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Ishqbaaz & Dil Bole Oberoi (Maha Sangam) 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Shivaye opens the car door. Car blasts. Rudra pulls him back. The brothers hug. Anika asks Shivaye about Sahil. Om asks where is Gauri. Shwetlana says she is here, if you walk ahead, you will lose your wife, if regulator goes on 5, your wife will die. Some time before, Shivaye asks Khanna about any movement near the van, wait there, I will meet you there. Rudra hears Naintara saying I know Shivaye went to find Sahil, I want to teach him a lesson, Shivaye will reach near the van, he won’t get Sahil, if he opens the van, it won’t be good for her. She laughs and goes. Rudra does not see her. He says what’s this matter, it means Shivaye’s life is in danger, I will inform him. Shivaye and Om meet. Om asks are you sure Sahil is brought here.

Shivaye says Khanna told me this location, its a long story, did you tell Rudra, his call was coming, I ignored. Om gets Rudra’s call. Shivaye says don’t answer, he will ask many questions, we will finish this and talk to him. Rudra is on the way and says why do they take me light, sometimes it can be emergency too. Khanna shows CCTV footage and Sahil’s school bag. He shows the van and says van can’t go ahead in this route. Om says maybe they took Sahil by walk. Shivaye says maybe they kept Sahil tied inside van. Om says we will check. Khanna says maybe its a trap. Shivaye says nothing is imp to me than Sahil’s life. Om says if there is danger, we will take risk together. Shivaye looks at the van and opens the door. Rudra pushes Om and Shivaye far. The van blasts. Naintara calls Shivaye and says this was just a sample, I m more clever than you, if you want Sahil to be safe, then stop finding him, do what I say.

Om asks who was it. Shivaye says kidnapper, who does not know if Shivaye takes challenge once, I complete it, Sahil would be around. Om says we will find him. Shivaye asks them to go home and appear normal, I will find Sahil. He hugs them. Shivaye looks for Sahil.

Naintara comes to Anika and asks her to listen. She says Shivaye told me to keep any room, all rooms are so big, I don’t know which room to take, this room is also nice. Anika thinks she is choosing room when I m trying to kick her out of here, I have to wait till Shivaye comes. She shows the rooms to Naintara. Naintara likes a room and says this is best, I will take this room. Anika says no, you can’t get this room, its Sahil’s room. Naintara jokes on Sahil. She says Sahil comes for few days, give this room to me. Anika says never, come with me, you can’t stay here.

Shivaye asks a man about Sahil and describes him. The man says its big area, how to remember. Anika says she wanted to get Sahil’s room, don’t know where did Shivaye go. She gets a call and asks Shivaye where are you. She apologizes to the lady and says I thought its my husband’s call. Lady asks where is Sahil, my son is waiting for him and saying he won’t cut cake till Sahil comes. Anika says sorry, he is in boarding school. Lady says he took leave, I thought he came to meet you.

Anika recalls Shivaye’s words and gets shocked. She says I will call you later. She calls Shivaye. She asks is Sahil in any problem, tell me. He asks how did you know. She asks why did you not tell me. He says you were already so worried. She says just once, you should have said you lied about report. He says I tried to say indirectly, I will find Sahil and get him to you, stop crying, its my promise. She asks where are you, I m coming. He says no, I could not forgive myself for what I did with Sahil, if I save him, maybe my guilt gets less, don’t worry, I m here. She says please let me help. He shows her the place on video call and says we feel Sahil is kept here. She asks him to check baskets and fish nets. He says I have checked. She asks him to go back and see. He says its just sea, how will Sahil be there. She insists. He says its just boats there. She recalls Naintara’s words and asks him to check boats once.

Gauri says she is not able to breath well, we will take her to lawn. Om says we have to save her from Shwetlana. Jhanvi says we will take her to my room, oxygen cylinder and mask are there. Buamaa says I will go and check Shwetlana. She says Shwetlana is coming here. Om says I will distract her, take her to Jhanvi’s room. He stops Shwetlana and asks her to stop wooing him. She asks what did I do. He says you were trying to hug me. She thinks did real Shwetlana do this, it means she met Om. She asks when did this happen. He thinks she believed me and fools her. Gauri goes. Shwetlana says it was me, I was testing if you are loyal to your wife. She thinks thank God, Om made real Shwetlana go, else she would have spoken a lot. She thinks how to find her, if Om saw her near stairs, why was he coming from opposite direction, was he trying to divert me, it means real Shwetlana is with them, I have to play some big and dangerous move before situation goes out of hand.

Anika waits for Shivaye and Sahil. Shivaye comes and gets down the car. She asks for Sahil. Gauri goes to get glucose. Real Shwetlana asks where am I, where is she who took my face, so that her sins hide behind my face. He says you mean Shwetlana. She says I m Shwetlana, not her, are you all with her. He says no, relax, tell us what happened. She says we were good friends, one day she said she is unwell, I did not know it was her plan, she got an injection and came from behind, she caught me and injected, then I fainted. Shwetlana does the same with Gauri. Gauri faints. Juice glass falls by her hand. Real Shwetlana says then she trapped me in that freezer to hide her secret. Shwetlana drags Gauri and says now I will keep her at such place where Om can never find her.

