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Ishq Subhan Allah: Miraj’s plan create wall amid Zara Kabir, Zara’s sacrifice


Ishq Subhan Allah: Miraj’s (Gautam Vij) ugly plan creates secret wall amid Zara and Kabir (Adnan Khan)

The upcoming episode of Zee TV’s popular daily Ishq Subhan Allah is gearing up for some interesting twist and drama.Zara and Kabir’s life takes new turn as Abidah is now married and forced to do nikah halala which Zara is against.Kabir tells Zara that Abidah had done all this with her wish and they can’t stop it, Zara is not ready.

Zara is not ready to listen as she very well knows that Abidah had been forced into this and can’t do it herself.Zara and Kabir’s new trouble,Zara now challenges Kabir that she will prove truth at any cost and will not let any wrong happen to Abidah.Miraj on other hand is cooking up plan to create new walls of differences amid Zara and Kabir and Imam is with Miraj in this.Kabir and Zara are having their conflict over the fact that Abidah gets married again to do Nikah Halala.

Wasim had won to threaten Abidah and use her for his motive and now Zara asks Abidah to raise her voice against this wrong.Zara and Kabir are now going to have their face off where Zara is determined to prove Wasim’s evil play and prove it.Zara and Kabir battle begins,Shahbaz asks Kabir to stop Zara but Kabir is failing to do so, now Kabir puts a condition infront of Zara.Kabir asks Zara to either choose Abidah or their relationship, Zara tells Kabir that she can’t go against her rules to support right.

Kabir is shocked as Zara chooses Abidah over their relationship,Kabir and Zara as usual will have a major showdown over Abida’s case where Kabir supports Nikah Halala and Zara does not.Zara does not support Nikah Halala due to the injustice happening with Abida where she is being used as commodity to fulfil the sexual pleasure.

However, Kabir gets irked over the same and warns Zara over their divorce.Zara gives up before Kabir,Zara gets irked with everything where she will decide to make her resignation.

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