom says you are now so grown up that dont even ask us, what was the need to do all this? Zara says I joined board because of my father, some people were targeting him so I had to tell them that my father is not alone and his daughter is no less than any son, I accept that I took this decision alone and if someone does any bad to my father then I will take another decision like that, she wipes her tears and leaves. Irfan cries sadly.

Kabir comes home. Ruksar comes to his car, he asks what? Ruksar says you said that you will marry a girl which your father choose so your father have chosen a girl for you. Kabir turns to leave, Ruksar says ask who is the girl? Kabir angrily asks where is father? he leaves.

Kabir says to Shahbaz that you said yes to Ruksar for marriage? Shahbaz says last decision is yours, what you want will happen, I wanted to congratulate on Irfan’s resignation. Kabir says he didnt resign? Shahbaz says Khalid messaged me, Kabir says Irfan fined him for that, the game you played, Irfan and his daughter played it.. Zara makes people in her favor, she made Shaista resign and take her place. Shahbaz says see you were taking their side and what they did now. Kabir says what you did was wrong too, they did wrong too so I wont take any side, but that girl coming to board was very wrong like that. Shahbaz says they can try to form alliance against us but when it comes to politics, Irfan is like an infant to me.. tell your mom that we have to go somewhere, just see what I do.

Irfan meets lawyer and says make a case on media groups that are under Shahbaz’s orders so they will come to their senses. Door bell rings. Shahbaz enters his house with his family. Shahbaz greets Irfan, Irfan greets him back, lawyers leave. Irfan asks can I know why you are here? Shahbaz says father who have daughters dont call fathers on sons.. Irfan says what? Shahbaz says I have brought marriage proposal of Kabir for your daughter Zara, I am looking for people that have respect like us so we want Zara to become our daughter in law.. Irfan is stunned. Shahbaz says I thought about this before too but then I thought that your honor, your position is high that we lower respected people cant make relation with you but.. I realized that you are a jerk. Irfan is stunned.

Zara makes tea for Kabir’s mother Ayesha. Ayesha says when you came home that day, I didnt see you well but you are so pretty. Ayesha asks Zara’s mom if she is miffed with them? Mom says your husband made our daughter’s picture go in newspaper, destroyed our respect and we cant even be miffed? Ayesha says you have right, whatever they did, I feel that they shouldnt drag us in all this.

Shahbaz says to Irfan that you are way ahead of us in politics but you know what can happen to your daughter.. so you accept this marriage proposal?

Mom says to Ayesha that whatever happened was not nice but I am sure that one day God will bring best marriage proposal for her. Ayesha offers her tea.

Irfan says to Shahbaz that dont forget that I am head priest of this city, on my one call, people can throw you out of city easily so I suggest you to drink this tea and go back home. Shahbaz says now you are threatening? you have become human from an angel.

Ayesha says to mom that men can do their politics but we women will have good relation. Zara greets her, Ayesha says be happy always.

Irfan says to Shahbaz that if you are eyeing head priests’s position then I will not let you or your any men become head. Shahbaz gets angry and mistakenly spills tea. Ayesha comes there. Shahbaz says we are leaving but think about what I said, he leaves.

Scene 2
Kabir comes to his room, he takes off shirt and goes to his washroom.. but Ruksar is there in towel, he is stunned and looks away. Ruksar says my room’s bathroom water is not working so I came here. Kabir says you could have gone to other room, Ruksar says but this is my would be room. Kabir says but you are not right now, atleast you should have locked it. Ruksar says I thought you wouldnt come inside. He starts to leave but Ruksar says can you pass me clothes on your bed? Kabir takes it and offers her.. ,, He is stunned.

Kabir says to Zara that its strange, office closes at 7PM and its 7:15PM, you are still here.

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Ishq Subhan Allah Details

Ishq Subhan Allah is an Indian television series.The series which will be premier on 14 March 2018 and it will be produced by Creative Eye Limited, series will be broadcast by Zee TV. The series will be starring Eisha Singh and Adnan Khan in lead roles. The show also marks the comeback of Eisha Singh, who was earlier seen on Zee TV’s Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani and Color’s Ishq Ka Rang Safed


Samiksha Bhatnagar
Vinay Jain
Adnan Khan
Eisha Singh

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Zee TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min