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Ishqbaaz 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update


Ishqbaaz 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dadi asks who is this girl. Shivaye says she is Tanya, my wife. He tears Anika and his pics. Anika looks on. Some time before, Om asks Shivaye where was he, is he fine. Shivaye says I m okay. He hugs Dadi, Shakti and Tej. Pinky cries and says I wanted to see you, does anyone do this with family. Dadi asks are you fine. He says yes, what’s this girl doing here, she is mad and broke my car’s windshield, Om why did you let her come here. He asks Anika to leave from his house. Anika cries and asks what are you saying, I m Anika. He asks who Anika, I don’t know any Anika. Dadi asks did you go mad. He says I don’t know her. Anika says enough of jokes. Tanya asks what’s all this. He says I will sort this out. Dadi asks who is this girl. Shivaye says she is Tanya, my wife. They all get shocked. Reporters ask when did he marry. Shivaye holds Tanya’s hand and says its time for my statement, I met with an accident 15 days back, Tanya saved my life and took care of me, we met and fell in love, and now she is Mrs. Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Anika looks on.

Reporter says Shivaye has come back, but he has returned after marrying Tanya. Tej says what utter nonsense, he is coming after 15 days and saying he married someone else. Om says he is refusing to identify Anika. Shakti says maybe he lost his memory. Abhay says sometimes person loses partial memory. Tej says we should call a doctor and check. Pinky says he is right, why did Shivaye change, call doctor. Anika says no, Shivaye can answer us, he is doing a drama, there is some big reason behind this. Om says like Tej had to become Peter being helpless, but Shivaye can’t get blackmailed, what can be the reason. She says I don’t know. Jhanvi says maybe he is Mahi. Anika says no, he is Shivaye, I will go and talk to him. She goes.

Shivaye asks Tanya to make herself feel comfortable. Anika comes. He argues with her. She says why did you get her here, its our room. He says its my room and she is my wife, what are you doing here, just go, Tanya needs to rest. She says you are worrying for her a lot, you are showing much tadi. He asks sorry, what’s this tadi. She asks don’t you know, you would know kanji eyes, michmichi… He says watch your language. They argue. Tanya says Shivaye… Anika says don’t worry, we argue such. He asks what do you mean. She asks why are you acting of not knowing her. She tells Tanya that Shivaye never admits his mistake, he will show his tadi to his wife and I m his… He says Tanya is my wife. She says we will discuss this later, see his anger is always on his nose, see the smoke out of his ears. She asks Tanya what will she have, tea, coffee or wine, will she have food, Shivaye always says guests should be treated well, he will feed you boring food, it will have no taste. He says stop it, you just keep talking. She says I m taking care of your friend. He says she is my wife. She asks him to end this drama. He says I don’t know you. She asks do you really don’t know me, its fine, I will make you remember everything. She throws water on his face.

He asks what was this. She says water. He scolds her. She says I m your wife, I will see till when will this drama go on. She goes to Om. She says Shivaye is in big problem. He says it can’t happen that he can’t identify you when he can identify us, maybe he lost partial memory, I will suggest we should talk to doctor once, we can get it clear. She asks him to call doctor. He calls the doctor.

The man says Shivaye cracked the deal, but the party is refusing to vacate the building. Abhay says I will take care of it, Shivaye is like my elder brother, I will solve this problem. The man says its big problem. Abhay says every big problem has a small solution, Oberoi is like my family and family comes first. Anika asks what’s selective amnesia. Om says doctor also feels Shivaye has partial memory loss, he doesn’t remember what happened in last one year, it means he remembers everything except…. She says me, it means he can’t identify anything, whatever was between us, he forgot, how can he forget our moments, his promises, I m going to talk to Shivaye.

Om stops her and says I understand he is not identifying you. She says no, he is acting, he can’t fool me, I know him well, he could sense me without seeing, he is not identifying me, there is something he is not able to say, his eyes identified me, someone has done this, he is doing this drama, I will know why is he helpless to stay away from me, that he is refusing to accept our marriage. Shivaye hears her. She says I have to find out why is he acting to forget me. He says I have to make her believe that I have really forgotten her and this is not any drama.

Shivaye tells Tanya that he did what she said and got her entry, he wants his proof now. Tanya asks him to wait. He says I don’t have time to wait. She asks him to wait for next instruction, she can’t say anything more. He goes. He sees Anika and his pictures on the wall. He recalls her. He forwards hand to touch pictures. Anika comes. He senses her and tears the picture. She asks what are you doing, did you go mad. He asks what do you want to prove. She says this photos are beautiful moments of our life. He says I don’t know you. She asks then how did I get these photos. He says you did photoshop, its your plan. She asks him to tell her the problem, they decided to face it together. He says I don’t know you, Tanya is my wife, do you get it.

