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Ishqbaaz & Dil Bole Oberoi (Maha Sangam) 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ishqbaaz & Dil Bole Oberoi (Maha Sangam) 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Pinky says thanks to Buamaa and Dadi, my dream to apply mehendi to bahu is getting fulfilled. Shivaye throws the mehendi and says there is something in it. Shakti asks who got this. Pinky says Anika got this mehendi. Anika says I did not add anything in it. Pinky asks do you mean I added something, Naintara said right, you want to make my son away. Some time before, Shivaye hugs and apologizes to Anika. He asks Om what happened, its normal, husband and wife hug. He asks Gauri why is she standing there. He makes Gauri stand with Om. He says you have to come close to end distance, its been many days I did not cook, Gauri did not had anything made by me. Gauri and Anika ask shall we make. Om signs no. Shivaye says no, Om help me. Shivaye and Om sing Zindagi milke bitayenge…. and dance while cooking. They see Anika and Gauri dancing and laugh.

Buamaa keeps the dresses and asks Anika and Gauri to wear this in mehendi function. Anika and Gauri ash each other what they like. They ask each other to take which over their like. Buamaa says so much understanding between you two. Anika says Gauri is like younger sister for me, not Devrani. Gauri says yes, Anika is like my elder sister. Buamaa says the way Shivaye, Om love each other, you also love each other. Anika asks Gauri to take anything she likes. Gauri asks Anika to choose first. Buamaa says okay, so cool, I will decide, Anika is elder, you take this, I hope you are happy with my choice. Gauri thanks her.

Shivaye wakes up and says where did Anika go. Anika comes and greets him. He touches her and says you are Anika right. She asks what do you mean. He says you woke up early, you look happy. She says you are Sadu Singh Oberoi in morning. He says you look extra happy. She says yes, its my mehendi. He says you are marrying, who’s that unlucky guy. She says that guy will have much luck. He says who can bear you. She says you mean you are bearing me, I bear you. He holds her close. Music plays… She says I have to go. He asks her to go. He throws the things off her hand. O jaana…..plays…. She says if you trouble me, I won’t write your name in mehendi. He says fine, you will still be my wife. She says let me go else… He asks what will you do. She spoils his hair. He says you can’t touch my hair. She asks can’t you bear a little. She laughs and goes.

Rudra goes to Bhavya. Ankhon ki gustakhiyan…..plays….. He follows her. Her dupatta gets stuck to his shirt. He frees it. She goes. She collides and falls in his arms.

Anika gets mehendi and bangles. She collides with Pinky and says sorry. Pinky says you should say sorry, keep this sorry, you have become bahu soon, you will be becoming ex bahu sooner. Anika asks why do you hate me so much. Pinky asks her to look within and find out, will you stay here or work, go and get mehendi from kitchen, there is clove oil, add it, mehendi will get dark, your mehendi will not get dark, one who gets Saas love gets dark mehendi. Anika cries. Shivaye asks are you fine. She says something went in my eye, I m fine. He asks her to write his name in mehendi. She asks did you think I won’t get your name written. He says you are Anika, you can do anything. She says you are SSO, you can make anyone do anything. He says just we can bear each other, take care of your eyes. He goes. She thinks Pinky can hate me, if Shivaye is with me, we will change Pinky’s hatred to love.

Gauri gives tea to Om. Om says I don’t want. She says have it, I did not add glucose biscuit. He says then you would have added something else. She says I did not know that milk had alcoholic powder. She gives him clothes and says Buamaa gave this. He asks her not to take the drama seriously. He says its not good to gel with them, I don’t want them to get attached to you, stop this ideal bahu drama. He goes. She cries.

Kamini says what does Oberois think, they can’t insult us anywhere, I can’t bear this, we have to change plan Ranveer, we can’t wait for Priyanka to melt, we have one way to take revenge, Priyanka has to marry you, by her wish or by force, go and kidnap Priyanka, marry her, once you get married, Oberois can’t do anything, then we will do everything.

Goggle Gang comes in the wedding. People shout run, Goggle gang has come. Everyone start running. Rudra thinks where did Bhavya go. Bhavya goes out, and asks are you all Goggle Gang. The man says yes and laughs. She asks all members are here, it means there is no one here to save you. The man says you should get punished to give a stare. He points gun at her. Anika adds clove oil. Pinky smiles and says now see Anika, what color this mehendi brings. She recalls keeping chemical instead clove oil.

Priyanka asks Anika what is she doing here, Jhanvi is looking for her. Anika says I came to take mehendi, I will just come. Bhavya beats the goons single handedly. She jumps over the car roof and crashes the glass windows. Crazy kiya re……plays…… Rudra shouts seeing someone and holds heart. He asks a lady is this a time to roam, go from here. Buamaa sings. Everyone smile. Pinky says Anika would be getting mehendi. Buamaa asks Pinky did she send Anika, its her mehendi itself. Anika gets mehendi. Pinky asks her to go and sit. She takes mehendi from her hand and drops some on the floor. Shivaye sees the carpet burning by the mehendi. He gets shocked.

Bhavya says I first talk by words and then by gun. She shoots the goons. Rudra goes to his friends and says I m missing my brothers, bullets are shot, I don’t watch action movie even on tv, being scared that bullet will come and hit me, I don’t want to die. Shaurya says nothing will happen to you. A girl drops plate. Rudra gets scared. Shaurya says just a plate fell down.

