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Ishqbaaz 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Ishqbaaz 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Anika dances on Saat Samandar…. Bhavya points gun at the don. Gauri says I will do this marriage. Om gets shocked. Some time before, don says you insulted me and snatched my Mona, you are gone now. Anika lifts the veil and says I will not leave you, if Shivaye gets a scratch, I will see you. Shivaye says finally, I told you she is not Mona, she is my wife Anika, she is very angry. Don asks him to get ready to die. Anika beats him and says I m just Anika of my Shivaye. Everyone claps for her. Shivaye smiles and says you agreed soon. Anika says it means you want to argue even here. He asks what was the need to come. The lady asks him to hug and end fight. Shivaye jokes. Anika laughs. They hug. Everyone claps.

Don says hands up, get back, I will shoot everyone. Rudra and Bhavya come. Shivaye says he is saying hands up. Rudra says fine and does so. Don says so he is your brother, you are gone. Shivaye says I will not leave you if anything happens to my brother. Don asks what will you do. Shivaye says police will find you when plane lands, you have to find your mum’s teeth. Don asks them to find the teeth. Attendant says if flight keeps flying, fuel will end and plane will crash. Don says let it crash, find the teeth. Anika and Shivaye argue. Don says hands up. Shivaye says fine, you won’t agree when you do mistake, let me talk, she is my wife. She says how could I leave you, you don’t remember our vows, we will deal all problems together. They argue. Anika throws water on his face. They all get shocked.

Don asks what’s this. Shivaye says its my line. Rudra says its common, they start anywhere. Shivaye says this is not house. Anika says you don’t listen to me anywhere. Don says if I don’t get teeth in five mins, see what I do, I will shoot him. He points the gun at Shivaye.

Gauri stops Ajay and says I don’t want time to think, person thinks when there is a dilemma, I know my answer, its a no., I don’t know what you found about me and my marriage, there is no place for anyone in my life, every marriage has ups and downs, I m not a cheap girl to marry again, you can force anyone for marriage, not for love, love happens just once, I worship my husband, it will be better that you forget it, and think for your brother and Richa’s happiness. She goes.

Don says you insulted me and snatched my Mona, you are gone now. Shivaye and Rudra stop him. Anika asks won’t you stop on Mona’s saying. She holds his hand and fools him. Shivaye looks on. She says sorry, your mum’s teeth fell down because of me, we will find it. Shivaye asks what’s happening. Don says I got my Mona, we will have a celebration. Rudra says we have to go home. Anika winks to Bhavya. She dances on saat samandar….. Everyone dances. Rudra dances with baby. Anika gets the gun from don and gives to Bhavya. Bhavya points the gum at don.

Gauri asks the lady how can she do this. Gauri tells everyone that Richa’s inlaws refused for marriage. They all get worried. Om says I told you not to fulfill their demands. Gauri recalls Ajay’s words. She says if this is their real face, its good we have seen it. She asks Richa not to worry. Richa cries and goes. Shivaye asks don to be quiet. Rudra asks Bhavya to give gun, he has to get photo with don. Bhavya asks are you mad, its serious matter. Rudra gets gun and goes to don. He asks Baby to click some pics. Shivaye says you are looking good, its over, this can’t be my brother.

He shows the teeth and asks don to get it if he wants. Anika asks why did he not say before. Shivaye says this has diamonds, this don was taking diamonds in these teeth, now he will go jail for smuggling. Anika says this lady is not his mum, she is Bua. Shivaye asks what, she will also go jail. Bua says I was helpless, I lost money in gambling. Shivaye says I will deal with you later, listen you don, when plane lands, police will see you, I will not leave you. Rudra asks him to listen, I have forgiven him. Shivaye says he has troubled us also, if he acts smart, he won’t get these dentures, shoot him if he acts smart. Rudra says there is no bullet. Shivaye says fine. They get shocked. Shivaye says so what, we have diamonds. Pilot comes there and gets hit. He faints. Bhavya pushes the don.

Gauri asks Richa to open the door and listen. Richa’s mum worries. Om says we should break the door. Richa opens the door. Gauri goes to talk. Richa says how can Mukesh do this, I will die if this marriage doesn’t happen. Gauri says he doesn’t love you, he doesn’t deserve you, don’t worry, maybe he is not made for you, I have trust on Lord. Richa says I can’t marry someone else, I m pregnant with his child. Gauri gets shocked. She asks what did you do and hugs her.

Abhay says I m sure Oberois are going to outhouse for tapes, how shall I reach there before. Tanya comes and says I sat in other car dicky, I was not able to breath. He says y7ou can’t do anything well, stop crying, we have imp work, I have to go to outhouse, I need you. She asks what can I do.

