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Ishqbaaz : Shivay to forcibly marry Anika yet again


Anika’s marriage will get a new twist. Gauri and Sahil get happy for Anika’s marriage with Nikhil. Anika gets the shagun from Nikhil’s family. Shivay and Anika’s relation turns bitter. Shivay starts hating her, as he believes that Anika is responsible for Priyanka’s coma state. Anika has no idea about Priyanka’s accident. Gauri and Sahil dance with Anika and celebrate. Anika looks forward to marry Nikhil. Anika greets Nikhil’s mum with much respect. Anika’s aunt gets taunting on Anika and Gauri. Gauri asks her aunt not to be negative.

Nikhil’s mum completes the shagun rituals and forgives Anika for not turning up for the rituals. She asks the aunt not to remind them old things. She hands over the bridal dress to Anika and asks her to prepare for the marriage day. Anika takes her blessings. Anika gets decked up for the marriage. She disappears from the house. Shivay takes away Anika from her mandap. Aunt speaks ill about Anika, while Gauri takes Anika’s side.

Priyanka in deadly state, Shivaay loses his cool and gets married to Anika forcibly.Anika fails to understand what has happened with her by this sudden bomb blast made by Shivaay in her personal life.Anika breaks down in tears where she is seen in trauma and will be seen sharing this shocking news with sister Gauri.Gauri is not going to spare SSO where she will fail to locate him but will have major showdown with Omkara.Shivaay Anika refuse to forgive each other Race against love & revenge begins,Further Shivaay and Anika will have race like never before where both of them will refuse to forgive each other over their misdeeds.It would be really interesting to wait and watch for the conclusion of Shivaay and Anika’s race of war post twisted marriage.

Gauri calls up Anika to know where is she. Aunt asks Gauri where is Anika at this time, why did she run away, Nikhil has broken the marriage and now no one will marry Anika. Gauri also wants to find out where is Anika. She doesn’t know that Shivay has kidnapped Anika and compelled her for marriage. Shivay forcibly marries Anika to seek revenge. Gauri gets informed about Anika. Someone calls up Gauri and asks her to reach the address if she wants to meet Anika. Gauri reveals about the call to aunt and rushes out of the house. Aunt wonders what is Anika up to, where are the girls running away and for whom. Gauri has no answer and tries to know what happened with Anika. Gauri reaches the temple and looks for Anika. Gauri meets Anika and asks her what has happened. Anika stays in shock. She then reveals that Shivay has forcibly married her. Gauri consoles Anika. Gauri learns about Shivay and Anika’s marriage.

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