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Ishqbaaz 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Ishqbaaz 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ishqbaaz 9th November 2017 Episode start With Shivaye says we will find out Piya’s agenda. Rudra says I will find it and make her out of the house. They all get mesmerized seeing Piya. Some time before, Piya says I know them well. Gauri asks what did you say, how. Piya says who doesn’t know famous Oberois. ShivOmRu laugh. Anika says Piya is dance master. Pinky says she is choreographer. Rudra says I know her fav step. Bhavya asks how do you know. ShivOm cover up. Rudra says I guessed it. Dinky asks them about their trip, how did they come early, did they go Goa to touch. Om laughs and says no, actually… Shivaye says we missed home. Dinky asks did you do anything that you had to run away. They recall and laugh, saying nothing such happened. Anika says no need to explain, I know why you guys came back, truth is truth, it can’t be hidden.

Shivaye asks what are you saying. Om holds him. Anika says you guys came back as its Dadi’s happy birthday tomorrow. Shivaye says no, its birthday, not happy birthday. They all sing happy birthday song. Dadi says they take care of me so much, did you see Dinky, they are my pride, they can’t do anything that puts family respect at stake. They see Piya. She smiles.

Shivaye says that girl came till our house, it can’t be a coincidence. Om says we don’t remember what happened, it can’t be a coincidence. Rudra says it can’t be a coincidence. Shivaye asks him to learn from mistakes. Om says exactly, its his mistake. Rudra says its because of Shivaye’s imagination, he was saying such story. Om says maybe, that doesn’t mean its not your mistake. Rudra says I m single, you guys are married, you guys are gone. Om says he is right, they trust us. Shivaye says if they know this, trust will break and heart too. Rudra says I know problem is big, but I have a solution, Piya. Om says she is problem, not solution. Shivaye says Rudra is right, we have to find who is she and what does she want.

Piya goes to someone and says its happening as you planned, Oberoi brothers are trapped, they don’t know its our planning. Dinky smiles and says well done, they have much trust on their princes, I will show them my experience about men is not wrong, men can’t be expected to be loyal, its just a start, they have no idea what will happen. Shivaye says I m sure Piya will blackmail us, we won’t let this happen, we will know her agenda. Rudra says I will do this. Shivaye says not you. Rudra says don’t underestimate the power of a common bachelor, I will find out what she wants in two mins. Shivaye says its not instant noodles. Om says she is very clever. Rudra says you guys are married, its better if you stay away. Om says yes we should put him in risk. They ask Rudra to go. Rudra asks them to watch him, he will find out in 2 mins. He goes to Piya and asks her to get out. She says I need your help, will you help me in recording a video, please shoot. She goes and dances. Rudra gets shocked and gets staring at her. Shivaye says Rudy didn’t come till now. Om says let him take time. Shivaye says I will go and see.

He goes out and sees Rudra. He asks what are you doing, we have sent you to talk to Piya, what….. He sees Piya and gets staring with a smile on face. Om comes and sees them. He asks what are you guys seeing. He sees Piya and gets staring too. Anika, Bhavya and Gauri come. They see the guys standing as statues. They see Piya’s moves and get charmed. Pinky and Jhanvi come and see them. Pinky asks what’s happening. Jhanvi asks why are they standing as statue. Pinky says even girls…. They shout to ask what’s happening. Gauri says we are seeing Piya’s dancing. Bhavya says she has amazing style. Jhanvi asks what’s wrong with you all. Piya asks did you record. Rudra says I saved it in heart. She says co cute and goes. Shivaye sends Rudra. Shivaye and Om go. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya also leave. Tej and Shakti come. Pinky says this is not right. Tej asks what.

Pinky says everyone is after Piya, like she did any magic. Jhanvi says everyone is appreciating her dance art. Pinky says they were staring at her, not her dance. Shakti asks what are you saying. She says ShivOmRu are after her, we should explain Piya to stay in manners. Tej says we will talk to her. Tej and Shakti go to Piya. Teg says Piya, we need to talk something imp to you. Piya turns….. and spreads her charm. They too get entranced. She winks to them. Tej records the video and smiles. Pinky and Shakti come and see them lost. Pinky says them as well? Piya says thanks uncle and takes the phone. She goes. Tej says I have an urgent meeting and goes. Shakti says I have a meeting too, with Lord, I mean I have to worship. He goes. Pinky asks did you see, this Piya is a witch.

Anika, Gauri and Bhavya move their hair and talk of Piya’s graceful moves. Gauri says we are girls and got flat on her, what would happen of boys. Bhavya says don’t know about ShivOm, Rudra is ready to become her love. Anika says its not Piya’s mistake. Gauri says yes, they can see her but we are in their hearts. Anika says you know what I m thinking. Gauri says yes. They laugh.

ShivOmRu sit talking. They argue. Rudra jokes on Om’s long hair and shows a step. Om asks him not to be after his hair. Shivaye asks can we be serious. Rudra asks them to see Piya. Shivaye says we should follow her, come on. They follow Piya. She stops and turns. OmRu hide. She sees Shivaye. He acts to be on call and goes. They see Piya. Om says she is going to your room Shivaye. Rudra says you didn’t say us and called her to your room. Shivaye asks why will I call her, are you mad. OmRu say Anika is in room. Shivaye worries. They see Anika, Gauri and Bhavya with Piya. Rudra says why did Piya go to them. Shivaye asks did she go to tell truth. Om asks him to go and get Piya out. Shivaye asks how will I go there. OmRu push him inside the room. Anika holds him and asks are you fine. Shivaye says yes, I slipped. Anika asks why do you wear such slipper. He says its a shoe. Piya says who knows where and how someone trips. He says you are called at pool side. She asks who. He says Dinky. She says okay and goes. He asks Anika what’s going on in life. Anika asks all okay? He says I will come. Bhavya says he looks out of character. Anika says he is tired, he behaves strange when he is tired, everything is fine.


Ishqbaaz 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Anika and Gauri say we couldn’t talk to Piya, but ShivOmRu were there. Bhavya says but we have to talk. Anika says yes, tonight. Gauri says we should be careful that guys are not around when we talk to Piya.

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Ishqbaaz Details

Ishqbaaaz is an Indian drama television series which is broadcast on Star Plus. It premiered on 27 June 2016. Nakuul Mehta, Kunal Jaisingh and Leenesh Mattoo portray Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra respectively, the three heirs of the Oberoi family.


Leenesh Mattoo
Mansi Srivastava
Nakuul Mehta
Nitanshi Goel
Shrenu Parikh
Surbhi Chandna
Additi Gupta
Kunal Jaisingh

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Plus | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min