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Ishqbaaz 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update Preview


In the Ishqbaaz 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update you read How Shivaye asks is message not going. Daksh says how is it not going. Shivaye says it won’t go, network jammers are fixed here, you can’t send message to anyone, no one will receive your message. Daksh says very smart, you can fix network jammers, but you can’t shut my mouth, I will give this good news to media. He says ladies and gentlemen, you think you got spicy news, no picture is still there. Shivaye makes him fall down. Daksh says you can’t stop me. Shivaye says I will not leave you, not a say anymore. Daksh says see he is not letting me say truth, his sister. Shivaye says if you say anything against my family, I will kill you. He beats Daksh.

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Shivaye asks him to wait. He gets Daksh and takes him to Anika. He says Anika……. Anika thinks how Daksh tortured her. She slaps him. Daksh falls down. Shivaye holds Daksh’s collar and says if you take Anika’s name again, I will not leave you alive. He says apologize…. Daksh touches her feet, just like she was made to apologize before. Kamini looks on. Shivaye says take him. Constables take Daksh.

Shivaye says whatever happened here, was because of that man, he is mentally unstable, I m sure police will take care of him, I hope matter does not go out, I want to clear one thing, I told for business reasons that my marriage happened with Tia, that’s not true, my marriage happened with Anika, Anika is my wife. She looks at him. O jaana….plays………

Shivaye asks will you come Mrs. Anika Shivaye Singh Oberoi. She says I m just Anika. He asks not Mrs. Oberoi? You said you are SSOO. She says yes, I m your organizer, but I m Anika first. He says you started behaving like wives, I don’t like wives showing attitude. She says you are saying as if you have 100 wives. Rudra says if Billu and Billi’s fight got over, shall we start function. Shivaye holds Anika’s hand. Flowers fall on them.

Rudra asks where did you go. Anika says nothing, to get water. Shivaye says good, you need it, have cold water and cool your mind, this girl is… Anika throws water on his face. He looks at her. Old moment is shown. Shivaye and Anika see each other.

On Ishqbaaz 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update you will see Anika says I think Rudra and Soumya’s story is incomplete, I have seen in Soumya’s eyes, she left home being helpless, Shivaye I think if anyone can help them, its just one person, you.. To Read Ishqbaaz 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update Stay Tune With Us .

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