Real Shwetlana asks for water. Om looks for Gauri. He sees the broken glass on floor. Shwetlana says whoever will come between me and my mission will die. She locks Gauri inside the freezer.

Sahil gets down the car. Anika hugs him and cries. Shivaye hugs them. She thanks Anika. H says stop crying, I don’t like tears in your eyes. She asks where did you get Sahil. He recalls beating the goons and getting Sahil from the boat. She asks Sahil is he fine. She says I will not leave that cheap woman.

Shwetlana asks Om why is he looking worried. He says I have no time to hear your nonsense. She asks don’t you have time to meet your wife Gauri. He asks where is Gauri. She hits the freezer. Shwetlana says she is here, if you walk ahead, you will lose your wife, regulator controls the freezer temperature, if regulator goes on 5, your wife will die, don’t you act smart else… He says relax, tell me what do you want. She says you have what I want and I have what you want, if you want Gauri, give me Shwetlana back. He recalls Gauri. Saathiya….plays…. He asks her not to get Gauri in between. She says Gauri came in between on her own, enemy’s enemy is friend, and enemy’s friend is enemy, I could not marry you because of Gauri, she fooled me as Chulbul, I can cheat, but not bear any cheat. Om throws a vase at her. She moves. The regulator moves. Shwetlana shouts stop and aims gun at Om.

Anika sees Naintara and thinks I will make her out. Shivaye holds her and asks what were you going to do, stop being angry young woman. Naintara goes. Pinky comes to Naintara’s room. Naintara welcomes her. Pinky asks her not to dream big. Naintara says you also dreamt to make bahu out, bahu did not go, and bahu’s mum came here. Pinky says fake mum. Naintara taunts her. She says Shivaye looks your son less and my son in law more, its your house but I will rule. Pinky says I will make you leave, if Shivaye knows I got you here, I will not leave you.

Shivaye says I want to know who is with what woman, control anger till I find everything about Naintara and her game plan. Anika asks how to find out. He says we have to play a game, will you support me.

Shwetlana says you showed your foolishness, see regulator went on 5. Om gets shocked. Shwetlana says now freezer temperature will fall so low that your wife Gauri dies within five mins, Gauri has to die. Buamaa comes and shouts stop, you want this girl, take her, return Gauri to us.

Shwetlana says you came late Buamaa, this Shwetlana is useless for me, you all got to know my secret. She passes the injection to Om and says its poison, go and give this to real Shwetlana, her death is imp, move Om, Gauri just has one minute now, you can’t do this, I will end her game. Om stands in front of real Shwetlana. He says no innocent person’s life will go in this house till I m here. She says fine, I will kill you first. He walks to her. She says stop, you will die, I will shoot you. She shoots. Inspector shoots at her gun. Buamaa asks police to catch her. Om opens the freezer. They all get worried.

Om lifts Gauri. Jaane nahi denge tujhe……plays….. Om makes Gauri lie down and holds her. Shwetlana asks inspector what is he doing. He says I have proof against you, you accepted all your crimes. She denies it. Buamaa asks her to recall she was telling her plan to someone. She shows the video. Shwetlana accepts her crimes in video. Shwetlana gets shocked. She says Buamaa is saying nonsense, this video is fake. Buamaa asks what do you mean, you got trapped in your own web, your game is over. Buamaa says have tea behind bars tomorrow. Om asks Gauri to get up. Buamaa holds Gauri’s hand and worries. She says her heart beat got slow, now there is one way to save her, you have to give her a CPR. Om gets shocked. He thinks of Gauri. He holds her and gives her CPR. Saathiya….plays…. Jhanvi and Buamaa ask him to try once more. Gauri gets conscious. She sees Om and cries. Om tries to hold her. Buamaa says thanks to you, Shwetlana’s game is over. Gauri smiles.

She then gets sad and says it means, my work also got over. Om looks at her. Gauri says now I have to leave from this house. Buamaa says no, you are our bahu. Gauri says no, we decided this, when Shwetlana leaves from this house, I will also leave, I came here just to help Om. Om stops inspector and says still 3-4 hours left from 48 hours challenge, I made you reach jail, person can be clever, what’s destined happens, someone told me bad never happens with good people. Gauri looks on. Om says I hope you will also understand this, I promised you, I will make you out of here in 48 hours. He holds her hand and takes her out. Gauri cries and thanks Lord for making Shwetlana out of Om’s life. She says I know Om and I were together till this point, now I have to leave, good thing is happiness will return in his life, its time to bid final be to this house. She cries and leaves.

Shivaye gets Gauri home. Dadi asks who is she. Shivaye says she is your bahu and Om’s wife. Dadi says Gauri and Anika are bahus, if one’s functions happens, other’s functions will also happen. Naintara thinks to use this big chance and smiles.

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Dil Bole Oberoi Details Ishqbaaz Details

Ishqbaaaz is an Indian drama television series which is broadcast on Star Plus. It premiered on 27 June 2016. Nakuul Mehta, Kunal Jaisingh and Leenesh Mattoo portray Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra respectively, the three heirs of the Oberoi family.


Leenesh Mattoo
Mansi Srivastava
Nakuul Mehta
Nitanshi Goel
Shrenu Parikh
Surbhi Chandna
Additi Gupta
Kunal Jaisingh

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Plus | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min