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Ishq Subhan Allah 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update


Ishq Subhan Allah 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update, Ishq Subhan Allah Written Update on

Ishq Subhan Allah 25th July 2018 Episode Start With Kabir brings Miraj to sharia board. All greet him. Irfan and Zara comes there. Kabir asks where is her mom? she says meet her after meeting. They all are about to go in meeting room. Irfan asks Miraj to stop, he says you can only go in if you are a member of board, you will be called if needed, Miraj says okay I will wait outside. Kabir nods at Miraj. Zara says to Kabir that I am thinking to resign from board, he says are you joking? she says no, I am asking for your suggestion, he says what do I say. Zara says I am still thinking about it, I just want to remind you that you promised to protect my honor infront of people, these sharia board people made fun of me so I want you to say some nice words for me in there. Kabir says this was all your plan, become a part of board to make me do this. Zara says it was not a plan, just asking you, Kabir says you are informing me all this. Zara says you decide what is wrong or right.

In meeting, Khalid says to Irfan that I am not feeling well so I want to resign, I suggest Miraj’s name in my place. Kabir recalls Zara’s words to praise her. Kabir says I want to say something, Irfan allows him. Kabir says Miraj’s name is suggested, I know board will decide for it but I want to say that Miraj has strengths but also weaknesses like he doesnt know problems of this city, he is a young man and doesnt know many troubles but still I am requesting to make him part of this board, he is highly qualified and has guts to work for others but I also want to say that I like my wife’s suggestion to make him part of the board after 30 days, I usually dont agree with Zara but Zara has been working for women.

she has guts to take a stand, she has great thinking, she gave her life for this nation, she thinks ahead for future and I cant deny that. Zara smiles at him. Kabir says I mean this board cant deny Zara’s work and we should think about your suggestion and make Miraj part of this board after 30 days. Khalid says Miraj lives in your house like a family, you and him work for the nation, when you and Zara are suggesting his name then why 30 days? Kabir says we know him but all members of board should know him so take 30 days. Irfan asks to call Miraj.

Miraj is on call with Shahbaz, he says I am thinking to give a lavish party to board members when I become part of the board. Khalid asks him to come inside. Miraj comes inside and smirks. Irfan says board can give you the membership but we have taken 30 days before giving you that. Khalid says I suggested your name but Zara had other suggestions and Kabir took her side fully so board decided this. Miraj glares at Zara. Zara smirks. All leave from there. Zara holds Kabir’s hand infront of Miraj and leaves. Zara recalls how Kabir didnt take her side in inauguration.

Scene 2
Salma serves food to Kabir but doesnt talk to him. Zara says Kabir gave my honor back and fulfilled his promise, now you forgive him too. Salma says no. Kabir holds her hands and says forgive me. Salma says we are no one to forgive but God only, you gave respect to Zara and I am thankful for that. Irfan says every father will be happy to hear daughter’s praises, the way you praised Zara today showed you are not only a nice husband but true muslim, I have no anger towards you. He hugs Kabir. Kabir thanks him. Zara says am I right to resign from sharia board? Salma says nothing to think, just give resignation and handle your house.

Zara asks Kabir what she should do? Kabir says its good that you are asking me but I think you should take your decision, you will handle house if you resign but otherside sharia board will lose a good member and it will damage it, Irfan says he is right, take 30 days, till Miraj doesnt become part of the board, you can take time to think, dont think that you are wife of Kabir or daughter of Irfan, just ask your conscience if it allows you to resign or not. Zara says I dont understand your big words, what should I do? Irfan says you both are intelligent, educated, you both should be part of this board, your mother keeps asking me to take rest but I wont rest till I dont find capable, honest person to become head of the board, Bakra Eid is near so I am thinking is I will be head till then or will Kabir take charge.. what say Kabir? Kabir is stunned. Irfan says Kabir take a decision on your resignation before Eid, just remember that your one wrong decision can hurt your future and one right decision can make your future bright, he and Salma leaves from there. Zara says Irfan is right. Kabir thinks.

Zara says to Kabir that Miraj will do some cheap act which we cant expect. Kabir says what are you saying? he is a businessman. Zara says who can hurt others for his gain. Kabir says no

he is not like that. Zara says I will prove you he is not like you think he is. Kabir looks on.


Ishq Subhan Allah 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Miraj says to Kabir that you cant do the projects, you just go and become a priest and make your nation pray, Kabir says you are crossing the limits. Miraj says I dont want to do this project anymore, give my all money back and also those 1 crore you took to divorce your wife. Kabir is stunned.Kabir is tensed, Zara asks what happened? He gets angry and says I dont have to tell you everything, he leaves. Zara says to Reema that there is something fishy, I have to find out.

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Ishq Subhan Allah Details

Ishq Subhan Allah is an Indian television series.The series which will be premier on 14 March 2018 and it will be produced by Creative Eye Limited, series will be broadcast by Zee TV. The series will be starring Eisha Singh and Adnan Khan in lead roles. The show also marks the comeback of Eisha Singh, who was earlier seen on Zee TV’s Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani and Color’s Ishq Ka Rang Safed


Samiksha Bhatnagar
Vinay Jain
Adnan Khan
Eisha Singh

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Zee TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min


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