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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Vividha checking her weight. Atharv asks how much is it. She says its same. He insists and makes her stand. He says its 3 kgs more, you got fat. She scolds him. He says we will go out on jogging together.

Atharv and Vividha come back from jogging. Kangana gets the food. Dadi says Kangana has made breakfast today. Bhoomi gets shocked seeing Vipul coming, with knife stabbed on his chest. They all get shocked. Kangana wakes up from her dream and worries. Atharv and Vividha come home after jogging and talk to everyone. He jokes on her. She says it was first day, I got tired. Ravish asks Kangana are you fine now. Kangana nods. Vividha says she was fine. Kangana says I had headache at night. Vividha teases Ravish.

Bhoomi comes and asks Kangana about Vipul.

Kangana asks how would I know. Vividha says maybe he went for some work. Bhoomi says he did not come home since night, I m worried, I know Kangana knows about him. Ravish says maybe he went to get Kalindi. She says he did not know about mom. Atharv says maybe he got to know something about Bua. Vividha asks how would Kangana know. Vipul says he messaged me at night, he just wrote Kangana.

Kangana recalls telling Vipul about Kalindi buried here and stabbing him. She moves back. He tries reaching her. He falls down. She asks him to prepare to go up. He tries to message. He writes Kangana. She sees him and steps on his hand. She takes his phone and says I gave phone to Kalindi, I won’t give this to you, now sleep. He dies. She drags him and puts him in the water tank. FB ends.

Bhoomi asks Kangana to tell her where is Vipul. Vividha recalls seeing Kangana. She says Kangana was playing with Madhav at that time, she does not know about Vipul. Bhoomi asks why did Vipul write Kangana’s name, she knows something. She cries and requests Kangana to tell where is Vipul. Sujata says calm down, we will find Vipul. Bhoomi says you all are not listening to me. She goes. Everyone go. Atharv says first Bua went and now Vipul. Ravish says Vipul is also missing, we have to seriously find him. He calls someone.

Vividha asks what are you thinking. Atharv says I find something wrong with this girl. Vividha says maybe he was typing something else in the message, you are doubting her. He says I don’t find her right, I will try to find out.

Kangana calls someone and says it was important, I was also thinking the same. She sees the family members pics and says its time of killing Atharv now. She goes to Atharv and sees him busy on phone. She gets her hairpin and takes poison from her bangle. She goes to hurt him. Atharv turns. She falls in his arms. Vividha comes and sees them. She gets angry. She asks what’s happening. He leaves Kangana. Kangana goes.

Atharv says she came, she was falling, so I held her. She asks why did she come here. He says how would I know, I was going to have shower, what, did you go mad. He goes. She looks on. Ravish makes calls to find Vipul. Sujata says we have to find Vipul. He says I spoke to everyone. The man comes and says water is not passing. Atharv and Vividha go to check. Ravish asks maybe there is something stuck in outlet, we have to get it cleaned.

Ravish goes to the water tank and asks servant who opened this lock. The man says no, it was locked yesterday night. Ravish opens the water tank and says maybe cloth got stuck inside. He gets shocked seeing Vipul lying dead inside the water tank. He shouts Atharv. Atharv and Vividha rush to Ravish. Atharv asks what happened. They get shocked seeing Vipul dead.

Everyone come and see Vipul dead. Bhoomi cries and asks Kangana why did you kill Vipul. She slaps Kangana. Kangana gets angry.

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