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Ishqbaaz 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update


Ishqbaaz 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shivaye gets hit by a car and falls down. Anika senses the trouble. Some time before, Jhanvi takes Anika and says I forgot the room keys, I got it locked after decorations, stay here. She goes to get keys. Shivaye comes and hugs Anika. Dadi calls him out. He says coming…. wait for me. She says like always. They hold hands. She asks him to go. He leaves her hand. Her charm bracelet breaks and falls down. Shivaye picks it and gives her. He asks what happened. She says this got broken. He says its okay. She says no, this should not happen, its abshagun. He asks since when did you start talking such. She says since I fell in love. O jaana….plays…. He fixes it. He makes her wear it. She says still a moon is broken. He says don’t worry, I will ask jeweler and get this fixed, go to room and wait, I will see Dadi and come. He holds her face. They smile and hold hands. He turns and goes. He looks at her and smiles. He goes away.

Shivaye asks where did Rudra go. Om says I think he went to meet Bhavya. Shivaye says let me call him. He checks missed calls from unknown number and calls back. Om says don’t take tension, that person will call back if its imp. He goes. Shivaye calls and says not reachable again. He recalls some girl throwing a chit. He checks the chit. He reads its imp to meet, if you want to save your family, come and meet at temple. He says I have to figure this out, who is this person and what does he want.

Om sees Gauri’s pics and thinks of her. He cries. Saathiya…..plays….He burns all of her pictures. He says this relation slipped off hands like sand, whatever it was got burnt. Shivaye reaches the place. A girl meets him. He asks who are you and why did you call me here. She says to make a deal, I have some proofs which can ruin your family, you have to do what I say. He says I don’t take anyone’s orders. She warns him that it will be his loss. He asks what proof is she talking about. She shows him something. He gets shocked. He throws and breaks the phone angrily.

Anika sits in the room and waits for him. He says I don’t believe this. The girl says you can break phone, but not end the proof, I want a price, you have to do what I say. He says none can blackmail me, that video was morphed, I don’t believe it. She asks him to think, it will be his loss. He says none can blackmail me. She says yes I get it and goes to her car. He walks to his car. He gets hit by a speeding car and falls down. Anika senses it. Shivaye lies unconscious.

Tej sees some shadow and turns. He says why do I feel I just saw Shwetlana, no there is security, but she can do anything. He goes to check. He sees her. She goes. Pinky asks what are you doing here. Shwetlana says I had to come here, help me, as you promised. Pinky says I can’t do anything now. Shwetlana threatens her. Tej looks around. Shwetlana says I have painting, but the keys are here, I want the keys at any cost. Tej says its Shwetlana’s voice. They see Tej at the door. He enters the room and sees Pinky. She asks what’s this way to enter my room. He asks to whom was she talking. She lies. He says I have heard you talking. She says I was seeing videos on phone. He asks her to say truth. She says its my bad time, everyone blames me, my fate is bad. She leaves. He says I don’t trust Pinky, she is hiding something, what can be Shwetlana and Pinky’s connection.

After 15 days, media is at Oberoi mansion. Reporter says Shivaye got missing 15 days before, its affecting his business too, everyone wants to know where is he. Dadi says its 15 days, why are you not finding my Billu. Om says since we got that car at crash site, Rudra and I are going there every day, I hope he is fine. Rudra says I m sure nothing will happen to him. Pinky cries and says he should have called. Rudra says maybe he can’t make any call. Om says he is our Shivaye, nothing will happen to him. They hug. Dadi says we talk to each other and share sorrow, poor Anika, when I think of her, I feel bad, she got married with difficulty and this happened, Navratri is starting today, I thought to send them to Kuldevi temple but…. Shakti consoles her. Jhanvi asks where is Anika. Anika gets ready. She says Shivaye has become typical husband and didn’t keep any promise, he didn’t get my charm bracelet repaired, he asked me to wait and went, so much Tadi is not good, is he taking revenge that I left him, come back soon, what are people saying, nonsense things, I don’t care as I know he is fine, if anything happened to him, I would have known, if I m alive, my Shivaye is also alive, enough of jokes, come back soon. She sees Rudra. She asks did Shivaye call. He signs no. She says I think he will come and give surprise. He asks this plate? She says Dadi gave it for Navratri puja, she told me that we do puja in Kuldevi temple.

She comes downstairs. Tej asks where are you going. She says I m going to do puja, along with Shivaye. They all look on. She leaves. Anika comes to temple and sees long queue. Someone/Shivaye comes there. Anika looks on. He prays in temple. She argues over rich and poor being equal in temple. Pandit asks her to stay calm, its a temple. She says rich people don’t let temple stay a temple. She asks the person did he not see the line. Shivaye says line is for crowd and I m not part of crowd. She gets shocked seeing him. He walks out of the temple. She smiles. He asks did you get it. She says I knew, I was sure that I will get you here. Khoya khoya rehta hai….plays… She asks where were you, you know our state without you, I m very happy. He asks pandit to start puja, he is in hurry to go home. Pandit asks him to get puja items. Shivaye says I forgot, get it arranged, I will pay for it. Anika says take mine. She asks him where was he, they are waiting since 15 days. He asks who are you. She sayts you are joking. He says you are joking to talk like you are my best friend. She says no, I m your…. He gets a jerk and hits the plate. Sindoor flies and falls in her maang.

She touches the sindoor and looks at him. He asks the kids what’s wrong with them. They ask for donation for Navratri. Shivaye gives them bundle of notes. They thank and leave. She asks where are you going. He asks will you follow me now, I don’t know you. She asks him to talk to her, why is he doing this, why is he acting. He says I don’t know you, shall I repeat myself. She asks really, will I believe this if you say. He says its none of my business, I don’t know you, that’s the truth. She says I will remind who I m. She goes and gets a bat. He looks at her. She hits the windscreen and breaks. He says I can send you jail for this. She asks will you send me jail. He says I have no time for your madness. He calls someone and says I m waiting. He throws his phone. A girl arrives and smiles seeing him. She asks shall we…. She sees the windshield and asks how did this break. He holds her hand and leaves in her car. Anika looks on shocked.

Anika comes home. Dadi asks did puja get done. Anika says yes, that too with Shivaye. They ask what does she mean. Anika says Shivaye came there. Om asks where is he. Anika says don’t know, he went somewhere. Pinky asks why did you not get him along. Anika says I tried, but he left in his car. Shivaye comes home. Reporters surround him. Everyone looks on. He says you will get all your answers, let me just go and meet my family. He asks Khanna to send reporters. Om hugs him.


Ishqbaaz 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Shivaye asks what’s this girl doing here, Om how did you let her come here, she is mad. He asks Anika to leave. Dadi asks who is this girl. Shivaye says she is Tania, my wife. They all get shocked.

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Ishqbaaaz is an Indian drama television series which is broadcast on Star Plus. It premiered on 27 June 2016. Nakuul Mehta, Kunal Jaisingh and Leenesh Mattoo portray Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra respectively, the three heirs of the Oberoi family.


Leenesh Mattoo
Mansi Srivastava
Nakuul Mehta
Nitanshi Goel
Shrenu Parikh
Surbhi Chandna
Additi Gupta
Kunal Jaisingh

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Plus | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min