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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Jaana Na Dil Se Door 13th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Madhav sleeping. Suman sees the sky from window. She says the effect will begin now. Madhav wakes up from sleep and leaves. Vividha wakes up and does not see Madhav beside. She gets worried. She looks for him and gets shocked seeing him standing on the railing. Ravish comes and holds Madhav. Vividha and Ravish hug Madhav, and get worried.

Guddi says its enough, I will find out what’s happening in this house, who’s anklet sound is this. Guddi gets scared. Some girls is seen standing behind. She sees Guddi and walks by her back. Guddi hears the anklet sound. Guddi gets terrified. She sees a room door open and enters to see. Guddi looks out in the living hall. She turns and sees the girl going upstairs. She gets shocked.

Atharv comes and holds Guddi. Guddi gets tensed. He asks Guddi, what are you doing here at night. She gets relieved seeing him. He says don’t you know you should not roam like this, tell me if you want anything, I will get it. She says nothing, I was not getting sleep. He asks her to come and sleep. The girl is seen behind them.

Everyone is with Madhav. Sujata and everyone talk about Madhav. Dadi says its good Ravish has caught him. Uma says I will fix grill in balcony tonight. Vividha says its not just about balcony, he went to Suman’s room and fainted, and these drawings, since he returned from Delhi, he is behaving strange, when I came today to his room, he said he has seen Suman. Ravish says yes, Madhav is right, Suman is here. Suman comes there. She asks why is everyone worried, is Madhav fine.

Vividha asks were you at home. Suman says I came home some time back, I thought everyone is sleeping and slept in my room. Ravish says we will talk to doctor about Madhav’s sleepwalking. Vividha thinks its not simple, I have to find out.

Its morning, Dadi gives water to Uma. Suman asks why are you all worried. Sujata says Vividha has gone somewhere. Uma says don’t know where to find her. Sujata says she did not say where she is going, but she left letter that she is going for some imp work. Ravish tries calling her. Uma says does anyone go this way. He says she is in Delhi, she feels Madhav went to some house there and there is something wrong, it has affected Madhav’s health, she wants to find out what’s the matter. Suman worries.

She goes to room and calls Guddi. Guddi gets ready. She does not see phone ringing. Atharv blindfolds Guddi’s eyes and asks her to come. Guddi asks what’s the surprise. He says its surprise, don’t cheat, I will just come, sit. He goes. Suman calls Guddi repeatedly. Atharv answers call. Suman say she is going to reach there anytime. He asks who. She worries hearing his voice.

She says no one, Guru’s devotee may come our home, where is Guddi. He asks is everything fine. She says yes, make me talk to Guddi. She hears the sound and asks what’s this sound. He says I will make you talk to her later. Suman worries. Atharv takes Guddi. He says its some unknown number call, wait I will attend the call. He answers Vividha’s call. He hears her voice. She says Raghav ji…. Vividha is on the way. Jaana na dil se door….plays………..

She says I m Madhav’s mum. He says Vividha….. She asks you. He says Raghav. She says you all did favor on us, we wanted to give you a small gift from our family side, are you listening. He says yes. She asks him for his address. He asks why address, what we did, anyone would have done the same, no need to gift anything, its just humanity. She says its your greatness, this thing is not small for us, its about our life, we can’t pay for your favor, give me a chance to thank you. He says what’s there to thank, anyways if you want to come here. He tells her address. She says thanks, I will come. She ends call and says Raghav’s voice…..

Guddi asks what happened, whose call was it. He says sorry Guddi, it was Madhav’s mummy’s call, she wants to come here and thank us, I said what’s the need to come and thank us, we did that for humanity, come I will give you surprise. She worries. He takes her. Ravish asks Vividha what are you doing. She says sorry, I know you are worried. He says its not about us, Madhav needs you right here, come back. She says I know, but you are with him, I just want to go there and see what’s troubling Madhav. He says what are you thinking to go there, what will Madhav see there. Suman worries.


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Atharv plays dhol. Vividha comes there. He senses something and turns to see. Vividha also turns towards him.

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