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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kailash saying I m glad Vividha came back home, I was worried for her, now she has come back, you know this planning was done for Atharv and Sujata, my daughter got trapped, Atharv’s fate worked again, don’t know how did he get such fate, I will never spare Atharv. Kangana looks on. Kailash says Atharv will enter the web, but not come out, I will not leave him, I don’t want to waste out time, whatever I told you, you have to say this, listen to me carefully. She gets dizzy. He asks her to hold the phone in her hand and tell whatever he said.

He says you used to get injections and did not know what to do, you just did what I told you, did not forget, now just do what I said. Kangana recalls begging to Kailash for her child. Kailash says you want your child, don’t get scared, sit straight. He injects her and says you will get your child. FB ends. He gets the injection and says this medicine…. She says no…. He says I m telling about it, it gets dangerous for children, your son Madhav can die, what do you want. She says no please. He asks don’t you want to save him, just say what I m saying.

She holds the phone and records her confession as he says. Guddi asks everyone did they see Kangana. Atharv recalls seeing someone in Kailash’s room. He says Kailash……..Kangana cries and tells as Kailash said. Everyone walk to Kailash’s room. They see Kailash near the cupboard.

Vividha asks what is he doing. Sujata says he does strange things. Atharv says Kangana is not here. Kailash turns and says I m an actor, I m king and can do anything. They all go and try to find Kangana. Kailash is still with Kangana. Atharv and Vividha keep an eye on Kailash.

Kangana apologizes to everyone. Kailash says you are a nice girl, now you go and do what is told to you. Uma says where can Kangana go this way. She sees Kailash. She enters the room. He stares at her. She thinks he is seeing me as if he is in his senses, is he really getting fine. He acts mad. He asks her about Kangana. Uma goes. Everyone does not find Kangana. Dadi calls them out to come and see fast. Everyone come there. They see a pendrive. Guddi says this was not here when I came in room.

Atharv asks are you sure about this. Guddi says yes. Atharv looks out in corridor. He plays the video. Kailash looks on. Kangana tells everyone that she can’t stay with them now. Atharv sees Kailash. Kailash sees him and hides. Kangana says I m leaving from this house forever, how can I stay here where Ravish left his breath, I got less time with Ravish, I met him here, I fell in love and married him, I feel like I have spent my entire life with him, I can’t bear losing him, he wanted to see everyone happy, when he played with Madhav, he had a happiness on his face.

She says he was very caring, he loved Atharv the most, he respected Vividha a lot, he never thought wrong about Vividha, he wanted to show Kailash’s truth to everyone, if I did any mistake, forgive me, you all gave me a lot, thanks. They all look on.


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Atharv says there is no one here. Sujata and Uma are with Kailash. Vividha says we did not check in cupboard. Kailash goes upstairs.