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Ishqbaaz 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Ishqbaaz 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shivaye asks why were you doing this. Anika makes excuses. He holds her hand. She shouts and says leave my hand, if my husband saw you, he would have broken your hands, he gets so angry and broke many mobiles till now. Some time before, Tej, Shakti, Pinky and Jhanvi are on the way. Shivaye follows them. Tanya follows him. Anika is also on the way and asks driver to drive faster. Tanya says I have to find out where Shivaye is going and why, this is only way to win Abhay’s trust, else he will think I couldn’t help him.

Rudra talks to Chubby and says you had to go Delhi at this time, I wanted to party, fine get lost. He says no one is available now, its my mistake, Mumbai is busy city, no one has time, there has to be a happening place, Goa…I m coming. Bhavya calls him and says I got everything you said. He asks her where are her manners, will she call boss this way, throw everything in dustbin and reach airport. He says we are flying to Goa. She asks why. He says just do as I say. She asks how can we go this way. He says you would want permission from your husband, ask him to deposit 30 lakhs else let you do your job. She says I didn’t do any packing. He says we are going on work, not any fashion show, reach fast.

Anika looks for Shivaye. He thinks why do I feel Anika is around. He turns and sees her. She thinks did he recognize me. He says maybe your ticket fell down. He gives it to her. His hand touches her hand. He says Anika………. She asks what nonsense, why are you calling me Anika, I m Anisa. She goes. She says if Shivaye identified me, he would have sent me back. Tanya says if Shivaye is smart, I m oversmart. She collides with Bua and asks are you blind. Bua says yes, I m blind. Tanya says so sorry. Bua acts. The man/don says don’t worry mum, I will get eyes for you. Tanya says sorry and goes. He says you do good acting.

Bhavya gets irritated by Rudra. She calls him idiot. He asks her to say sorry, as she is 5mins late. She says you should have told me before, I m just 2mins late. He says Om tells complete poetry and Shivaye shows much tadi in 2mins, its costly bag, be careful. He says what happened, you got weak after marriage, don’t show me attitude, look down. She says its not written in contract. A girl calls him out. He says baby…. Rudra cares for her. He asks Bhavya does she have any problem. Bhavya says why will I have any problem, do anything. The girl asks who is this aunty, your Mausi. He says no, she is my personal bodyguard. Bhavya gets miffed. He asks did you say anything. She says nothing. Rudra compliments the girl. She calls him romantic. He taunts Bhavya as oldies. He asks her to come, they will miss the flight.

Shivaye sees Tej and hides. Tej sees him too. Don asks Bua not to do anything wrong, else it will be loss of many crores. He sees Mona and goes. Bua asks him to stop. Tanya calls out Shivaye. He says Tanya and turns. He says what’s happening, I felt like seeing Anika and hearing Tanya. His bag falls. He picks it. Anika sees the medicines fallen and puts in his bag. Shivaye asks why were you doing this. She says your medicines fell, so I have put it back. He asks how did you know of it. She says it fell from your bag. He asks why are you doing this. She thinks Shivaye knows its me.

He holds her hand. She shouts and says leave my hand, if my husband saw you, he would have broken your hands. He asks what did you say. She says my husband’s anger is much, whatever he gets in hand, he breaks it, he gets so angry and broke many mobiles till now. She goes. He says she is 100% Anika, why is she doing this. Don says where did Mona go. Bua scolds him. Don says Mona is my life, heart and beat. Bua asks how do you know its Mona behind the burqa. He does shayari. He says Mona had worn burqa to get saved from police once, she looked same. She says mad man, I have to act blind for money.

Anika hides in washroom and says Shivaye is so clever, he identified me even in burqa, I will not go in front of him. Bua comes there and does some makeup. She sees Anika and thinks what is she doing here, if she tells everyone about me, don’t know what will happen. Tanya comes there. She doesn’t see Anika. Anika washes face and leaves. Bua says where did she go, maybe here, I will lock he here. Anika leaves. Tanya gets locked. She shouts for help.

Some girls come there and open the door. Tanya thanks them and goes. Shivaye hears announcement and says where are these four, its boarding time. He sees them. Rudra talks to Baby and makes plans. Bhavya hears them. Bua sees Anika and says how did she come here. Don sees Anika and says Mona. Bua stops him. Don falls in Anika’s feet. Anika helps him. He asks Mona did you come back, lets have a selfie. Anika runs away. She says he was so strange, cheapo. Shivaye hears her. Anika hides seeing him. He follows Tej. He thinks its good they didn’t see me, I will keep an eye on them inside as well. He goes ahead. Tej says we are not going Goa, we have changed our mind. He tears the boarding pass. Tej recalls…..

