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Ishq Subhan Allah: Miraj breaks partnership with Kabir, Miraj’s ugly face revealed


Ishq Subhan Allah: Zara plans works as Miraj’s face failure against Kabir

In the upcoming twist of ZEE TV popular show Ishq Subhan Allah loyal viewers will get to witness interesting track as Miraj (Gautam Vig) breaks partnership with Kabir (Adnan Khan) demands back investment.It seems Miraj wanted to become member of Shariah board with Kabir’s influence but Zara manipulates Kabir making him against Miraj.Zara thus got successful in her plan while Miraj failed to digest his failure.In the upcoming episode of Ishq Subhan Allah, Miraj will go wild where he will be seen confronting Kabir.New problem arise in Kabir’s life as Miraj goes wild

Miraj declares to break the partnership and at the same time also demands entire investment back from Kabir along with one crore Meher amount that he gave to Zara on divorce.Now it would be really interesting to see how Kabir will tackle this new problem in his life.Kabir had supported Zara in sharia board over Miraj, Kabir proposes Zara’s 30 days proposal for Miraj’s sharia board membership.Miraj is much infuriated with this and decides to create havoc for Kabir, while Zara warns Kabir that Miraj will take cheap step.Miraj’s bitter condition before Kabir

Kabir was not ready to believe over Zara but soon shocking truth comes forth him as Miraj bursts at Kabir.Miraj bursts at Kabir and asks him to return his all investment and the money he had given for Zara’s meher.

Kabir is shocked and troubled as it brings new hurdle for him, stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes

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