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Ishqbaaz 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ishqbaaz 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Tej says we have to let Om go. Shivaye says you can’t take Om’s life decision alone. Tej asks who are you to stop me. Shivaye says I m his elder brother. Tej says I m his father, you could not manage marriage and talking of my son’s life.. Pinky says he left on bike in much anger, I m scared he does something, you can stop Shivaye. Anika says I understood. Some time before, three months leap is shown. Shivaye says will we believe anyone. Tej says why don’t you get it Shivaye, we are discussing this since three months, he is gone. Shivaye says I will wait for him for three births. Tej says wait and time is over. Shivaye says he was, is and will be with me. Tej says we have shown him to world’s top most doctors, they all have same answer, that there is no hope, we as a family will have to accept it. Jhanvi says don’t say this Tej. Tej says be practical Jhanvi, we tried everything, its time to take decision.

Dadi asks what decision. Tej says there is no hope for Om’s recovery. Gauri and everyone cry. Gauri recalls Om’s fall. Tej says Om will never come out of coma, there is no use to keep him alive, we have to let him go. Gauri says no, this can’t happen. Shivaye holds her and says I won’t let anything happen. She hugs her and consoles. Shakti says just once, listen to Shivaye, consult to the doctor. Tej says there is no point, we are increasing Om’s suffering, the fact is Om will not come back. Shivaye says he has to come, I will not believe even if Lord says he won’t come. Tej says you are not a doctor, who are you. Shivaye says I m his elder brother. Tej says I m his father, you have taken all decisions of my son’s life, but not this time, we will have to let Om go, I can’t see him like living dead, if he has to die, let him die with some dignity, not become a vegetable. Shivaye says you can’t take Om’s life’s big decision alone. Tej asks who are you to stop me, you could not manage marriage and talking of my son’s life, you forgot living since Anika went. Shivaye leaves.

He gets on a bike and drives away. Pinky says I could not stay and called you, I m a mum and can’t see him like this, he left on a bike in much anger, just you can stop Shivaye, please respect my words. Anika says I understood and ends call. Shivaye races and reaches the end of the cliff. He accelerates the bike. Ragini comes here and goes to him. She holds him and smiles.

Chanda asks what will you do now. Anika says as if anything will happen by my thinking, I m struggling for a job, I got offer letter too, then same story, sorry, I m a burden on you since three months. Chanda says you have helped me a lot, you can stay in my house. Anika says thanks, I will give rent and food expenses. Chanda says leave this, think how will you pay for boarding school. Anika says I have to arrange his fees. Chanda asks her not to take tension. Anika cries. Someone sitting away at the tea stall drinks wine. He walks towards the chawl. He sees Anika crying.

Pinky says thanks Ragini, you got Shivaye back, I was worried, you know he used to drive car in speed limit in video games, now he does not care for his life, you did big favor on me. Ragini says no favor, just kept friendship, Shivaye and my meet was an accident, but a beautiful one, we are now friends, he can’t refuse to me. Pinky says he will agree to everything. Shivaye asks what. Ragini says its Siddharth and my engagement tomorrow, its happening because of you, I stayed here for two days after my accident, I got time to think about my relationship, Siddharth and I patched up, my grandma says such eyed people are lucky for others, Kanji eyed people. Shivaye recalls Anika teasing him. He says no, I mean don’t say that word again. Pinky says congrats, did Shivaye meet your Siddharth. He says no, sorry I don’t go in parties, I wish you all the best. He goes. Pinky says don’t worry, I will send him.

Anika sees Shivaye’s video and recalls him. She sits crying. The guy sees her. He does shayari and offers tea. She says no thanks. He says I don’t talk to strangers, but I thought you need this. She takes the tea. He says sorrow is like a sea, learn to swim, you will learn living. She asks did you learn, if you did, you would have not had wine at this time. She goes. He does sad shayari seeing someone’s pic. Guard asks him to come, madam called him. The guy stumbles. Guard holds him. The guy says Samar does not need support. He wears his shades.


Ishqbaaz 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Anika say why is Gauri not answering, did anything happen to Om, what shall I do. She calls Shivaye. Shivaye and Anika hear each other’s voice and cry.