She cries. He asks her to stop crying. She holds his hand and says you can’t see these tears, tell me you do care. He says I don’t have time for all this. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in his sleeve. She smiles and says you can lie, but not run from truth. He frees it and goes. She says you are acting to be Tadibaaz, you will soon turn to Sweet Singh Oberoi, my heart gets hurt. He asks her not to call him by such cheap names. He goes. She says if you are Shivaye, I m Anika, I will prove you didn’t forget me. Pinky smiles and says I couldn’t do this and it happened on its own.

Abhay gets a call. He says I m busy now, I will call you back, I m going to do my brother’s work. He leaves. Bhavya gets a blank call. Manav calls her out. She asks who is it……She ends call. Manav asks her to come. She says I will just come. She sees Rudra’s pic and says I know it was you Rudra. Chubby comes there and sees her with Manav. He misunderstands them to be kissing and takes their picture. He says poor Rudra, I have to show this to him, then he can forget Bhavya. Manav blows in her eye. He asks how can anyone hit phone in eye. She says I didn’t know. He asks her to come, his would be fiancee is waiting, she is lucky to get her love. She gets sad. He says well I must thank you, Shreya came in my life because of you. She says this is the least I could do for you, I should say thanks, I left you alone in mandap, even then you didn’t break friendship. She recalls leaving from mandap. Manav says I must say, you are not that lucky, but the guy whom you marry will be lucky. She asks are we not getting late for engagement now. He asks her to come. She sees pic and says I still miss you Rudra…..

Abhay comes to some place. He greets a man. The man says now Oberoi has sent you, tell him not to waste time, I don’t want to do this deal. Abhay asks why, they are offering big rate. The man says I want double rates, change the agreement. Abhay says you have killer attitude, business doesn’t happen like this. The man asks him not to explain him, else he will higher the rates. Abhay says you signed agreement and can go to jail. The man tears the agreement.

Abhay says okay, you won’t agree this way. The man asks him to do anything and pushes him. Abhay says I m going. He calls someone and says everything is in control, we got the property. The man asks are you mad, I will not sell this bungalow. Abhay laughs and says you will cry after 5 secs. The man asks what do you mean. Abhay goes away. The bungalow breaks by a blast. The man gets shocked and asks what did you do. Abhay says your bungalow is not left, none will pay you now, this land is illegal, sign now, I will give you 1 crore. The man says agreement was of 80 crores. Abhay says you have torn it, here is new agreement, I m paying you double as my mood is good, my brother Shivaye came home. The man signs and says you are much clever. Abhay says its experience. He leaves.

The man says we want paintings, we will have much loss. Om says I understand, my brother was missing, how could I think of making paintings. The man asks him to make it now. Om says its art, how shall I deliver many paintings. The man says its your problem, else we have to take legal action. Om asks him to reschedule exhibition. The man asks won’t you give paintings. Om says my brother is imp than your exhibition, sorry I can’t do this. The man says okay, we will see you in court. The men leave. Abhay hears them and asks Om about the problem. Om says I will manage it. Abhay says I can handle this. Om says thanks, I solve my problems myself. He goes. Abhay says you all are like my brothers, I can do anything for my brothers, anything, I have to do something.

Shakti does aarti and asks where were you. Pinky says Mata Rani heard me, she has made all my sorrows away. Shakti asks what happened. She says I was scared Shivaye can identify Anika, but she has got out from his heart, I have to make her out from this house. Tej and Jhanvi scold her. Pinky taunts him that he couldn’t become a good father. Tej says I have learnt from my mistake, don’t do this. Pinky argues with them.

She asks Shakti to take her side. Shakti says no use to take matter ahead. Pinky says Tej is acting to be Sadhu. Jhanvi asks Shakti to make his wife quiet. Tej asks Pinky not to get personal. Jhanvi says its useless to explain her. They leave. Shakti asks Pinky to shut up, it was her mistake even today. He goes. Pinky says they can’t see my happiness, just save it Mata Rani. She goes to her room. She checks her saree and says how can this get burnt. She reads a note and says who is calling me in mills and why, is that secret…..

Abhay sees Tanya. She says sorry, you are Shivaye’s…. He says family friend’s son, I m Abhay. She says I m Tanya. He says I know. She goes. Tej looks on and says what was Abhay talking to her. Abhay comes and asks you here, do you need anything from kitchen. Tej asks what were you talking to her. Abhay says I was explaining her, she will have no place in our world, just Anika will be Shivaye’s wife. Tej says its good you cleared it to her. He goes. Abhay smiles.


Ishqbaaz 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Shivaye asks Om did he fight with Gauri. Om says strange, you remember Gauri, not Anika. Shivaye sees Anika and Tanya’s reflection.

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Ishqbaaz Details

Ishqbaaaz is an Indian drama television series which is broadcast on Star Plus. It premiered on 27 June 2016. Nakuul Mehta, Kunal Jaisingh and Leenesh Mattoo portray Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra respectively, the three heirs of the Oberoi family.


Leenesh Mattoo
Mansi Srivastava
Nakuul Mehta
Nitanshi Goel
Shrenu Parikh
Surbhi Chandna
Additi Gupta
Kunal Jaisingh

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Plus | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min