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Ishqbaaz 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ishqbaaz 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shivaye says what if he comes here…. He tells Vikram that Anika praises him a lot. Vikram says she is my fiance. Shivaye and Anika spit water. Gauri sees Om at the exhibition. Shivaye says you and Anika are here, both should get married in two weeks. Some time before, Shivaye asks Gauri what did she think. Gauri says what will I do coming back, Om does not regard me his wife, I have no reason and right to come back. Om asks Shivaye to help him. Gauri asks Shivaye to go. He asks her to come once and see what Om made, Om could find himself, she is behind this, I want you to come and see his exhibition, he is same Om whom you always wanted to see.

Anika and Shivaye meet. She says sorry, I did not see. He says I was seeing you, maybe Vikram did not answer your call. She says it can’t happen, his call is much imp, he can’t miss imp meetings, but not my call, I was talking to him, he missed a big deal. He says you did not do right, he would have big loss, it means he is not a good businessman. She praises Vikram. He asks when is he coming to meet you. She says he is not here, he will come when he comes India, there is still time. He asks how much time. She asks why shall I tell you. He says when you really wish to meet him, he will leave work and come running. She says yes, do you have any problem. He says no, then call him. She asks why shall I do his loss.

He says Vikram is very boring kind of guy. She says no, he enjoys life well, he took me in his helicopter. He says its called chopper. She says I call it helicopter, he likes it. He says it means Vikram does not correct your mistake. She says its my style which you never understood. He asks does he have private chopper. She says yes. He says then he can come anytime. She says yes. He asks when will he come. She says you know petrol rates these days. He says no. She says you should know it, his helicopter has less average, I asked him not to come. He says he would come if you call him. She says he is not in India. He says what if I say he has come, he is here. She asks who. Shivaye says your fiance, who else.

Vikram comes. Anika gets shocked seeing him. Shivaye greets Vikram. He says you are surprised as if you are meeting your fiance for the first time. Anika relaxes. Vikram asks are you okay. Shivaye asks what happened Anika, you look shocked, by happiness. He says Anika was praising you, you have a busy schedule, thanks for coming. Vikram says how could I not come if you called. Shivaye says then you would have come on Anika’s call too. He gives her water and says you need it. Vikram says I m good, thanks. Shivaye says very good, anyways Anika praises you a lot, much about Vikram. Vikram says I m more flattered, Shivaye she is my fiance, who else will talk about me. Shivaye and Anika get shocked and spit water. Vikram asks are you guys shocked, Anika did you not tell Shivaye about our engagement, how sad, Shivaye we are engaged. Anika holds her head. Shivaye looks at her. Vikram holds her and says right Anika, did you tell Shivaye we are engaged. Shivaye starts coughing. He says I m just gonna change. He drops the glass and goes. Vikram takes glass from Anika.

Shivaye comes and asks what’s happening. Rudra says I m wearing shirt. Rudra talks funny. Shivaye asks him to shut up, you and Om are my brothers, and you are more… Rudra says handsome… Shivaye says no, you both are donkeys, you said Anika has no fiance, he has come, Vikram, I thought Anika is lying, I called her so called fiance and got to know they are really engaged. Rudra asks what.

Vikram checks the magazine having info about him. Anika says you here… He says I was wondering I look better in pictures. She says first hospital, then magazine and now here. He says you took me to hospital and Shivaye called me here. She asks why did you say that… He says you keep on saying we are engaged. She says I lie. He says I also lied. She asks why did you lie. Rudra says Anika is lying. Shivaye says I met her fiance, he hugged her. Rudra asks really. Shivaye says he kept his hand on her shoulder. Rudra says its not called a hug.

