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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 14th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 14th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav getting Khushi. Everyone smile. They sit for dining. Madhav forwards hand to take something. Khushi drops the hot dish on his hand. Madhav screams. Kangana asks Vividha to see what happened, her daughter can’t do this with Madhav. She takes Madhav to apply ointment. They all look on. Kangana applies ointment to Madhav. Vividha looks on. Kangana goes to Vividha. Vividha asks about Madhav. Kangana says he is fine, I have applied ointment and gave pain killer, he is scared, I made him sleep, I think we should let him sleep now. Vividha stops Kangana.

She says I think whatever you said about Khushi, you should have not said it. Kangana says I know, I was tensed seeing Madhav hurt, don’t you think we should tell truth to Madhav. Vividha says yes, but he should know it this way, we will tell him right way at right time, don’t worry, I will tell everything to Madhav myself. Kangana asks do you think right time has not come, Madhav is seeing everything, he understands elders’ talk, he is seeing things changing. She goes.

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Its night, Vividha recalls Atharv and Madhav’s words. Atharv says I applied ice to Madhav, he is fine. She asks for Khushi. He says she is sleeping with mum, don’t worry, Madhav is fine now. She asks how will Madhav be fine, since Khushi came, we forgot Madhav, we did not see him, he would have many questions, we should have said him everything. He asks her not to worry, its none’s mistake, situation is sensitive. Madhav has to know the truth, we will take care of them, both children are ours, sometimes one of the children is weak, we will make Khushi fine, both Madhav and Khushi will be with us. Jaana na dil se door….plays… She cries. He says we used to listen to that funny RJ, I will play his show. He plays radio. She stops the radio. She says I just want us to be happy, whatever Kailash did, I have pain inside, I m unable to forget it, I have lost myself in all this. She cries. He sings Jee le zara… He hugs her and makes her sleep in his lap.

Its morning, Vividha asks Madhav what will he have. Kangana says I made breakfast for Madhav. Vividha asks why, I make it every day. Kangana says I made his fav things. She packs his bag. Vividha sees Madhav ready and asks did you get ready on own. Madhav says Kangana made me ready. Vividha asks what was the need to do this, I have fixed timing, he got late. Kangana says I know, I was thinking to take him to temple today, he will be raised with good values. She takes his bag. Atharv asks Madhav did you get ready for school soon, its good I have to talk to you. Kangana asks what talk. Atharv says we have to talk something imp Madhav, you know we love you. Vividha says we were not able to give you time since last few days, we did not celebrate your prize winning, Khushi is different, so we have to give her much time.

Atharv says you would be thinking who is Khushi, how did she come, you will have many questions, you can ask us anything. Madhav says no, I know everything. Atharv asks what do you know. Madhav says that I m Kangana’s son, and you two are Khushi’s parents. They get shocked. Vividha stares at Kangana.

They all confront Kangana. Vividha asks why did you tell Madhav. Kangana says you said we should tell him. Vividha says I said we will tell him when right time comes, you are forgetting the rules, Madhav is my son. Kangana says you are forgetting he is my son, I m thankful you all did a lot for him, but I have right on him. Atharv says it does not mean you will do as you want. Kangana says no, I did not wish to hurt anyone, Madhav asked me why is everyone sad, why is Khushi here, so I explained her, see how normal is he. Vividha says enough, I know you are behaving well with him to take him away, how dare you tell him. Ravish asks Vividha to relax, Kangana is Madhav’s mum. Vividha says I fought with you all, and got her here. Ravish and everyone think to decide together. Vividha says I want to clear few things with Kangana today.

Vividha gets Madhav’s belongings and tells Kangana that she has raised Madhav, I have spent many nights taking care of him, I know what’s good for him and what’s bad, I can feel his happiness and sorrow, remember I will not let you snatch my son from me.

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