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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 27th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 27th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Vividha asking Atharv what did he feel when he knew of his dad’s death, so much bad happened with them and Sujata. He hears Kailash and asks did you hear that voice. She asks him to answer, how did he control his emotions and anger. Atharv says I felt very bad, why are we talking this, I want to give you a good news, Kangana…. Kailash says everyone leave, I m the king. Atharv asks her what’s this voice. Kailash walks to them. Atharv gets angry and recalls Kailash. Kailash says I m a tiger, alone. Atharv gets angry and sees Vividha.

Vividha says I got him in this state on road and got him. He says you got him here. She asks what could I do, he is my dad. Kailash says freedom light is in front of me, I want freedom from all of them. Kailash acts mad. Vividha asks Atharv not to get annoyed, look at his state, I got him from back door so that no one sees him. Kailash says I m the king, you are Praja, serve me, wash my feet. Atharv angrily shouts Kailash Kashyap and kicks him. Vividha comes in between and says please don’t beat him, he is not in his senses, he is ill. He says he was in senses when he ruined our lives. She stops him.

Kailash asks Vividha not to cry and dances. Kailash asks Atharv will he marry. Atharv gets angry and holds his hand. Vividha asks Atharv to leave him. Atharv says these hands snatched my life and gave my death, where did your anger go Vividha, this is same man whose pic you burnt and made his pyre, did your anger disappear. He throws things. Kailash says break this also.

Atharv says this is same Kailash who snatched our life, love and daughter. He tells Kailash that he will not delay in becoming Atharv Sujata. Kailash says no need to love daughter. Vividha says see his state, he is my dad, I just thought to take revenge from him, but now I m not able to do this, when I was getting drawn to crowd, I just thought this man is no one to me, I saw him, I could not leave him on road. Atharv shouts what do you want, since Khushi came, your behavior changed, I have tolerated it, I don’t accept this man to stay here, no. Kailash says I m the king. Atharv says I will break his throne. Vividha asks him to stop.

He holds Kailash. Kailash asks did you forget old friendship. Atharv recalls Khushi. He says I have old friendship with you, come. He lifts Kailash and takes him. Sujata says we have to tell Vividha that everything got fine, we got peace at home. Atharv gets Kailash there and throws in front of everyone. They all get shocked seeing him.

Atharv says this man ruined our lives, and played with everyone’s life. Sujata asks is Kailash alive. Kailash says you all came to meet king. He talks mad. Vividha says he is not in his senses, what could I do, could I leave him in this state, I got him here. Kailash says you started crying again, you are emotional.

Atharv says I don’t care where he stays, he is alive because you stopped me, he won’t stay in this house. Vividha says please. Kailash says we will go, call my chariot. Vividha says I will not abandon my dad in this state. Atharv asks do you know what are you saying. She says yes, I can’t leave him, I know he did wrong, he forgot I m his daughter, but seeing him in this state, I can’t forget he is my dad, if he was in senses, maybe I would have not forgiven him.

Atharv asks Kailash does he not know him. He makes Kailash beat him. Kailash says Atharv Sujata…… He gets a knife and stabs Atharv. They all get shocked. Atharv imagines this. Kailash asks why are you pushing me. Vividha asks Atharv to stop. Atharv says Kailash made Khushi an animal, do you want to keep him. Vividha says maybe he got hurt in car accident. Atharv says Kailash is alive, whose body was found in the car, he kept that body in his place, he is acting, why don’t you understand. Jaana na dil se door…..plays…. Everyone look on.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 28th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sujata says we should send him to a hospital. Ravish says yes, he will be treated. Vividha says he won’t go. Kangana says how can you keep him here. Vividha asks would you do this with your dad. Atharv says our life got happiness again, this man will ruin our happiness.

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