Shivaye says I wished to…. and hits punching bag. Rudra says I recently bought it, its new, I mean you will get hurt, it would be problem if he held her close or in arms. He hugs Shivaye. Shivaye scolds him. Rudra says calm down. Shivaye says my blood is boiling, I can’t even show it, I have to go and talk with a smile, how do I …… Rudra says its your problem, what you feel, you don’t show and what you show isn’t there. Vikram says I m just helping you. Anika says I did not ask your help. Vikram says when I came here, I heard your and Shivaye’s conversation and lied to help. She asks why, how can strangers help like this. He says you also helped me, we were strangers that time, we know each other now, we all should help each other to make a better world, simple.

She says there is difference in such help. He says sorry, I just reacted to the situation, I don’t know your and Shivaye’s problem, I just want to say, I will be there for you if you need anything. She says it means you have no motive to help me. He says yes, trust me. She asks how will you get time, you stay busy. He says I will do some acting. Rudra says Anika and that Vicky… Shivaye asks Vicky? Rudra says name is Vikram, so nickname will be Vicky, don’t react, they would be acting. Shivaye says I can understand about Anika, why would Vikram act. Rudra says money makes person do anything. Shivaye says he is multi millionaire. Rudra says once Anika slaps him… Shivaye sees Anika and Vikram and says she is smiling and talking to him, if she can smile, I can also smile, she started the game, I will end it, she is gonna crack. Rudra says I feel they both are crack.

Anika thinks Shivaye would have thought to end this drama, but drama just started, see how I make Shivaye admit that it matters to him. Gauri comes to the exhibition. Saathiya….plays… She sees Om with people. Om presses the remote and reveals all his paintings. Everyone claps. Gauri sees the painting and gets stunned. All the paintings resemble her. She recalls Om and the old moments. Anika says I think you should leave now, thanks, I will manage.

Vikram says you can call me if you need help, I will see you around. Shivaye comes and asks where are you going. Vikram says I just got a meeting to attend. Shivaye says come on, have some dinner with us. Anika says he is going for dinner meeting. Shivaye says Anika you said Vikram cancels deals for you, we all must have dinner together. Vikram says of course, I think you are right Shivaye, I will cancel my meeting. Anika says no, I won’t like it, you should go. Vikram says its okay Anika, I can do this for you, I will stay for dinner. Shivaye says great, I will organize the dinner. Vikram says bring it on. Shivaye goes. Anika asks why did you say yes. Vikram says if I refused, he would have doubted. She thinks this is getting more spoiled, what shall I do.

Shivaye, Anika and Vikram have dinner. Shivaye asks how did you guys meet, I have no idea where was Anika after our divorce. Anika says sometimes love story’s starting is not remembered, just the ending is remembered. Shivaye says if love is true, it never ends, what’s about story, it has to end. He says sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. Vikram says its fine. Shivaye says so tell me how did your story start. Anika says it does not matter how we met, we met, that’s all it matters. Vikram says exactly. Shivaye says well I think you don’t want to talk about past, we will talk about future, so when is your marriage. She gets shocked. Shivaye says strange, you felt michmichi on hearing about marriage. Vikram asks what, what’s this michmichi. Shivaye asks what, you don’t know what’s michmichi. Vikram says no. Shivaye says strange, Anika did not say this imp word of her dictionary to her fiance. She says if I can leave many things behind, why can’t I leave michmichi. Shivaye asks when is the marriage. Anika says we did not decide.

Vikram says ya. Shivaye says I m sure Vikram decided, after all he is a very successful businessman, he would advance plan everything. Vikram says ya. Shivaye asks the date. Anika says we did not decide, why do you care when we marry. Shivaye says relax, I just asked when are you marrying, I did not ask to break marriage. Vikram says we did not fix marriage date. Shivaye says then lets do it, till when are you in Mumbai. Vikram says for next two weeks. Shivaye says great, you and Anika are here, both are you should get married in two weeks. Anika asks is your mind fine, I don’t joke in two weeks, how will I marry. Shivaye says two weeks are much for planning, you said Vikram is adventurous, spontaneous, I m sure he will like this idea. Vikram says yes, but…

