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Ishq Subhan Allah: Nilofer poisons Zara to death, Kabir Zara’s super fight shocking


Ishq Subhan Allah: Nilofer (Nisha Nagpal) poisons Zara (Eisha Singh), Kabir clueless

The upcoming episode of Zee TV’s popular daily soap Ishq Subhan Allah is gearing up for some interesting twist and drama.Miraj had given warning to Kabir that he will not let him be happy and will return for revenge.Zara knows that Miraj will return for revenge and also well aware that Nilofer can do anything for money.Miraj will now bribe Nilofer to kill Zara so that he can give pain to Kabir and Zara has full doubt over Nilofer.Nilofer and Zara’s face off.

Nilofer thus tries to poison Zara and brings sandwich for Zara and Kabir, Zara doubts over Nilofer’s this act and stops Kabir from eating it.Zara herself eats and faints while Kabir gets shocked but Zara was just doing acting and shares sweet moments.Nilofer still has her eye over Zara and Kabir and will play dual game with Miraj as well as Zara, Kabir.Zara and Kabir are stuck in trouble as Miraj has warned them to return with a bang.Zara knows that Miraj will do anything to ruin their happiness.

Miraj now asks Nilofer to kill Zara so that he can take revenge from Kabir.Miraj gives diamond to Nilofer and asks her to kill Zara and Nilofer agrees but she will now play dual game.Miraj attempts to kill Zara,Nilofer will put deal infront of Zara to expose Miraj and on other hand befools Miraj to be on his side.Miraj’s anger will try to take Zara’s life but will end up killing Elina that is Kabir’s sister.Nilofer will make special sandwich for Zara.Reason behind this courtesy is that Nilofer wants to kill Zara as per Miraj’s master plan.

Miraj has blackmailed Nilofer to kill Zara if she does not divorce Kabir.Zara suspect foul play behind Nilofer’s intentions,Zara suspect foul play behind Nilofer’s intentions and Kabir too makes his entry to eat the sandwich and thus Zara finishes the sandwich before the same would harm Kabir.

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