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Ishqbaaz 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ishqbaaz 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Anika says how much will you all use my husband, he forgot living, I want the division of this house. Shivaye shouts enough, I had these divorce papers, I thought to rectify a mistake today, I did not know I will rectify this mistake. He throws papers on her. Some time before, Anika says you had problem with my name, blood and family right, when your brother Omkara is illegitimate. Shivaye and everyone get shocked.

Media comes and asks is this true, is Om illegitimate child of Tej, what do you have to say. Shakti asks what’s this nonsense, you called you all. Pinky says I called them thinking Shivaye and Anika are going to marry, I did not know Anika will ruin our respect. Reporters ask Shivaye. Shivaye says shut up, I m not answerable to any one of you. Om says but you are answerable to me Shivaye, I want to know truth. Shivaye says its nothing. Om says nothing, Anika will not say any big thing like this, you did not react or deny, what shall I think that this is true and you knew this, answer me. Om asks Anika is this true or not.

Anika asks do you think I m fool to just say it, I have proof, your Daima’s video. Shivaye shouts no. Reporter asks can you show us the proof. She says sure. She plays the video. They see Daima telling Shivaye that Oberoi’s elder son is illegitimate.

Reporters ask Om to answer, did he really not know he is illegitimate. Shivaye asks how dare you…. and throws the camera. He says how dare you call Om illegitimate, if this footage leaks, I will ruin the channel, mind you. He apologizes to Jhanvi and says you are seeing this day because of me. Jhanvi cries. Dadi says bahu is house’s Laxmi, I did not think diya to light will burn the house, I feel my eyes got old and could not identify Anika.

Shivaye sees Anika and asks how did you get this footage. Tia says from me…. They all see Tia. FB shows Anika asking Tia how was her mum blackmailing Shivaye for marriage. Tia says this pendrive has all your answers, she had a video where Daima said Oberoi’s elder son is illegitimate, she meant Shakti’s son Shivaye, but Shuvaye felt she is saying about Tej’s son Om, so he agreed to mom, she cleverly presented the video in such a way that he believes what we know, she know Om is his weakness which we could use. FB ends. Tia says sorry Shivaye, what could I do, Anika came to me and said she got to know everything, she wants footage to keep it safe, I thought she worries for Om, I believed her and gave it to her.

Shivaye says as if I never knew you, don’t know is this a lie or what I m living till now was a lie. He recalls her words. He says you were trying to tell me about this secret, I thought you are trying to say you…. you ended everything, you broke trust, why, you knew my family is very dear to me, my brothers are my pride, you have hurt my family and my brothers, how could you do this…..

Pinky asks what can we expect from such a girl. She does not know about relations, she will make you away from all of us, you are great to listen to her, she did magic on you, if you were my old Shivaye, you would have thrown her out. Anika asks can’t you be quiet, you can see husband and wife are talking. Shivaye says don’t you dare Anika, I won’t bear misbehavior with my mum. Pinky says I have no respect here, I have to take her permission to talk to you. Anika asks are you not tired of drama, you should have tied your son to your pallu, why did you get him married, how much will you all use my husband, he forgot living for himself while thinking of his family, I will not let you all use his goodnewss, I took a decision, we will live separately, I want the division of this house. Shivaye and everyone get shocked. Tej sees Shakti.

Pinky says what did she say, she said division. Dadi says we did not hear this word in this house ever, I promised your Dada ji that I will not let this house break, Tej and Shakti always fought but things did not reach division, you want to divide this house today. Shivaye says no, till I m alive, I will not let this house break, its it promise. Pinky asks Anika to hear it, division will not happen. Anika says it will surely happen, I m Shivaye’s wife, he will do what I tell him.

Pinky asks what do you mean, your relation is bigger than our relations. Anika says your relation is of one birth, our relation is of seven births, he will divide this house some day. Shivaye shouts enough, you said a lot, we heard a lot, not anymore, get out, I want you to leave from my house right now. She says I m doing this for your good. He says get out. She asks why shall I go, I m bahu and have right on this house. He says leave else… She asks will you kick me out, don’t forget I m your wife.

Shivaye says I m regretting for the first time that you are my wife, but not for long….He gets divorce papers. He says I had these divorce papers, I never signed, I thought to rectify a mistake today, I did not know I will rectify this mistake. He signs on papers and throws papers on her. Pinky smiles. Shivaye says you and I are over. They all get shocked.


Ishqbaaz 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pinky asks Anika to get out. Anika refuses. Pinky says this madam will want her price. Shivaye asks price. Anika says I want my right, I m owner of half of your property legally, after I leave, your brothers will loot you. He shouts enough and drags her out. She cries.