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Ishqbaaz 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Everyone get shocked seeing the breaking news of Rudra’s marriage. They see Rudra and Soumya’s marriage video. Some time before, Soumya cries seeing her mangalsutra and thinks of her marriage. She holds it against her neck and thinks of Rudra’s words. She cries. Anika comes. Soumya gets her hand at back. Anika asks are you fine. Soumya says yes, I m absolutely fine. Anika asks why are you not meeting my eyes. Soumya says something went in my eyes, its fine, I will wash my eyes. Anika sees mirror. She sees Soumya hiding something behind. She asks what are you hiding. Soumya says nothing. Anika says show me. She sees mangalsutra and asks whose mangalsutra is this, what is it doing with you. Soumya says play is going on in my college, its prop. She takes it back and asks did you have any work. Anika says no, you came here suddenly, so I came to see, are you fine. Soumya says yes, I will wash eyes and come.

Shivaye talks to commissioner and asks did you find about sniper, I have seen him from distance, we have to find him, thanks. Anika comes to him. She says I feel… He says please don’t start again, Rudra decided and we should support him as a family, I found out about Sonia, she is a very good girl, I think Rudra and Sonia will be perfect macth. She asks why, because their blood, family and standard are equal. He says exactly. She asks is nothing else required for marriage. He says no, this is most imp. She says you think so, we know Rudra does not think so, Rudra is doing mistake. He asks you started again, its perfect, what’s less in it.

She says love, relation can be joined without love, but can’t be kept. He says this relation will be fine, Rudra knows the importance of this relation. She says its not right to put burden of such relation. He says marriages happen this way in business. She says just business happens seeing accounts, not marrying. Tia looks on and says chance is good, send it. Romi says fine, done. Anika says I just want to say that Rudra…. She gets the video and checks. She says he is married. Shivaye asks what are you saying. She says Rudra is married. He asks are you mad. She says I m saying true, Rudra is married to Soumya, you see it yourself. He sees the video and gets shocked.

Shivaye slaps Rudra. Om says Shivaye… Shivaye asks are you not getting anger Om, when Rudra said he wants to do something for family, I felt he has become responsible, why did he not say this. Om says you lied to us, even after knowing I hate lies. Anika asks when did this happen and how. Soumya cries. She tells the situation in which the marriage happened. She cries.

Rudra says its nonsense, I was running from Romi, she got mad, I entered community wedding centre, they got us drink desi wine, then I don’t remember, this marriage is a mistake, it does not mean anything. Om asks are you mad, you married Soumya. Rudra says I don’t believe in this marriage, there is no meaning of it. Shivaye asks does Soumya feel the same.

Shivaye asks Soumya what’s the truth, Rudra said this marriage happened in drunken state and has no meaning, I want to know from you, does this marriage means anything. Soumya says I know we did mistake, we were drunk but… Rudra says I told you, we decided to forget this marriage, in fact we forgot, Shivaye you think, Soumya and I are not any match. Shivaye asks Soumya to say. Rudra says she will say same, this marriage does not mean to us. Om says will you be quiet, I want to hear it from Soumya. Rudra asks Soumya to say, else this third degree will do on. Soumya says if this marriage holds no significance for Rudra, then it has no meaning.

Shivaye says okay, that means there is no problem. Rudra says you all also forget about our marriage. Shivaye says let’s forget about this. Anika asks how can we forget, they got married. Shivaye asks did you not hear them, this marriage is a mistake. She says mistake or happened in drunken state, but they married, they took seven rounds around fire, made vows. Shivaye says if they don’t accept the marriage, that’s fair, many times we have to take such decisions when we are helpless, which we don’t, such marriage is a compromise, you can’t take it serious, it has no meaning. Anika asks do you really think so. He says yes, such marriage has no meaning, right. Rudra and Soumya say right. Shivaye says okay then, this topic is over, except five of us, none should know about this, that Rudra and Soumya got married. Jhanvi gets shocked hearing this.

