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Ishqbaaz- Obros Brother VS Piya


Popular teleshow Ishqbaaz Obros attempt to ask Piya who is she and what does she need from them. Piya doesn’t get terrified by them. She debilitates them. She demonstrates to them the video and coerces them. She solicits them to think from their spouses’ response on observing the video. They endeavor to debilitate her and get the video. Anika and Gauri come there and face the folks about Piya. Rudra figures out how to cover the issue. Piya reveals to them that she will instruct them next. They lie that they were taking in move from Piya. They deceive Anika and Gauri. Rudra helps out on his siblings. He reveals to them that he will spare their marriage by taking Piya’s telephone to get the video.

They request that him not delay, as they have no opportunity to manage Piya. The young ladies additionally endeavor to take in a few moves from Piya. They intend to make a melody execution to amaze Dadi. They feel the folks are carrying on exceptionally bizarre. Omkara and Shivay sit tight for Rudra to return with the telephone. They remain alarm while conversing with Anika and Gauri.

Obros endeavor to take the video at midnight. They cover up in Piya’s room. They fall in a bad position when they cover up under the quaint little inn spotted by their accomplices. They get astounded to answer them. Piya prevails to get them suspected. The young ladies request that they clarify their quality in Piya’s room. Bhavya discovers them doing some underhandedness.

Piya lies that the folks have likewise come to design an amazement for Dadi. After the young ladies leave, Piya begins her coercing diversion and tells the folks that she has many duplicates of the video, which she can show to their family whenever.

In the interim, Shwetlana gets Abhay with her. She needs to recognize what data he is conveying, that could help her in her reprisal against Oberois. She gives him lift. Obros choose to uncover reality to their accomplices and acknowledge their errors. Piya tries to frighten them. The folks choose to be straightforward. They couldn’t care less regardless of the possibility that she demonstrates the video to family or not. They endeavor to keep in any event genuineness, if not trust. They sweetly apologize to Piya for their mischief happened unconsciously. Piya discovers them authentic hearted. The folks choose to stroll on the way of truth and face any result.

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