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Ishqbaaz 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ishqbaaz 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shivaye asks what happened to lights. Om says how can it be a power failure. The goons enter the house and tie them up. Some time before, Bhavya and Anika meet inspector. Bhavya asks the number details. Ragini says he gave me 10 mins time, he is going to kill me. Shivaye says till you are here, Siddharth can’t do anything. He goes. She smiles. Inspector says w got the location. Bhavya says it means fake Siddharth is here, its Oberoi mansion. Anika gets shocked and calls Shivaye. She asks him to listen to her, Ragini is mad, there is no Siddharth.

Kinners come and sing around him. He says I can’t hear anything. Anika says Siddharth is in US, fake Siddharth is there in Oberoi mansion, Ragini is psycho. He asks what, Siddharth is in Oberoi mansion. Samar looks at him. Shivaye asks where is the

other dhol man. He runs inside the house. Lights flicker. Shivaye turns and sees someone wearing a helmet. Samar pushes him and runs. Shivaye tries to stop him and remove the helmet. Samar jumps out of the glass wall and goes. Anika comes home and sees Shivaye hurt. She takes his phone. He says I have to talk to commissioner, I have to be with Ragini. She stops him and says I have to talk something imp, she is fooling you, there is no Siddharth, she is doing drama. He says I have seen Siddharth and followed, I missed him.

She says he is in US. He says stop this nonsense, come with me. He takes her to Ragini and shows her wound. Om takes care of Pari. He says I think she has fever. Gauri helps him. Their heads collide. Gauri says she has no fever. He says she has fever, it can get high. Om gets a call and asks her to answer, maybe its doctor’s call. Gauri answers the call. She says he is busy, you tell me medicines name, I m his….. I will tell him. She ends call. Om asks what did he say. She says medicines names are so strange. She struggles to say. Om asks her why is she saying two names if there is one medicine, its okay, its my mistake, I should have not told you. He goes. Pinky comes and says this will happen every day, because you are illiterate, same thing happened with me, my blood and family were high, so I stayed here, you have nothing, Om does not love you, how long can you stay here, you don’t even deserve to be his shoe. Gauri cries.

Bhavya sees Rudra sleeping and caresses him. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage…..plays….. He holds her hand and says you have duty in morning, Pari and I need you. She kisses Pari. She takes their pic. She cries and leaves from here. She sits in the car and sees the driver dead. She gets shocked. Goon points gun at her head and says I got a special message for you. She asks what message. He says Sultan is alive and he is coming. She gets hit on her head and faints.

Its morning, Shivaye asks Khanna about Siddharth, are you just trying, I need that man. Anika says attack was on you, not Ragini. He says Siddharth came here, its about our family security, why do you care if I help her, you are feeling jealous, else you always help others, you don’t want to help Ragini. She says she is lying. He says stop it.

Gauri asks why stop it, I will recall medicine name. Om says its fine, Pari is fine now, its not needed. Gauri says its needed, I m not a fool if I don’t know english. He says no, I did not mean so, let it go, I m in stress about Pari, fine tell me medicine name. She fails again. He says next time I will manage myself, its okay. Rudra says Bhavya went to duty and left you, I will give you a bath, come. He makes Pari sit in the bath tub and looks for the duck. He says I will ask Om and come. Om says its not a big thing. Shivaye says there is nothing such. Rudra comes and says forget it Bhabhis, where is Pari’s duck. Shivaye and Om ask him to stop it. Rudra says anyways fight if you want, I have to give bath to Pari, she does not bath without toy duck, don’t know where is Bhavya, I did not see her since morning.

Bhavya wakes up and says where am I. She gets blood in her hand and recalls Sultan. She calls commissioner and says Sultan is alive, he is upto something. Anika says her phone is busy. Rudra says maybe she is on duty. Goons come there and attack the security. Everyone thinks where did Bhavya go. Gauri says I think there is something wrong. Goons cut the wires. Lights flicker. Goons enter the house. Shivaye asks what happened to lights. Om says how can it be a power failure. Shivaye shouts Khanna. Bhavya comes and sees Khanna and others lying on ground. She says Sir, I need backup, Sultan and his goons are here.

Goons point gun at all of them. Shivaye asks how did you enter house. Goon says no need to shout. Bhavya counts them. She says I m sure they are finding locket. Shivaye asks what do you want. Goon asks him to be quiet. Anika and Om ask Shivaye to be quiet. Vase falls down by Bhavya. Goon asks who’s there. Shivaye beats him. Goons point gun at Shivaye. Anika and Shivaye start arguing. Anika says I think Nagini has sent them. Shivaye asks can’t you think anything else, stop it. Goon says just shut up. They ask whom did he ask to shut up. Goon scolds them. Rudra says I came here to take Pari’s duck, Pari is alone in washroom. Om asks what. Bhavya tells commissioner that goons made hem hostage, send backup team.

Shivaye signs Om. Goon points gun at him. Anika asks goon did Ragini send him. He asks who is Ragini, she did not send us. Anika and Shivaye argue again. Goon asks them to be quiet. Rudra says he is talking like Dadi. Goon asks who is Dadi, you all are joking. Anika says we are fighting, not joking.

Goon asks why do they fight so much. Gauri says they are husband and wife. Shivaye says no, we are divorced. Goon says they are fighting with cat and mouse. Rudra says you can call them Billu and Billi. Goon says they would have spoken a lot before divorce. Rudra says don’t ask. Goon says I did not ask. Gauri says did Buamaa send you. Goon asks who is this Bua. Gauri scolds him. Goon says now none will talk anything. Rudra says Pari would be waiting for me. Goons look for someone. Goon says news was true, how can this happen.

Shivaye says I will find out what they are talking. Om stops him and says I will talk. Gauri stops Om. Shivaye says Gauri is right. Anika stops Shivaye. Shivaye says if you go and talk, they will use gun. Rudra says I think someone intelligent should go and talk, I will go. Shivaye says I m eldest, I will talk. Om goes and talks to goons. He says we are mature people, we will find a solution.

Om asks them did they understand. Goon kicks him. Shivaye and Rudra hold Om. They beat the goon. Lafzon ka ye rishta nahi….plays…. Goons tie them up and threatens. Anika slaps the man and scolds him. Goon says you got divorced right. She says its between us, you have to shoot at me first. Goon says fine. Rudra, Om and Gauri ask goon to shoot them. Shivaye says wait, don’t talk in between, shoot me if you have courage.

Rudra says shoot me, I m single. Shivaye and Om ask him to shut up. Bhavya comes there and says please leave them. They all get puzzled. Goon asks who are you. Bhavya says I know what you are finding, you want that locket I will give it, leave them please. Shivaye asks what locket is she talking about. Om says don’t know. Rudra says she still has it. Goon asks what locket. Bhavya thinks they are not Sultan’s men. She asks what do they want. Goon says I want that baby, not money or locket. They ask Pari. Goon asks where is the baby. He aims gun at Rudra. Bhavya lifts the goon’s hand when he shoots. Rudra smiles. Bhavya fights with them. Anika and Gauri also go to beat the goon. A goon aims at Rudra and says your game is over. Shakti, Pinky and Dadi come home and get shocked.


Ishqbaaz 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Anika asks why did you become hero, if anyone shot you then. Shivaye says how dare he aim at you, sorry. He says everything is under control now.