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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Atharv and Vividha seeing the girl and asking her to listen. The girl runs to room and sees herself in mirror. She gets on table and sits. She throws things on Atharv and Vividha. They ask her to listen and come to them. The girl runs and throws pillows on them. Atharv says if we run after her, she will get scared. Vividha says if she goes out then. He says no, doors and windows are shut. She asks why is she behaving such, what’s the problem.

Everyone sit thinking. Ravish says I checked all doors and windows, she can’t go out. Sujata asks how can any child be like this. They hear the girl breaking things. Atharv says she is much scared and feels this house is cage. Ankit asks why is she scared of us. Sujata says we have to find who took her. Guddi says why is she behaving this way. Dadi says maybe Kailash scared her. Ankit says he did wrong with a little girl. Vividha says her behavior does not matter to me, she is my daughter, I got her after long time.

Sujata says we all understand your pain, we are happy for you, but we should find out, is this your daughter or not. From where did she come, who got her, we have to find out. Dadi agrees. Vividha says there is no sound now, how did she get calm, I will go and see. The girl sees a toy plane and checks. Madhav comes there and sees her. He says its a plane, I will fly this and show. They fight for the plane. Madhav shouts mumma. Vividha comes there and asks what happened. Madhav says she has pushed me. Vividha says its wrong, and sees Madhav if he is fine. Kangana comes and says hold Madhav, saying I will see him, you have a bigger problem to see. She goes.

Doctor checks the girl. He asks her to sit quiet and have chocolate. Everyone look on. The girl tries to run. She bites Ankit’s hand and runs. Ravish stops her. Ankit asks Guddi to catch her. Atharv takes the girl and says nothing will happen to you. The doctor takes blood sample of the girl. Atharv says its done. The girl runs upstairs. Doctor says don’t worry, I will call you and give you entire info.

Kangana takes care of Madhav. Everyone sit awake. Vividha comes downstairs. She says the girl was not sleeping on bed, she is sleeping under the bed on ground, she was much comfortable there, she behaves strange. Atharv talks to doctor. Vividha asks what did doctor say. Atharv says DNA test result is positive, she is our daughter, her age is nearly 6 years like Madhav, she is the girl who was swapped with Madhav. They all smile. Sujata says we should thank Lord we got her back. Atharv says doctor observed and said she was kept away from humans, she was not taught anything, she does not know behaving with anyone, she was kept like an animal in cage. Vividha cries and says why did he do this with my daughter. Atharv says no, he did this with me, he took revenge with me, not my daughter, he has tortured me this way, we had a fight about society and customs, I said father’s name was not necessary to make a name, he has given an animal’s identity to my daughter, he died and took a big price from me, anyways we have our daughter now, she is fine physically, we can make her human from animal, we did not lose.

Atharv sees the girl sleeping under the bed. Vividha asks for Madhav. Ravish asks will it be fine if he sleeps here. She says yes, he is my son. He says I mean this girl attacked him in day, its not just about Madhav, its about the girl too. Atharv agrees with Ravish and says both the children can fight, this world is not of this girl, we have to understand her world. Kangana says Atharv is right, give her some time to understand herself, she will make her relations, just concentrate on her, don’t worry for Madhav, I m here, I mean I will take care of your Madhav well. She goes. Ravish takes Madhav.

Vividha says we will make her sleep on bed. Atharv says if she wakes up, she will be scared. Vividha says I won’t feel good if she sleeps on ground and we sleep on bed. He hugs her and says we will also sleep on ground. They lie down near either sides of the bed. They sleep. The girl wakes up and sees them. She goes out and checks a vase. She goes to dining table and sits to have salt. She recalls Atharv’s words and checks for food. She sees a kerosene bottle and recalls Kailash getting such bottle and igniting fire, cooking food over the fire.


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 13th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : The girl pours kerosene and drops the bottle. She gets the matchstick and tries to light fire.

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