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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Vividha making Madhav sleep. She thinks of Madhav’s words. She goes out of the room. Suman says I know you are around me. Kajri looks at her. Vividha goes to storeroom. She checks the cupboard. Suman says till you don’t get Mukti, you won’t know right, none knows what happened that day, your death truth should not come in front of people. Vividha checks some files and papers. She sees Kajri’s pic and articles of her accidental death in newspaper.

Suman says everything thinks it was an accident, but we both know it was not an accident, you want to take revenge right, I accept wrong happened with you, but even I have gone through it. Vividha says this paper is 30 years old, it means…. She recalls Madhav’s words. Suman turns and gets shocked seeing Kajri.

She says no, you cursed me and my son’s life also ruined, I never got love in my life, same story is repeated in my son’s life, you want revenge right, I kept Atharv here, you take him, if he goes, Sujata will be punished, it was Sujata’s mistake, she was with Ramakant and I was upset, tantric said you want to end Sujata’s family, I will support you.

Vividha gets thinking. She starts leaving. Suman says you died on Amavasya life, you take Atharv and Madhav both, you leave from here, Vividha has come here, is this your problem, don’t worry, I will manage, you free me and my son. Kajri goes. Suman asks are you listening, answer me, will you let me and my son live in peace. She walks after Kajri. She asks will you leave me and my son. She sees Kajri and runs after her. Kajri disappears. Suman says I know you are around. Vividha walks behind. Suman hears the footsteps.Vividha turns and sees Suman’s back. She does not realize its Suman. Before Suman turned, tantric lady hits on Vividha’s head. Suman gets shocked. Vividha faints. Tantric lady ties Vividha and drags her. She says don’t stand like this Suman, start preparing, you were waiting for Maha Amavasya. Vividha gets semi conscious. She fails to see Suman’s face. Suman leaves.

Vividha tries to get up and thinks what’s happening, what was that woman saying, who was that other woman, I felt like I know her. Ravish calls Vividha and could not connect. Dadi Bua asks what happened. Ravish says phone is ringing, but Vividha is not answering. Dadi Bua says maybe she slept. He says she said she will come back tonight, something is wrong. Uma says don’t worry, maybe she could not leave as Madhav is with her, we will wait for her and trust her.

Its morning, Suman gives juice to Atharv. She asks him to have it. He smiles. Tantric lady and Guddi look on. Atharv says I will come from jogging and have it. Madhav wakes up and looks for Vividha. Suman insists and asks Atharv to have it. He takes the glass. He hears Madhav calling and asks why is Madhvi shouting, where is Ramkali. Suman says Guddi will see. He says I will see and come. He gives the glass back and goes. Guddi says what shall we do now. Suman gets angry.

Atharv calls out Madhvi. Madhav says Aila, where is my wig, Sadiyal will know I m a boy. Guddi says we have to feed this juice to Raghav any way. Suman says they should not get Vividha. Atharv comes to Madhav. Madhav wears wig and says I was finding my mumma. Atharv says don’t worry, we will find her, come. He calls out Ramkali.

Suman signs Guddi and hides. Atharv asks Guddi about Suman. Guddi says Suman went for some work. He asks did you see Ramkali. She says no. He goes with Madhav. Suman says its imp to feed this juice to Atharv, take this. The tantric says its Maha Amavasya tonight, I think your life’s biggest hurdles will come in front. Suman worries. Atharv and Madhav look for Vividha.

Guddi asks Atharv to have juice. Atharv says we will find Ramkali first. He calls out Ramkali. Vividha hears him. Madhav sees Suman and says I will tell everything to my mummy. Suman smiles.

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