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Ishqbaaz 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ishqbaaz 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Pinky says Ragini is not answering, I m worried she can do anything. Ragini’s servant calls Shivaye and asks him to come fast, Siddharth has beaten up Ragini. Pinky asks what happened, what did Ragini say. Shivaye says Ragini and Siddharth had a fight, he has beaten her up. Pinky says I m afraid she does something to herself. Some time before, the reporter tells about Shivaye and Ragini’s love affair. Dadi says they are spreading false rumors. Pinky says I m worried for Ragini, Shivaye call the news channel and scold them. Shivaye says its their work, my work is to avoid them. She says think of Ragini, her engagement can break. He says relations are made to break, trust breaks and then marriage breaks, engagement is a little thing, I don’t care. He goes. Pinky says don’t know what happened to him, I feel he is not my Shivaye. Dadi says he is annoyed with himself, I feel whatever Anika did, could not cope up, Anika went and even out Billu went somewhere, don’t know what is Ragini going through.

Ragini says I have saw it on tv, I want Shivaye and my pics on all web portals. She says Shivaye’s girlfriend Ragini Malhotra, sound so cool. She hits her head on the mirror and says its no fun. She then hits herself with a hammer and gets the wound on her forehead. She praises herself. She takes her selfie and pouts.

Ranveer asks how did this happen. Kamini says my hand got burnt, iron was on. Ranveer asks Priyanka did you not off it. Priyanka says I did not on it. Ranveer says just we three stay here, Kamini and I did not do it. Priyanka says I did not use it. Kamini says its fine, everyone makes mistake. Priyanka says I swear, I did not do anything. Ranveer says stop it, you are arguing instead apologizing, its been four months, she would have got habitual to work till now. He takes Kamini.

Shivaye sees Samar’s pic. He calls and says Samarjeet Malhotra, I want all his details, his business plans, all his market shares, everything. Bhavya says Sultan is finding that locket, it means it was some imp info, Rudra had worn it, I have to check his things. Rudra walks to his room. She checks the room. She gets his clothes and says he has worn these clothes that day, but it has nothing. Rudra asks her what is she doing.

Priyanka comes to Kamini and stammers in tension. She asks shall I go and meet Om. Kamini says fine, you can go, just put these clothes in washing machine Ranveer may need it for his interview. Priyanka nods and goes. Kamini smiles. Bhavya asks what. He asks who kept these clothes, are you finding something. She says yes, water. He asks water in cupboard? She asks cupboard, I felt its fridge, I feel unwell, I m getting dizzy and not able to see everything well, I had to raid in cupboard. He asks what. She says I m much hurt Om. He says I m Rudra, not Om and shows his trimmed hair. She says yes, you are Rudra, I can’t see well. He says you have weakness, sit, are you fine. She nods.

Priyanka puts the clothes in washing machine and goes. Kamini comes there and says red color is a sign of shagun, Priyanka this is sign of danger for you. She puts red cloth in the machine. Rudra asks where were you for three months, please tell me. Bhavya thinks want to say, I can’t say truth and don’t want to lie. She says I was scared that day when Raghav was shot, Sultan’s men did this, I got to know this when they kidnapped me, they took me somewhere. He asks where. She says some dark place, then they asked me did you shoot the criminal. He asks what language are you using. She says yes, goons spoke such in front of me, they asked were you involved in encounter, I said no, we were marrying in Mumbai that day, then my fate was good, I have ran away, someone has seen me and shot. Rudra says sorry, you had to bear all this because of me, its my mistake, I should have protected you. She says protecting is my work. He says I could not protect you sorry, I will take care of you now. She thinks Rudra is so nice, sorry I m cheating you and using for my mission, I have no option, its my duty and adamancy to catch Sultan. He does the aid and says sorry. Mere dil ko ye …..plays… she looks at him.

He says when would we live normal life. She says till Sultan is caught, we have to stay together. He says right, if you did not fight with me that day, you would have not got kidnapped. She thinks thank God, Rudra did not doubt on me, where did that locket go. Ranveer sees the white clothes colored. Kamini asks what will you wear now. He says its fine. She says Priyanka should understand, colored clothes are not washed along whites, sorry Ranveer. He says I will buy new shirt. She says you gave money to Priyanka. Priyanka says money is spent in bills and rations, if you say, I will get money from home. He asks what, never, I don’t have to beg to your family. She says sorry, listen to me. Kamini smiles.

Pinky says Ragini is not answering, I m worried she can do anything in tension. Ragini calls Shivaye and gives phone to her servant. Ragini’s servant asks Shivaye to come fast, Siddharth has beaten up Ragini. Shivaye says I will send doctor and inform police. Ragini gets shocked and sends servant. She says what nonsense, he is not affected by anything, I have hurt myself uselessly. Pinky asks what happened, what did Ragini say. Shivaye says Ragini and Siddharth had a fight, her servant said he has beaten her up. Pinky says I m afraid she does something to herself, you should go to her.


Ishqbaaz 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Anika reaches some address. She helps Ragini’s mum. Shivaye comes there as well.