Shakti says I think Shukla is misleading us. Tej says don’t know, we will know it after getting in. Gauri recalls Ajay and Richa’s words. Om sees her worried and switches off the burner, saying your hand will burn. She says I m thinking of Richa. He says its for Richa’s good, they are not good people. He does shayari and laughs. She says I have to talk to everyone. She goes.

Dadi says you all here….. Tej says we cancelled Goa’s plan and came to see old albums. Dadi says you all came as I m alone. Pinky says yes, I told them to cancel the trip. Dadi says I was getting things cleaned, I was not getting keys of outhouse. Tej says I have the keys. Dadi says I will send things by servant. She goes. Abhay says good idea, I will get in along with the things, by hiding in trunk. Tanya asks are you mad, it can b dangerous. He says just do as I say.

Gauri says I think we should talk to Richa’s inlaws once. Her mum agrees. Om says sorry, shall I come along, maybe I have a man to man talk. Gauri says no, they may feel we are getting a stranger in between our talk. He says fine, I understand, do what you all feel right. They leave. Om says I can’t let you go alone, I don’t trust Ajay.

Dadi gets the things out. Tanya offers help. Dadi says we will manage. Tanya insists. Dadi says you can be Billu’s wife, but just Anika is our bahu. Tanya says you don’t know me, I should get a chance to prove myself. Dadi refuses. Tanya says please, I m getting bored, let me help. Dadi says fine, make them keep the things in outhouse. She goes. Abhay gets in trunk. Dadi comes and looks at the trunk. She asks Tanya to lock trunk, it has imp things. Tanya worries. Dadi asks her to lock it. Tanya locks it. Tej scolds servants and makes them keep the things out. Tanya comes and lies to them. She goes.

Gauri, her mum and Richa’s mum come to Ajay’s house. Gauri turns. Om hides. He says how shall I go there, I will go breaking a window. Pinky says we will find tapes, tell us Tej. Tej says its in my pocket. She says Shukla told you about it. He says he just said its in outhouse, not where exactly. She says maybe he said and you are not saying us, so that you can use it against us later. Tej says just you can have such cheap thinking. Shakti says we should find tapes than arguing. Tanya says I have to get Abhay out of trunk. Dadi asks her to do her work. Tanya says I will come later. Dadi takes her. Abhay thinks how to get out of the trunk. Tej says come here, we got the tapes. Pinky asks what will we do now. Jhanvi says we will destroy it. Shakti says we will burn it. Abhay hears them and thinks I have to save the tapes.

Gauri’s mum apologizes. Richa’s mum says my daughter’s life will be ruined, let this marriage happen. Ajay says request Gauri, this relation broke because of her. Om looks on and thinks why because of Gauri. Richa’s mum asks why, Gauri has fulfilled all demands. Ajay says we wanted that Gauri and I get married in same mandap. Gauri’s mum says what are you saying, her marriage happened. He says I know how it happened, her husband has left her. Gauri’s mum gets shocked. Ajay says I m still ready to marry her. Gauri’s mum asks what nonsense, can you say anything, my son in law and inlaws are very good, you should have shame, we don’t have to get Richa married here. Gauri stops her mum. She sees Ajay and says you want this, I will do this marriage. Ajay smiles. Om looks on.

Tej pours kerosene and burns the tapes. Pinky sees trunk moving. She thinks is the blackmailer hiding inside it. Abhay knocks on the trunk door. Pinky opens the lock. She opens the door. Abhay throws a sheet over her and escapes. She screams. She says there was someone here, he has run away, he has thrown black cloth on us. Tej says I m sure he was the blackmailer, we have to find him. Abhay comes out of the fire box and blows off the fire caught by his clothes. He removes his shirt and throws it off. He says truth comes out one day, you were going to end evidence, see how your sins burn your everything to ashes.


Ishqbaaz 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Anika asks what will we do. Shivaye says there is co pilot. Attendant says no, flight is on auto pilot. Shivaye says let me jist think. Attendant says there is just one option now, parachute jump.

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Ishqbaaz Details

Ishqbaaaz is an Indian drama television series which is broadcast on Star Plus. It premiered on 27 June 2016. Nakuul Mehta, Kunal Jaisingh and Leenesh Mattoo portray Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra respectively, the three heirs of the Oberoi family.


Leenesh Mattoo
Mansi Srivastava
Nakuul Mehta
Nitanshi Goel
Shrenu Parikh
Surbhi Chandna
Additi Gupta
Kunal Jaisingh

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Plus | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min