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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying Madhav is not at his friend’s place. Atharv says Madhav and Kangana are not in park. Ankit says he is not in park. Vividha cries and says she took my Madhav. Ravish comes. Vividha says Madhav did not come back, you think we should not find him. Ravish says maybe Madhav said he wants to go somewhere else, they will come. She says this can’t happen, Kangana is doing same thing again, she has stolen my son, we should find her, I will call police. Ravish says you are overreacting, she will get Madhav. Atharv asks what wrong is she doing, Madhav is missing, you are overreacting. Ravish says fine, call police. Vividha calls. She hears Madhav and stops. Madhav shows the toys. Vividha hugs him.

Kangana comes there. They all look on. Kangana says why were you calling police Vividha, why will I steal Madhav, he is mine, everyone know he is my son. Vividha says I gave you place to stay here, what are you doing with me. Kangana says I have heard you enough, it does not mean I don’t have any tolerance limits, I will not hear more.

She asks why shall I take permission to take Madhav, he is mine, very soon I will take him with me forever, you can’t stop me. She gives the custody papers. Kangana says I have rights on Madhav legally, I will take him with me. They all get shocked. Kangana throws the papers in air and goes. Vividha cries seeing the papers.


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Vividha says she will take my Madhav. Atharv says this won’t happen. She says do something, don’t let Madhav go away. Sujata says this will be long fight, its between two mums. Vividha says Madhav is my son. Sujata says he is Kangana’s son too, court will also say this, we can’t deny this. Vividha says so what if she gave birth to Madhav, I raised him, is my love not valued, I will die without him. Sujata says I know you love Madhav, I can see you got shaken up, have patience. She asks her to have belief in Lord, Krishna is known by Yashoda’s name, you are Yashoda for Madhav. Vividha prays.

Ravish recalls Kangana and Vividha’s words. Kangana comes to him. She says everything changed, I did not think I have to fight for right. She sees his wound and asks what’s this. He says its ordinary wound, it will get fine. She ties her scarf. He looks at her. She says I have felt, I have seen you alone in the family, you lost your parents, I can understand loneliness, you are lonely like me. He asks why did you do this, why did you send legal notice. She says I know you did not like this, I had no way.

She asks him to leave it now. She says I m not blaming Atharv and Vividha, they did a lot for Madhav, now they are focussing Khushi, she is not a normal girl, its tough to raise her, they have to concentrate on her, I can’t leave my child this way. Ravish says your worry is justified, you don’t know Atharv and Vividha well, they love Madhav. She says I just want Madhav, there is nothing else here, I want to do everything for my son, I m alive as I want some place in my son’s life, don’t you think Madhav should be mine. She holds his hand. Guddi comes and sees them. Kangana asks Ravish to say, is she wrong.


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : The lady says this case is challenging. Vividha asks how to keep patience. Atharv says we have to talk to Ravish. Kangana and Vividha argue. Vividha raises hand on Kangana. Ravish holds her hand.

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