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Ishqbaaz 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ishqbaaz 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Om and Gauri see Balram and his men. Anika says I love you Shivaye. O jaana….plays…. Some time before, Dadi asks what’s Lovakshari. Shivaye says its a game, Love plus Antakshari, its new game to hear something new. Rudra says see what he is doing to hear three magical words from you, better say it. She says why shall I say, he will say himself. Shakti asks Shivaye what to do in this game. Shivaye says its Antakshari with just love songs, some people who can’t say can sing and say. Dadi says you are trapping us for your motive and troubling Anika. He says no, I m helping her say what she wanted to tell me. Dadi says lets see your plan succeeds or not. Rudra says then we will see. Shivaye asks Khanna to manage music. Dadi asks how to play this game. Shivaye throws cushion to Anika, one who gets it has to sing, just make sure its a love song, did you hear Anika. She says yes. He asks Anika to sign as she has cushion. She says no. He says your word will be Intezaar. Rudra asks Chubby to say fast. Anika says wait…. She sings Nahi nahi abhi nahi…… Shivaye sings along.

Bhavya goes to Shwetlana’s room and says entire family is busy in function, its right chance to check her room. She checks room. She sees Tej coming and hides. Tej sees her reflection and thinks Bhavya is a cop, she would have come to investigate about Shwetlana, she can make us rid of Shwetlana, I should give her a hint, think how will Peter give hint. He sings and tells about keys. He goes. She thinks why did Tej tell about keys while tapping the cupboard. She says did he try to give any hint, I should check. She opens the cupboard. Rudra says I will go and see Bhavya, maybe she needs my help. Dadi says its your turn. Anika says just start some song and then Shivaye and I will manage, you then go. Jhanvi says your word is Hawayein. Rudra sings Tujhko main rakhlun wahan…… Shivaye sings ahead. Rudra goes. Bhavya gets the keys in some box.

She says why is this key kept here, so Tej was saying about key, it means this has some connection with Shwetlana’s mission. Anka gets the cushion. Shivaye says you have to say now, I mean you have to sing now. Anika asks him to give word. Shivaye says love. Shwetlana comes to room. Rudra comes and says function is going on, Dadi is calling you, come. Bhavya is inside the room. Shivaye gives hint of song. Dadi sings other song. Shivaye says its not Kaante/thorns, its Kaate/passing, its from Mr. India film. Dadi asks are you in our team or hers. Shivaye says sing Anika else your team will lose. Anika asks why shall I sing that song. Shivaye says explain her Bubbly, I mean Chubby, tell her I want to hear this song. Anika asks Khanna to play that song. Shivaye says no. Anika says you sing, will you become female if you sing female song, I don’t remember it. He gives more hints.

Om sees Gauri and asks her to open eyes. He finds water bottle empty. He lifts Gauri and takes her. Balram and his men come there and see their car. They look for Om and Gauri. Om takes Gauri. Mere haath me…..plays….. He makes her rest near the tree and gets water from a waterpump. He tries to feed her water by his hands. Gauri gets conscious. Gauri looks at him. Shivaye asks Anika to sing fast, else she will lose. Dadi says our team will win. Shivaye says I don’t want Anika to lose. Anika says fine I remember. Shivaye smiles. Anika sings Kaate hai katte….. and dances. She stops. Shivaye asks her to say. She says I forgot the line. He asks is this any line, its imp. She says is it imp that person knows entire song. Dadi says its fine, she has sung the song, we will go ahead He says she didn’t say main thing which I wanted to hear, just three words. Anika says don’t give me points. Shivaye says its not about points, I organized Lovakshari to hear this. Anika asks what, I don’t remember.

He says fine, don’t recall, I don’t want to play this game. He goes. She jokes. Om says I won’t let anything happen to you, take rest. She shows Balram coming. She says we can’t go till car. Om and Gauri hide. Om picks a stone and throws other side to divert. They go to check. Om and Gauri run. Balram sees them and follows. Om drives off. Balram says how long will we go after them, leave it.

Rudra asks Shwetlana to make dosa for him. Shwetlana says fine, I want something from my room. He asks her to make sambar also. She says I know making everything, go now, let me do my work. He asks Bhavya to go. He asks Shwetlana to give her money to get coconut for coconut chutney. Bhavya leaves from window. Shwetlana gives money to him. Rudra says I don’t want, servant said coconut is here, continue what you want to do. He goes.

Shivaye says I did so much, but she didn’t say anything, its just 5mins for challenge to end, it means I lost. Anika comes and asks what did you lose. He says I m busy. She throws his phone and asks him not to show attitude, why did you leave game. He says like you don’t know, you didn’t say those three words. She asks what. He says I…. leave it, you can’t do this. She says I can do it, I don’t need any function or song to tell my feelings, I can say it straight. He asks really, I have a condition, you will not move your hands for next 30 seconds. He agrees. She spoils his hair. He asks what are you doing. Music plays….. She says now its perfect. She makes him lie down and says I love you Shivaye in his car. He gets up. She asks did you hear what I said. He says yes, I have heard it. She asks what, I said I love you to you, what’s your reaction. He says I heard it. She asks would you like to say anything to me in return. He says yes. She says say it then. He says thanks. She asks what. He says thanks, you know its tough for me to say sorry and thanks, I said it, you should be happy.

He says I told special thing, you are saying thanks. He says its a big thing. She throws water on his face and says thank you, you deserve this. She throws the glass as well and goes. He catches glass. He smiles and says she loves me. Bhavya sees the keys. Rudra comes and says don’t thank me always, I saved you, how did you manage before meeting me, your department should give me salary in lakhs, but 25000rs is also enough so that challenge completes. She stops him. He says your eyes are lovely, I just liked your eyes after Shivaye’s eyes. She shows the keys and says its very imp for Shwetlana.

Anika says its limit, I told my feelings by courage, he has just hit a thanks on my face, I will not leave him. She goes to Shivaye and asks why did you thank me. He says my suit got wet. She says what kind of man is he, he didn’t even see me and ignored, he insulted me. He says she said what I wanted to hear. She says he was after me when I was not saying, when I said, he is not seeing me. He says Shivaye stop behaving like a teenager, Anika said by courage, you also have courage, she said she loves me, I will also tell her when she comes in front. She comes in front and asks did you dry the suit. He goes. She says what happened to him. Tej sees cupboard open and says it means Bhavya would have got keys, she is a cop, she will find Shwetlana’s secret, Shwetlana think she is very smart, we Oberois will never let you succeed in your plan.

Shwetlana comes to room and asks what are you doing here. Tej sings. She asks him to stop it. He says not Tej, Peter, and you are Kaveri. She asks him to answer. He says if I stop acting, your game will end. She says I m sure you are diverting me. She thinks cupboard is shut, it means keys are safe. He asks her to come and drink, they will dance. He goes. She thinks I m sure Tej is planning something, I have to find out.


Ishqbaaz 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bhavya tells Shivaye that Anika went to check old furniture in storeroom. Anika gets an envelop. Dadi takes it from her hand.

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Ishqbaaz Details

Ishqbaaaz is an Indian drama television series which is broadcast on Star Plus. It premiered on 27 June 2016. Nakuul Mehta, Kunal Jaisingh and Leenesh Mattoo portray Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra respectively, the three heirs of the Oberoi family.


Leenesh Mattoo
Mansi Srivastava
Nakuul Mehta
Nitanshi Goel
Shrenu Parikh
Surbhi Chandna
Additi Gupta
Kunal Jaisingh

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Plus | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min