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Ishqbaaz 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Ishqbaaz 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Ishqbaaz 14th March 2017 Video Watch Online HD on

Kinners come home singing. Everyone look on. A kinner waves and asks for eldest son of this family. Pinky says he went out, he will come soon. Kinner says tell him coming 10 days are going to be heavy for him. Some time before, Anika throws water on Shivaye. He gets shocked and looks for her. He asks are you mad. She holds cheek and says Ah…. why is this not said in this situation. He says no. She says even then you said Ah. She gives him glass and goes.

Rudra and Om do Aw. Shivaye throws water on Rudra’s face. Om laughs and says Aw. Rudra and Shivaye throw water on his face and smiles saying Aw.

Priyanka thinks of Ranveer. Ranveer comes there. She says you here. He says mum has sent bangles for you, I came to give that. She says thanks, I m glad what you did for me and family,and saved respect. He throws box and says that was drama to impress your family, now I m sure Shivaye is confident that I can take care of you, you know this marriage is so important for me, don’t think if you confess, I will forgive you, you have to pay for my sister’s tears by becoming my wife, I m not marrying you that I love you, I m marrying you as I hate you a lot. She cries.

Shivaye comes. Ranveer asks is it hurting, so sorry I did not know these bangles are so small. He throws bangles and says how dare they hurt my Priyanka, so sorry, I will apply ice on your hand, you will feel better. She gets puzzled. He holds her and turns. She sees Shivaye. Shivaye goes. Ranveer pulls Priyanka.

Rudra asks what happened, that you are smiling, what happened to SSO and Bagad Billa, I thought to call you by these cute names as Anika did not call you these. Shivaye says I feel Ranveer will keep Priyanka happily. Rudra jokes that I m depressed she is going, you also became paraya dhan, when she used to eat my chocolates in childhood, I used to ask mom to send her to hostel so that I get all her chocolates. I did not know I will feel so bad when she is leaving, I used to save her from Tej’s anger when she used to fail. Shivaye says you used to fail, not her. Rudra reminds I used to take her complaints on PTM. Shivaye says complaints were about you, I don’t have to hear this false story. Rudra says fine, but emotions are true, when you got married, how was I, you had to be at home, but Priyanka is going from home.

Shivaye says yes, she is leaving, but I m happy that Priyanka will stay happy, she will get love and happiness there. Rudra says I hate the name of marriage, I wish to die. Shivaye says no, don’t. Rudra says mom is adjusting till now. Shivaye says her case is difference, problem is of right life partner, not marriage, life will be beautiful when you get right life partner. Rudra says you are saying this, marriage was deal for you. Shivaye says yes, but deal can be good or bad. Rudra says everything changed after marriage. Shivaye says yes, when you take wedding rounds and gives promises, you realize someone is putting your name sindoor and mangalsutra. Rudra thinks of Soumya and says something is felt at marriage time, but just for some time, I will go. Anika comes. Rudra leaves.

Shivaye says what happened to him. She says I think he thought of his marriage, I think Rudra and Soumya’s story is incomplete, they do care, I have seen in Soumya’s eyes, that she did not leave this house by her wish. She was helpless, Rudra keeps himself busy in our problems, I think Rudra and Soumya should give a chance to their marriage, there is just one person who can help them, you.

Pinky talks on phone and asks someone to come. She tells Shakti that they always refused to come, and now they called and said they are coming. He asks who, that Haridwar people. She says yes. He says its good, you wanted this. She says yes but they said they have to come, they can see something about our family, they will come here and say, I m tensed, no problems come on our family. He asks her not to think. She says I felt big problem is going to come. He says let them come, if they say about problem, I m sure they will have solution. She says I hope you are right.

She goes and says what’s appearing will not be true, what does this mean. She prays. Jhanvi shows lahenga to Dadi. Dadi says shagun color is red, Priyanka wear red color lahenga. Pinky says red is old fashioned, many colors came. Dadi says if your name is Pinky, it does not mean you make Priyanka as Gulabo. Jhanvi asks Priyanka to say. Dadi says she will see she will wear color of Ranveer’s sherwani, where is Anika. Priyanka says she is not at home. Pinky says she went out with Shivaye, her wings come out. Jhanvi says they are married, what’s big issue. Pinky says I meant she should inform me.

Kinners come home and dance. A kinner touches the house. Tej says what the hell, security.. how did they come in. Pinky says I called them from Haridwar, its auspicious if they come, their blessings help a lot. Dadi says they will stay for 2-3 days and go. Tej asks what nonsense, out. A kinner claps. They all get tensed.

The kinner holds Tej and says anger. He moves her away. She goes to Pinky and says fights. She greets Dadi and says sympathy. She goes to Jhanvi and says restlessness. She sees Priyanka and holds her, saying courage, you will need it a lot. Tej says how dare you touch my daughter, get out. Pinky says she was blessing Priyanka. Kinner asks for eldest son of this family. Pinky says he went out, he will come soon. Kinner says tell him coming 10 days are going to be heavy for him. Pinky asks will anything happen with him, tell solution. Kinner says he will be trapped in a big Chakravyu. Pinky says all problems come on Shivaye.

Tej says what nonsense Pinky, will you believe them. She scolds kinner to dupe them for money. The kinner says you can’t do this with out Guru. Tej says I can do worse, I can call police, get out. Kinner says we will go, but very bad thing is going to happen in this house. Tej says enough, out and pushes her. Shivaye holds her.


Ishqbaaz 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kinner says next 10 days will be heavy for you, what’s seen will not happen and what happens will not be seen, you will get signs, beware, you have to see truth in lies mirror, just you can do this. Shivaye says what was she saying. Soumya comes and calls him out.

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Ishqbaaaz is an Indian drama television series which is broadcast on Star Plus. It premiered on 27 June 2016. Nakuul Mehta, Kunal Jaisingh and Leenesh Mattoo portray Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra respectively, the three heirs of the Oberoi family.


Leenesh Mattoo
Mansi Srivastava
Nakuul Mehta
Nitanshi Goel
Shrenu Parikh
Surbhi Chandna
Additi Gupta
Kunal Jaisingh

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