Tej says so what, they said marriage happened in drunken state and it does not matter to them, so topic ends. Jhanvi says but marriage happened Tej. Tej says why are we discussing this. She says we are elders and have to explain children right and wrong. He says Chaddas are coming tomorrow, I don’t want any trouble, forget Rudra’s stupidity. She asks what’s wrong with you, Rudra got married to Soumya, how can you get him remarried. He says I m not forcing him, Rudra took this decision. She says its wrong, you should explain him. He asks have you gone mad, if this deal gets cancelled, I will not bear this, I had enough. She shouts even I had enough, you did not give me wife’s status and respect, its about my children now, I can’t see bad happening with them, if you do bad with them, I will not sit quiet, I will never let this marriage happen. He walks to her and says I hate threatening and person who threatens, Rudra’s roka will happen with Sonia Chadda. He leaves.

Roka function begins. .Mr. Chadda greets Dadi and says I want to get a photo clicked with your grandsons. Dadi asks him to come. Mr. Chadda takes pics with Om, Shivaye and Rudra. Om gets a call and goes. Anika holds Soumya. Soumya smiles. Mrs. Chadda says Shivaye, introduce your wife, we want a photo with her. Anika gets drinks. Pinky passes tray to Tia and takes her. She greets Mrs. Chadda. She asks did you meet my daughter in law, Tia, she is Shivay’s wife, she is very sweet, she has many good values, Shivaye is very lucky. Mrs. Chadda says we will take photos. Tia stands with Shivaye, while he looks at Anika.

Rudra bumps into Soumya and says sorry. She says you should be. He asks what do you mean. He says you collided with me and hurt me, you should be sorry, by the way, congrats. He asks for what. She says for your Roka. He thanks her and goes.

Mr. Chadda asks Tej shall we start Roka ceremony. Tej says of course and calls Rudra. Mr. Chadda gets a message. He says wait, get your tv on. Tej asks Rudra to switch on tv. Reporter says its Rudra Singh Oberoi’s roka with Sonia Chadda today, but we got the news that Rudra is already married, we are showing a video clap. Everyone see the breaking news of Rudra’s marriage. They see Rudra and Soumya’s marriage video.

Mr. Chadda asks what’s this nonsense. Tej says I can explain. Mr. Chadda asks what will you explain, I can’t believe this, how low will you fall for a business deal, you fixed relation without knowing Om’s wish, when he refused, you fixed relation with Rudra, who is already married, now I will not listen anything, even I m a businessman, but I m a father too, but you are just a businessman, not a father, you are not suitable for even business dealing, I will not forget this insult, you have to pay for this. Chaddas leave.

Rudra says how did this video come out. Tej says shut up, one son is useless, will you walk on his path, sons are father’s pride, you both are ruining father’s respect, will you say anything, speak up. He goes to slap Rudra. Shivaye holds Tej’s hand and says no, you won’t raise hand on Rudra. Tej says Shivaye, you don’t between father and son. Shivaye says if father was talking to son, I would have not said anything, but here, a businessman is talking to his business asset. Tej says Shivaye…. Shivaye says Rudra was ready for this relation, so I did not say anything, its enough now, you did not see Om and Rudra’s happiness, let’s be honest about this, you just saw this deal, because this deal did not happen today, you can’t raise hand on my brother.

Tej says so what, if I have seen just a deal, even you were going to marry Tia for a deal, you say every relation is a deal, don’t you keep saying that. Shivaye says I agree, I believe so, but Om and Rudra don’t think so, I can sell but not let anyone sell my brothers’ happiness. Pinky says so much happened and we did not know, Rudra and Soumya got married, did you know this Shivaye. Shivaye says I got to know this yesterday, I was thinking to handle situation and news leaked out. Tej says stop this drama Shivaye, you have leaked this video. They all get shocked.

Shivaye says Bade papa, listen to me…. Jhanvi is ablaze. She comes running inside the house and falls down. Everyone get shocked.

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Ishqbaaz Details

Ishqbaaaz is an Indian drama television series which is broadcast on Star Plus. It premiered on 27 June 2016. Nakuul Mehta, Kunal Jaisingh and Leenesh Mattoo portray Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra respectively, the three heirs of the Oberoi family.


Leenesh Mattoo
Mansi Srivastava
Nakuul Mehta
Nitanshi Goel
Shrenu Parikh
Surbhi Chandna
Additi Gupta
Kunal Jaisingh

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Plus | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min