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Ishq Subhan Allah: Irfan’s deal for Zara Kabir, Zara’s nightmare turns reality


Ishq Subhan Allah: Irfan’s shocking deal for Kabir (Adnan Khan), Zara (Eisha Singh) peacemaker

The upcoming episode of Zee TV’s popular daily soap Ishq Subhan Allah is gearing up for some interesting twist and drama.Kabir has arranged rocking birthday for Zara and everyone is happy and especially Zara’s parents.Zara’s father Irfan is happy that things are getting sorted amid Zara and Kabir and they are understanding each other.Zara and Kabir’s new trouble,Kabir does shayari for Zara and appreciates her, Zara is too happy while now Irfan asks Kabir about what he had thought about his resignation from sharia board.

Kabir says that he will not resign and Irfan thus tells Kabir that if he will make Kabir nayab qazi then Zara had to turns sahar qazi.Zara and Kabir are shocked to see Miraj’s real face, Kabir even apologize to Zara for not able to safeguard her.Zara and Kabir are trying to handle situation while Zara knows that Miraj will not sit silent and will do palatvar.Zara fears that Miraj will attempt to kill Kabir and she can’t let this happen, while Kabir wants to change everyone’s mood.Zara and Kabir’s happiness ruined by Miraj.

Kabir arranges grand party for Zara’s birthday and wants her to stay happy but their this happiness will not last for long.Miraj will enter Zara’s birthday bash and will confess his love for Zara and Kabir will be infuriated with this but Zara stops him.Miraj also gives warning to Kabir that soon he is going to loose everything and then Zara will come to him and will kick him out of her life.Zara and Kabir are trying to deal with what all happened with Miraj and how Miraj was playing with them.Kabir now arranges for a birthday bash for Zara and calls all important persons of Zara’s life and thus everything seems to be perfect.While now Kabir has a plan to make this birthday more special for Zara and expresses his love for Zara in unique way.Kabir and Zara’s end of triple talaq.

Kabir turns shayar for Zara and praises her and even thanks Zara for coming in his life and everything seems to perfect and soon thus triple talaq drama is to end.Irfan that is Zara’s father asks Kabir about his decision to divorce Zara and he seeks some time from him but has taken his decision to end this triple talaq drama.

Zara and Kabir both are shocked and will this create new tiff amid Zara and Kabir.Kabir aplogize to Zara for not able to save her from Miraj’s evil eyes and promises to not let him return in their life.While Zara knows Miraj well and also knows that he will return back to take his revenge and fears it.Miraj comes to Kabir and Zara’s room and points gun at Miraj and attempts to shoot him but it was mere Zara’s nightmare.Zara’s nightmare turns reality,Zara’s this nightmare will soon turn reality when Miraj will enter Zara’s birthday party and will confess his love to her.

Will Zara be able to handle situation and how will she save Kabir from Miraj’s ugly trap.What new twist will Miraj bring in Kabir and Zara’s life, stay tuned for more exciting updates

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