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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th April 2017 full episode watch online on

The Episode starts with inspector asking Ravish if he has doubt on anyone, if he heard someone. Ravish says we locked the door, we did not see or hear anything. Inspector asks him to say if he remembers any of his enemy, or has doubt. He goes. Vividha hears them and recalls Sujata’s words. She asks Sujata about Kangana’s phone. Sujata says I came to your room with phone and then Ravish came there. Atharv says phone will be in our room. They look for phone. They all talk. Vividha says who is that K, whom Kangana calls, that K is behind all this, we did not get that phone, K took the phone and was present in party. Ravish says we sealed the house, who can come inside the house, who killed Bhoomi.

Atharv says I think someone killed Bhoomi in our room, but I don’t understand how did her blood reach my clothes. Vividha recalls seeing shadow. Atharv says maybe Bhoomi has seen murderer, so he killed Bhoomi and dragged her out of the room. FB shows the moments. Ravish says Vividha saw the blood marks when she returned to room, what does this mean. Vividha says it means when I was following that girl in bridal dress, Bhoomi got killed at that time. Ankit comes and says doctor checked Kangana and is calling you all to talk. Vividha comes and steps on a slipper. She keeps slippers aside. Doctor asks them to come with him.

Doctor says she should have got conscious, but its not a good sign, we are doing her best, we can wait for her to get conscious. Atharv says we doubt on her and she is unconscious, everyone is getting killed by some stranger. Ravish says we have to find out, who is it. Vividha makes Madhav sleep and says I will make mango milkshake for you. Madhav says Kangana told me about deer and bear story. She says you have to wait, I will find that book and tell that story. Madhav sleeps. She goes to Atharv.

She asks what’s happening in our house, Bhoomi got killed. He holds her hand and asks did dadi have food. Vividha says Sujata is with her. He says we are scared, but we don’t have to lose courage, much could have happened if we got Kangana’s phone. Vividha recalls Ravish keeping his phone in the room, while he was recording. She says one phone was kept here, we can get something from it, to know who did all this. Atharv says yes, but light went, if we don’t get to see anything in darkness. She says we can still find some clue, look for the phone. They look for the phone. Atharv finds the phone under the bed. She asks him to see last recording.

They see darkness. He says its not visible and audible, its nothing. She checks video again. She asks him to see, door opened four times, you left first, then Ravish, then Sujata and me. She says then door did not open, light was coming inside when door opened, when light came, Kangana was attacked. He says it means door was not open, Kangana’s attacker should have come by the door. She says it means that person was between us in the room that time. He says its not possible. She asks what do you mean, someone would be there. He says maybe there was no attacker in the room that time. She asks what are you saying, Kangana is attacked by someone, do you mean Kangana did this attack on herself, no this can’t happen, look at her state, its impossible, someone attacked Kangana, who is it. Atharv sits thinking.

Its morning, Ravish tells Atharv that he reached city hospital of Ajmer. Atharv asks him is he near reception. Ravish says yes, but why did you send me here. Atharv asks him to check hospital records of the day when Madhav was born. Ravish asks why, what are we finding. Atharv says I can’t say now, once you find it, we will know it. Ravish says but… Atharv says just trust me, we have to do this today. Ravish says fine, I will check.

He goes to reception and asks for hospital records. The lady says sorry, we can’t display records, why do you want to see. He says I can understand, but its important for me. She says sorry, we can’t give such info. Ravish recalls Atharv’s words. Ravish sees the record room. He sees CCTV cameras. He looks around and manages to get inside the room. He checks the old records. He does not understand anything.

Vividha comes to Kangana’s room to keep fresh flowers. She sees a dried plant in the pot. She picks the pot and some liquid falls from it. She smells it and recalls the juice drink given to Kangana. Vividha gets shocked and sees Kangana.


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ravish checks more records and gets shocked seeing something. He calls Atharv and says you will be shocked seeing this, she was here in this hospital when Madhav was born, she was mental ward patient.