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Ishq Subhan Allah: Zara returns from dead, Zara and Kabir’s new challenge


Ishq Subhan Allah: Zara (Eisha Singh) and Kabir decodes Miraj (Gautam Vij), Hashim’s bitter ploy end of conspiracy ahead

The upcoming episode of Zee TV’s popular daily soap Ishq Subhan Allah is gearing up for high voltage drama.Zara and Kabir are taking steps to find the truth about Nilofer’s murder and to catch hold of real culprit.Zara and Kabir has his doubt over Hashim’s right hand Jaffar and keeps eye over him but fails to get clue.

Kabir finally finds that it’s not Jaffar but someone else, then who this someone else is.Zara and Kabir’s new challenge,It is Miraj who is the real culprit and had stabbed Nilofer and then later heads to kill Nilofer in hospital.Zara will soon find this truth after the bomb blast tragedy which hits her and will decode Miraj and Hashim’s bitter ploy.

Zara and Kabir are in search of real culprit to prove the truth that Zara is innocent.Zara is ready to endanger her life to reach truth and get out of this tag of murderer.Zara and Kabir’s life is stuck but soon a miracle is to happen, Zara will turn victim of bomb blast.Zara and Kabir’s love win over evil.

Kabir will be shocked to hell and devastated with the fact that Zara is dead but soon a miracle will bring Zara back from dead.This return of Zara from dead will turn an opportunity and thus this opportunity will be a final time out for Nilofer’s murderer Miraj and his support system Hashim.

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