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Ishqbaaz: Anika’s entry to escalate Shivay’s, Shivaay’s bedroom suhagraat


After Anika’s big humiliation chapter, Omkara and Rudra get Anika to the Oberoi mansion. Shivay gets tempered on seeing Anika home. He asks Anika how did she come here. Omkara tells him that they got Anika here, as Anika is the bahu of the family. Dadi asks Shivay if this is true. Omkara tells Dadi that this is true, as Shivay has married Anika in the temple last night. Shivay asks them what’s the proof that he got married to Anika. He asks Anika if she can produce some evidence for their marriage. He denies to accept Anika. He asks Dadi not to come in Anika’s words, such mangalsutras come cheap in the market. Dadi scolds him for thinking low. She asks him to say if he has really married Anika. Shivay tells him that Anika’s tears can’t melt him, the matter is over and now he won’t have any relation with her.

Dadi explains him the importance of mangalsutra. He tells her that he doesn’t want to spoil his language, but Anika doesn’t understand any better language. He asks Anika to get lost, thinking she wants his property. He tells Dadi that Anika is interested in his money, she has evil intentions, but he won’t let her succeed. He doesn’t want Anika to reap benefits from their marriage. He stays worried for Priyanka. His pain doesn’t get less. He doesn’t lose hope and feels Priyanka will be revived.

Shivaay had married Anika to take revenge from her and refuses to accept that marriage and Omkara, Rudra is against it.Omkara and Rudra stands against Shivaay’s this evilness and brings Anika to Oberoi mansion, Shivaay bursts at Anika.Dadi questions Shivaay that is Anika saying right, Shivaay don’t want to lie to Dadi but also can’t tell truth and let Anika win.Shivaay and Anika’s war off,Shivaay accuses Anika for doing all this just for money and playing games with them.Dadi knows that Anika can’t lie over such a huge thing and supports Anika, Omkara, Rudra and Dadi are in support of Anika.

Anika has a big task to keep her one sided marriage and bear Shivay’s anger. Omkara and Rudra tell Dadi that they are well aware of the fact that Shivay married Anika, and they will give her the status of their sister-in-law. They request Shivay not to deny the marriage and ruin Anika’s life. Shivay sticks to his stubbornness and wants to prove Anika a liar. Anika has become Oberois bahu now. She doesn’t want to leave her rights because of Shivay’s madness. Dadi also finds Shivay’s behavior unjustified when he accepts his mistake in anger indirectly. He is mistaken that Anika has trapped him for money and now she is chasing him for the sake of comforts and luxuries she would get in his mansion.

Shivaay had ruined Anika’s life and calls her his mistress but Omkara will not let Shivaay do wrong with anyone.Omkara supports Anika and Gauri and brings Anika to Oberoi mansion where Anika announces her marriage with Shivaay.Amid Shivaay and Anika’s syappa Gauri is much impressed seeing how Omkara is going against his family and supporting what is right.Omkara and Gauri’s new beginning,Omkara and Gauri gets closer amid this struggle to solve Shivaay and Anika’s syappa.Will this bring turning point where Omkara and Gauri’s love will flourish and Shivika’s nafratein will start high end drama.

Anika gets to see Shivay’s sorrow over Priyanka’s worse condition. She overhears Shivay’s emotional talk with Priyanka. He tells her that he kept the decorations and lights intact, so that she gets fine and marries Daksh. He doesn’t take doctor’s verdict seriously. He knows that she will get fine soon. He asks her not to trouble him and recover. He tells her that he will never find easy to live without her, she has to return to them. Anika cries seeing them. She gets forgiving Shivay for whatever wrong he did with her. She understands Shivay’s pain and his dilemma. She will bring Shivay on right path by exposing Daksh’s truth. She will prove her innocence by the help of Omkara and Rudra.

Shivaay had married Anika but is not ready to accept her and tags Anika as his mistress but Anika won’t take it.Omkara will support Anika and will ask her to fight for her right and secretly helps her against Shivaay and calls press conference.Anika’s entry in Shivaay’s bedroom,Anika declares that she is Shivaay’s wife as he had married her and Shivaay refuses but Anika marks entry in Shivaay’s bedroom.Anika is doing all this to make Shivaay confess that he lied about their night out and relationship so that she can prove her innocence.

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