Shivaye says what’s the issue, or you both don’t want to marry, are you not serious. Anika says we did not do engagement to timepass, we are serious about marriage. Vikram says ya. Shivaye says then marry, time is a problem, don’t worry I m here, you did my marriage arrangements, I will do your marriage arrangements, so tell me Anika. She says you have more hurry about our marriage, fine if you want this, it will happen. He gets shocked and asks did you just agree. She says you want this that we marry in two weeks, our marriage will happen in two weeks. Om sees Gauri and gets shocked. Saathiya…plays… He goes to her and asks why did you go. She says what would I do, I have no place in your life. Om says I was wrong, I thought wrong, I understood you were not wrong, my paintings will answer what’s your place in my life.

Rudra breaks the eggs. Bhavya comes and stops him. She asks him to show. He says I was going to show, you snatched the egg. She says show the video. He says oh fine. Shwetlana wakes up by the creepy door sound. She gets water and drinks. She starts coughing and calls out Jhanvi. Jhanvi asks what happened, did you see Tej. Shwetlana asks what’s this sound. Jhanvi says I did not hear any sound. Shwetlana says hear well, how can’t you hear it, you got deaf. She goes out. Jhanvi smiles.

Gauri asks what do you mean to say. Om says that…. Gauri says its not imp to say the thing which you can’t say, I should have not come here. She turns to go. He holds her hand. He says if you did not come, this exhibition would have been incomplete. Saathiya….plays…. He says this happened because of you. She says you want to say, you could awaken your inner artist by my leaving, I m glad to help you some way. Om says not by your leaving. Manager calls Om to talk to media. Om turns and sees Gauri gone.

Rudra says you are not that smart as you think, you missed imp clue. Bhavya says its not possible. He asks her to see. She checks the video and gets shocked. She says you are not that Pappu as I thought. Rudra asks Pappu, everyone’s language changed by Anika’s dictionary, did you see I m so smart, you have understood 1 and 1 is not 2, but 11. She asks what do you mean. He says one is alone and two is better, jodis work well. She asks him what does he want to say. He says if we do this together, work can get easy. She says yes, two people can do any work easily and fast than one person, I got it. He says its simple, it means you can stay here and do your work, I will help you. She says okay. He asks what okay. She says I was staying here, Shivaye asked me to stay here to make sure family security has no danger. He dances. She asks him not to start dancing.

Shwetlana cries and says music sound is coming. Jhanvi says there is no music. Shwetlana shows Tej. Jhanvi says there is no one. Shwetlana goes. Jhanvi smiles seeing Tej. Om says Gauri came, but she went till I turned, why did she come if she had to go. Rudra says your genius brother will solve your problem. Om asks him to solve his problem first. Rudra says others’ problem looks smaller. Om asks are you trying to say my problem is small. Rudra says no, I want to say my problem is bigger, for time being, I will solve your problem, I can show you the way. Om asks what way. Rudra says it means you will indirectly ask my help, the way is…. ignore Chulbul Bhabhi. Om says you are my brother, you are helping me right. Rudra says this is your and Shivaye’s problem, if you stop running after girls, they will get confused and run after you to get answer, so basically ignore to get noticed. Om claps and says I always felt you are strange, now I feel… Rudra says that I m smart and handsome. Om says you are big fool. Rudra says thanks, you see Chulbul Bhabhi will call you within 8 hours, she would be thinking to call you even now. Om sees his phone.


Ishqbaaz 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shivaye asks Anika to say its a lie, say the truth. Anika and Shivaye argue. He says you are adamant, I thought to ask you once before this marriage.


Ishqbaaz Details

Ishqbaaaz is an Indian drama television series which is broadcast on Star Plus. It premiered on 27 June 2016. Nakuul Mehta, Kunal Jaisingh and Leenesh Mattoo portray Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra respectively, the three heirs of the Oberoi family.


Leenesh Mattoo
Mansi Srivastava
Nakuul Mehta
Nitanshi Goel
Shrenu Parikh
Surbhi Chandna
Additi Gupta
Kunal Jaisingh

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Plus | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min