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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Jaana Na Dil Se Door 12th April 2017 Watch online Episode on

The Episode starts with Ravish asking Kangana about the cut. Kangana says while chopping onions. He asks her to take care. Vividha and everyone smile. Atharv asks Ravish to come. Kangana wishes all the best to Ravish. He thanks her and goes. Vividha sees the file on table and asks Kangana to give file to Ravish. Kangana goes out and stops them. She gives files to Ravish. Atharv says sorry, I forgot. Vividha gets phone and wallet and gives to Atharv.

Vipul asks did anyone see my mum, she is nowhere. Vividha says Kangana told me yesterday that Kalindi was resting. Bhoomi says she told me that she was going to take a nap, maybe Kangana has seen her. Kangana says I m so sorry, I forgot to say, I woke up early, I heard Kalindi talking to her friend, she went out of town to meet her friend, don’t know her friend’s name. Sujata says how did she go without saying. Bhoomi says maybe she went to Rekha aunty. Kangana says yes, sorry I should have told you before. Vividha says call once and see where is Kalindi. Kalindi’s phone rings.

Kangana recalls burying Kangana. Ravish says phone ringing sound is coming from here. They all go in garden and check. The ringtone ends. Ankit says there is nothing here. Ravish says there is nothing here. Vipul calls again. He could not connect. Kangana gets relieved. Sujata says maybe she forgot her phone in hurry. Ravish falls down. They all hold him. Ravish says why is this land so uneven. Ankit says gardener was planting here, so its like this. Kangana smiles. She acts to faint. They all get worried.

Ravish says I will call doctor. Kangana says no need, I just fainted by heat. Vividha asks them to go for meeting, I will call doctor if its needed. Ravish and Atharv go. Sujata says I will lemon water for her and goes. Vividha says Guddi, we will go out, let her rest, she will feel better. Dadi asks Kangana to take rest. They all go. Kangana smiles.

Madhav comes to her and says you lied, right? She gets shocked and sees him. She says its nothing like that, you acted to faint, I will tell mumma. He runs. She asks him to listen. He calls her liar. She asks him not to tell anyone. He says I will tell everyone how you made them april fools. She catches him and takes him away. Vividha looks around.

Kangana apologizes and convinces Madhav in her lies. She says we are best friends, we will have fun, you won’t share our secrets, promise me. Madhav promises. She asks him to go and play. She thinks I can’t let Vividha doubt on me, I have to settle real scores with her.

The man likes the presentation. Atharv thanks him. The man says we should meet personally with families, are you both married. Atharv says I m married. Ravish says I m single. The man jokes how lucky you are. Ravish and Atharv leave. Ravish says family will be happy. Atharv says I think you should marry now, atleast for client. Ravish asks what are you joking. Atharv asks him to fill the lonely place in his place, do you like Kangana, Vividha feels so there is something. Ravish refuses and asks what do you think.

Atharv says I can’t say now, but if you like Kangana, you can marry her, that girl’s memory is lost, person always finds the memories, then person knows love and past, it can be anything, she behaves well, if you both like each other, its not bad. Ravish says I think she is a nice person, she is finding her own identity, we should not burden her mind, else I will feel I m misusing her, we don’t know if she loved someone or if someone loved her, I want to maintain distance till she gets her memory. Atharv says you are right. They leave.

Vividha checks some old stuff and talks to Sujata. Sujata looks at her. Vividha asks what happened, why are you seeing me this way. Sujata says I m happy seeing you happy, this should have happened much before, when you and Atharv fell in love, but…. She cries. Vividha sees Kailash’s pic. She recalls Kailash getting Atharv beaten up.

She says if Kailash did not separate me and Atharv, everything would have been fine, Ravish’s life would not have been complicated. Sujata says forget the past, you have all the happiness, the past should not affect you and Atharv. Vividha says I always hope so, I m scared, if the foundation of present shakes up, then present and future will shake up. Kangana hears them. Vividha sees her. Kangana says sorry, I just came here as I was feeling lonely. Atharv asks them to come, there is a good news. Vividha and Sujata go. Kangana smiles.


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Kangana meets the guy and asks why did you come here. The man says I came to take money, think what you want to do. She injects poison in his feet. Vividha looks on from far

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