Pinky says thanks to Buamaa and Dadi, my dream to apply mehendi to bahu is getting fulfilled. Shivaye stops her from putting hand in mehendi. He drops mehendi down. They all get shocked seeing its effects. He says there is something in this mehendi. Pinky says my hands would have got burnt. He asks how did this come in mehendi. She says someone would have mixed something. Shakti asks who got this mehendi. Pinky says Anika got it.

All goons fall down. Police arrives. Inspector salutes Bhavya and says you have done it again, ACP Bhavya Pratap Rathore. She says no one knows I m police officer, keep hand down, don’t let them go. He says its protocol. She salutes her staff and walks past.

Anika says I don’t know how did this happen, I did not add anything. Priyanka says when I came in kitchen to call you, you were adding something. Anika says I was adding clove oil, maybe the one who has mixed mehendi added something. Pinky says you mean I added something. Anika says I did not mean this. Pinky says Naintara said right, Anika wants to separate my son from me, I have mixed mehendi, I took Priyanka to market to get best mehendi.

She cries and says bahu can never become daughter, even if Saas becomes mum. Anika says Shivaye I did not do anything. Pinky asks who has done it then. Inspector asks everyone to enjoy function, Goggle gang is caught. Rudra thanks him. Bhavya tells her friend that she has got scared and hidden in bathroom. Rudra thinks to make an impression on her. He says Khatron ka khiladi Rudy is here, don’t take tension, I have beaten Goggle Gang, police came but did not do anything, you know who is real strong man. Bhavya says I did not know you are so brave. He does shayari to describe himself. He says just handsome body builder like me can beat the goons, not any girl. I called commissioner and asked for police force for me, my anger is dangerous. She asks really. He says yes, Rudra Singh Oberoi never lies.

Ranveer comes to Oberoi house. Priyanka sees him and gets shocked. He walks to her and says you asked me to come home when Shivaye is at home, I came to ask for your hand. She asks did you go mad. He says I don’t care what your brothers do. She asks him not to do any drama. He says I will do for what I came. He shows mangalsutra and says marriage with you. She takes him along.

Bhavya says its my dad’s call. Rudra asks her to talk. Commissioner says well done ACP, this was not your case but you did not move back, why do all risky cases come to you. She says I don’t find danger, dangers find me, we got someone for our mission. He asks really, where. She says here in this marriage, his name is Rudra, he is an idiot, just the one we wanted. He says you know what to do. She ends call. Rudra says you would be praising me in front of your parents, you don’t know me. She thinks I know men like you very well. He asks did you say anything. She says no.

Anika says you know I can’t do this. Shivae says of course I trust you Anika, mom has misunderstanding. Pinky asks you mean I added something. He says no, I know you can’t do this, even Anika can’t do this, I will find out. Pinky asks Jhanvi to do rasam with her bahu and leaves. Shivaye sees Anika and Gauri. He says sorry, this function could not happen. Om says its your function also. Shivaye says I will convince mom, I will get her. He goes.

Om asks Anika is she fine. Anika says I did not do anything wrong. He says I know, Shivaye will convince Pinky, don’t worry. Priyanka asks Ranveer to please leave, if my brothers see you… He says they will kill me right, I m scared to lose you, I have seen this fear in your eyes, you care for me. She says its nothing like that. He holds her and asks why did you save me from your brothers, I love you, lets get married, I will keep you very happy. She pushes him and says you just know to give pain, nothing else. He asks her to forgive him and give one chance. He holds her and says we are made for each other, we should unite. She says this can’t happen, you got mad. He shows mangalsutra and says marry me. She asks him to stop it. Shivaye walks in corridor. She says please, I can’t do this. Ranveer says I will keep you very happy. She cries and gets back. Shivaye stops hearing the sound. He enters Priyanka’s room.

Jhanvi says Pinky is very angry, don’t know she will agree or not. Om says I m sure Shivaye will convince her. Shivaye drags Ranveer downstairs and asks how dare you come here. He scolds him. Everyone gets a shock. Priyanka stops Shivaye. Shivaye asks her to be quiet. He says I told you to be away from my sister, Ranveer, you think you can give bribe and get job, you did big mistake by coming here, you have to pay for this now. He beats Ranveer. Priyanka cries. Everyone look on. Om holds Priyanka. Priyanka asks Shivaye to stop.

Ishqbaaz & Dil Bole Oberoi (Maha Sangam) 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shivaye says you lied to me for this man. Anika says Shivaye, once… Shivaye shouts no one will talk between me and my sister. Pinky says I forgot Shivaye is someone’s brother too, now it will be fun. Kamini asks Pinky what’s her profit. Pinky says our profit. Om cares for Gauri. She says I got hurt and you got worried.

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Ishqbaaaz is an Indian drama television series which is broadcast on Star Plus. It premiered on 27 June 2016. Nakuul Mehta, Kunal Jaisingh and Leenesh Mattoo portray Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra respectively, the three heirs of the Oberoi family.


Leenesh Mattoo
Mansi Srivastava
Nakuul Mehta
Nitanshi Goel
Shrenu Parikh
Surbhi Chandna
Additi Gupta
Kunal Jaisingh

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Plus | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min