FB shows Tej telling them that Shivaye was keeping an eye on them, so he told about Goa to mislead him, Shivaye wants to know Kalyani mills secret, he won’t sit quiet till he knows it. He says we will pretend that we are going Goa, if he is here, we can’t do anything, we will stay here to find tapes and destroy it, we can find the blackmailer, that matter shouldn’t come out. FB ends. Tej says Shivaye has doubt on us already, so he came to follow us, we have to reach blackmailer. Pinky asks is Shivaye safe there. Tej says danger is here, he is safe there. They all leave. Tanya says why are they going back, they were going Goa, where is Shivaye, he was following them, if they came back, he will also come back, I think I should follow them. Bhavya thinks I did mistake to call him a kid, he is worse, I will also answer him. Rudra thinks you married Manav and broke me, now its my turn. Don thinks I will not let Mona go anywhere. Anika thinks sorry Shivaye, I will stay with you as shadow always. Shivaye thinks I will find that secret any way.

Tanya sees Tej and everyone. She calls Abhay and says I m at airport, I was following Shivaye, now his family members are leaving from here, I don’t know where is Shivaye, why will they mislead him. He says just follow them and let me know where they are going. She agrees. She thinks to do something, they would be going in taxi. She hides in taxi’s dicky. They sit in their car. Tej says we are going to hospital to meet Shukla, just he can make us reach blackmailer. Abhay says what are they planning, Shivaye is following them. He gets nurse’s call. Nurse says Shukla is getting conscious, he is saying Oberoi repeatedly as if he has to say something. Abhay says this is big problem, he shouldn’t tell anything to Oberois. Shivaye says why did they not come here. Attendant asks him to sit. He says we can’t take off till everyone comes. She says everyone is here, how come you are in economy class today. He says I just wanted to experience, my family is going to come, just check. She asks are you talking of Mr. Oberoi. He says yes, let me check. Anika looks on. He goes.

Rudra asks Bhavya to click his pic. Bhavya asks him to smile. He taunts her. She scolds him. He asks her to talk with manners. Shivaye comes and gets surprised seeing him. Rudra asks what are you doing here. Shivaye hugs him. Rudra says what a coincidence, we are travelling in same flight. Shivaye asks where are you these days. Rudra says I m managing your business, its funny we stay in same house and meeting here. Bhavya greets him. Shivaye asks why did you not come home. Rudra signs her not to say anything. He says life is funny, she just met me. Shivaye asks are you guys not together. Rudra says no. Bhavya says I had to go urgently and just came.

Shivaye asks about her job. Rudra says she is going Goa for work. Don says does police know about me, I have to go. Bua smiles. Rudra asks where are you going. Shivaye says I m also going Goa as flight is going there. Rudra says very smart, where is Anika. Shivaye says I have to come back, my work isn’t there. Rudra says who will retuirn from Goa, we will call Om, we will party. Shivaye says no, I m also some mission like Bhavya, we will hangout together, I promise. Attendant calls him. Shivaye says I m coming. Rudra asks what, since when did Shivaye start sitting in economy class. Shivaye says since Rudra start sitting in business class, have fun guys. He goes.

Two guys come to see Gauri’s house. A guy sees Gauri and says she is beautiful. Other guy asks him not to start this here. Abhay comes to Shukla. Shukla says don’t kill me, I won’t tell anyone. Abhay apologizes and asks for the info about Kalyani mills. He gets angry and asks him not to shout, just answer else…… He hears someone coming and hides. Tej and everyone arrive. Shakti says thank God Shukla, you got conscious. Tej says we came to ask for tapes, we gave you that to destroy. Shakti asks whom did you give that tapes. Tej says come on speak up. Shakti says he can’t answer us in this state. Pinky says we will go home. Shukla holds Tej’s hand. Abhay looks on. Tej asks do you want to say anything. Shukla nods. Tej and Shakti bend to hear him.


Ishqbaaz 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Some people dance in flight. Parda hai parda….plays…. Anika sees Shivaye. A guy asks whose love is true, Laila or Majnu. Shivaye says Laila and Majnu story is of two people, whose hearts, names and lives are joined forever, their love was true.

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Ishqbaaz Details

Ishqbaaaz is an Indian drama television series which is broadcast on Star Plus. It premiered on 27 June 2016. Nakuul Mehta, Kunal Jaisingh and Leenesh Mattoo portray Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra respectively, the three heirs of the Oberoi family.


Leenesh Mattoo
Mansi Srivastava
Nakuul Mehta
Nitanshi Goel
Shrenu Parikh
Surbhi Chandna
Additi Gupta
Kunal Jaisingh

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Plus | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min