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Ishqbaaz 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update


Shivaye sees the goon/shooter and runs to Anika. The goon shoots. Shivaye falls over Anika. Everyone look on shocked. Some time before, Rudra says Dadi, dhol people have come. The goon looks around. He goes ahead. Dadi asks the men to start playing dhol, punjabi’s happiness and shagun are incomplete without dhol. The men play dhol. Shivaye asks Om why are you standing here, come we will put til etc in the fire. Om says no, my mood is not fine. Shivaye says mood will get set, burn your anger in Lohri, come on Om. Rudra asks Dadi what to sing while putting til. Dadi sings. Shivaye, Om, Rudra, Anika and everyone put til in fire and walk around. Shivaye sees Anika.

The goon fixes gun. Om and Jhanvi see Tej getting Shwetlana. Jhanvi angrily goes. Shwetlana smiles. Om goes after Jhanvi. Mrs. Kapoor throws til at Anika and apologizes. Anika says its fine. Mrs. Kapoor signs her goon. She thinks now it will be fun.

Shivaye sees Anika. The goon aims at her. A girl talks to Anika and comes in front. Shivaye looks on. The girl goes. Shivaye comes in front of Anika. Anika walks away. He sees the fire and stops her. He asks what are you doing, if anything happened. Anika says you don’t need to worry for me. He says someone else in your place would have said thanks. She says I would have said thanks if there was someone else in your place.

The goon aims again, and Shivaye comes in front of Anika again. Shivaye helps her. She goes. Shivaye sees the goon aiming to shoot Anika. He shouts Anika. Anika turns to see him. Shivaye rushes to her. The goon shoots…… Shivaye comes in between. Everyone turn to see hearing the bullet sound. Shivaye falls over Anika. They both fall down. Anika closes her eyes. Everyone get shocked seeing this. Om also comes and gets shocked.

They all look at Shivaye and Anika. Anika opens eyes and sees Shivaye. His blood falls over her. He falls aside. They all get shocked. Anika sees the blood in her hand and sees Shivaye. Pinky shouts Shivaye. Om and Rudra also shout. Everyone run to Shivaye. Mrs. Kapoor and Shwetlana look on. Anika holds Shivaye’s face.

Shivaye is taken to hospital. Everyone cry. Doctor comes. Om asks him to save Shivaye. Doctor says we will do our best, we can’t say anything now, we have to examine him. Shakti goes to do formalities. Om asks nurse is Shivaye fine. Nurse says we can’t say anything as of now. Pinky cries and says what did this happen with my son. Rudra says Shivaye is superman, nothing can happen to him. Anika looks at them from far and thinks how Shivaye saved her.

Doctor asks nurse to prepare OT. Pinky asks how is Shivaye. Doctor says sorry to say, he is critical, bullet is near main artery, close to his heart, we know he has heart condition, sorry to say, this surgery will be crucial for him, it won’t be easy to save him, I m not sure he can bear this surgery or not. Pinky says how can you say this. Doctor goes. They all cry. Om and Rudra go to Anika. Anika recalls Shivaye falling. She says nothing can happen to Shivaye. She cries. Rudra and Om ask her to calm down. She says he is Shivaye, and his life can’t go, tell me, his life won’t go. Rudra says look at me, listen, I m cry baby and I m not crying now, why shall I cry when I know nothing will happen to Shivaye, Om see am I crying. Om says no and cries. Rudra says I m still cool Rudy, doctors are not smart like me, right Om. Om agrees. Rudra says nothing can happen to Shivaye, don’t cry, he will get angry with me, that you cried in my presence. They cry. Om says nothing will happen to Shivaye and hugs them.

Jhanvi says you are Mata Rani’s devotee, atleast trust her, nothing bad will happen. Pinky asks will my Shivaye get fine, doctors fool to get money, they think Shivaye is so weak that he can’t bear an operation, he is my Shivaye, if he gets stubborn, he will fail even death. Jhanvi nods. Pinky says nothing will happen to him, he will prove everything wrong. Jhanvi says by Mata Rani’s blessing, nothing will happen to him.

Pinky says when problems comes on family, he stands like a wall, he can fight for himself with courage, its a mother’s belief, he will get fine, he can’t leave me and go, what did he think, he is annoyed with me, I told him a lot, you tell me, if he does such things to get scolding, will I do his aarti, mum’s slap also has love, I don’t think bad for him, I want his betterment, I want to hug him when he comes to me, but I say bitter as I want his good, I don’t want that girl to ruin his life, I told you all that girl is unlucky for us, she will ruin all of us, you all did not listen to me, see my son is standing between life and death, why did we keep her at home, its happening because of her, why are you all not understanding. Jhanvi hugs Pinky.

Anika says I m responsible, if he did not save me, he would have not got shot, that bullet was for me, why did he get shot, if anything happens to him, I can’t forgive myself. She cries. Pinky says I can’t forgive that girl ever, Shivaye risked his life to save her, my son is in danger because of her, I will not let her shadow fall on my Shivaye. Jhanvi asks what are you saying, this is not the time, you won’t do this. Pinky says don’t stop me, its much late, I wish I made her leave before, I will not delay more. Jhanvi goes after her to stop. Anika cries.

Pinky says because of you, my son is in this state, since your steps fell in our house, our peace and happiness ended, you will not ruin my son’s life now, get out. She throws Anika out of the door. Anika cries.

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Ishqbaaz Details

Ishqbaaaz is an Indian drama television series which is broadcast on Star Plus. It premiered on 27 June 2016. Nakuul Mehta, Kunal Jaisingh and Leenesh Mattoo portray Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra respectively, the three heirs of the Oberoi family.


Leenesh Mattoo
Mansi Srivastava
Nakuul Mehta
Nitanshi Goel
Shrenu Parikh
Surbhi Chandna
Additi Gupta
Kunal Jaisingh

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Plus | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min