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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Vividha going to the temple. She takes sindoor to apply and recalls Ravish. She stops. The water pot rolls over and reaches Atharv. He picks the pot and comes to her. He asks what happened. She says nothing, maybe it got hit by mistake. He says its Monday and you will need tree leaves for puja, have this. He gives her the leaves. She thanks him. He goes. She holds her neck and realizes Ravish has removed her mangalsutra. She thinks will everything get set like before….. She worries. Atharv sees her.

Sujata sweeps the floor and asks whose slipper is this. Atharv sits thinking and in bad mood. He recalls Vividha. Sujata asks is this yours, Ravish got many things for you. He says no, its not mine. She says it maybe of Abdul uncle. She keeps it outside. Atharv

says you maybe hurt, I will do this work, there is nothing imp to me than making your pain less. He helps her in work. She smiles. He says you have bear a lot of pain, but you got more stronger. She says like son, like mother, even you are bearing pain like me, I can see your inner worry on face, tell me, what is it. He says its about Vividha.

Vividha keeps clothes in cupboard. She sees Guddi’s clothes and belongings and thinks of her. She hugs Guddi’s clothes and cries. She hears Guddi calling her out and gets up. She cries on not seeing Guddi.

Sujata says I understand, but do you understand what Vividha went through, she has fought with many storms, she did many compromises, she loved you and her father made her marry Ravish, she thought she lost you, and then you came back in that state, would she not get shock, the Atharv who taught her living life, would it be easy for you to see you like a kid. She cries and says Guddi, whom she loved so much, Vividha lost her. She defends Vividha and says after all this, you feel Vividha should become bubbly and naughty again, she was like that before, but she can’t become like that again after facing all this, this situation would change anyone from within. He says no, I don’t expect her to become like before, I know situation changed all of us, but I felt she is fighting within, she stays lost, I just want her to find herself, I will help her in this.

Vividha says I wish you were here Guddi. Uma says I can’t believe she went, I feel she is around. Vividha asks Uma to stay here in this room, as she can’t stay alone. Uma says I will be with you, Vividha we think relations broke, but even after that, those feelings don’t go, we are together here, and there Ravish is alone at the border, with only his courage, he has bear a lot and sacrificed many things, when I think of him, I bless him. Vividha says I know. Uma says I spoke to Suman, I think you should talk to her once.

Atharv says I don’t know Vividha wants everything like before or not, person may not change, but if thinking changes, can it happen… Sujata says you think her thinking and feelings changed, for whom? Do you think Vividha loves Ravish? Did you ask her? He says no. She says good, else she would have broken down. Kailash looks at them and hears their conversation. Kailash goes.

Atharv says I m not doubting on Vividha, to be true, if she loves Ravish, I would not blame her, I would feel very bad, but I want her happiness, I want to know truth, what she wants.

Vividha takes phone. Atharv says I will do what gives her happiness. Sujata says Vividha needs your support, she wants to start new life with you, you have to think how to give her a new life. He smiles. Vividha calls Suman. She talks to Suman.

Vividha says I m missing Guddi a lot, forgive me, you had to face many problems because of you, you gave me love and respect, you had one wish that your son’s married life is full of happiness, I could not do that, I was helpless, forgive me. Atharv comes and hears Vividha. Vividha says I pray for Ravish’s happiness every moment. Atharv gets thinking.

Atharv says all elders decided marriage to happen soon, we will do all rituals, first engagement will happen and then marriage, engagement will happen next week. Vividha says I m sorry. He gets shocked.

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