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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with everyone reaching park and looking for Madhav. Vividha says why can’t we see him. Ravish and Atharv look around. She sees a boy and shouts Madhav. She runs and hugs him, saying don’t leave me again. She sees some other boy. They get shocked. She says Atharv… and cries. Atharv asks how did you get this bag. The boy says it was here, so I picked it. Atharv says tracker is in bag, where are your parents. The boy shows there. Ravish says where is Madhav. Vividha asks them to find him. Atharv says where to find him. Sujata says where will Madhav be. Vividha says I don’t know anything, find him. Ravish says calm down. The boy says Madhav is from my school, an aunty took him along and I took this bag, that aunty took him that way. Ravish says that’s ring road way.

Kangana brings Madhav to her home and asks him to wait for big surprise. Vividha says what shall we do now. Atharv says maybe aunty said something to Madhav, did you hear anything. The boy says Madhav was asking about picnic, aunty said we can’t go home, as we are going somewhere else, she took Madhav. Ravish says we can find a cliff towards that ring road. Atharv asks boy to go to his parents. Madhav asks whose house is this. Kangana says our house. Madhav says I want to stay with my mum and dad. She says this is your house, there are many toys, see its better. He says I don’t want to stay. She says I will get angry. He says I will also get angry.

Madhav argues with her. She says you won’t go anywhere. She asks him to shout. Atharv and everyone are on the way. Vividha says where will we find him, if he does anything to Madhav. Ravish says we won’t find solution this way, that mountain way is close. Kangana talks to Madhav. She says I knew you will agree to me, everything will be amazing, see this toy, its cute, all this is for you, play with this. He looks at her.

Vividha says we won’t get Madhav this way. Atharv asks her to calm down. Ravish says we need to focus now. Kangana says there are many good stories for you, just listen to me, I feel bad when you don’t listen to me, we promised to stay as one team. He sees her phone. He says I will agree to you, promise. She gets glad. She says you don’t know you gave me big happiness. He says I m feeling hungry, can I get a milkshake. She says I have cold drink at home. He says I want milkshake. She says fine, I will make something. She goes. Atharv and everyone is on the way. Madhav calls Vividha and gets number unreachable. Kangana says I will make noodles tonight, I m very happy. He calls Atharv and can’t connect. She says I wanted us to have a small world, see we will be happy, will you have something with milkshake. He says no, just milkshake. He calls Ravish.

Ravish gets the call. Vividha answers call. Madhav talks to them. She asks Madhav is he fine, where is he. Madhav says I m with Kangana aunty. She says talk loud, I can’t hear you. He says I can’t talk loud, Kangana will hear me, she brought me to some house. Atharv asks are you fine. Madhav says yes, I m fine, Kangana is getting angry sometimes, we are in big bungalow, she got me much far from park. Kangana says milk shake is ready. Madhav keeps the phone. Atharv says I have put phone on mute, she can’t hear us, we can hear her. Madhav drinks milkshake and asks Kangana what’s this place, are we very far from them. She says yes, we are much away, we are on mountain, we can see everyone, but none can see us. Madhav smiles. Everyone hear him. Ravish says he is trying to show us the way. They hear Madhav.

Madhav guides them by repeating the landmarks. Kangana says I will tell you a nice story, come. She sees her phone. She checks on the ongoing call to Ravish and gets shocked. She disconnects the call and gets angry. Everyone reach there. Atharv says we have to be careful, maybe Kangana has laid some trap, Ravish and I will enter the house first. They look for Madhav everywhere. They see Kangana. Atharv asks where is Madhav. Kangana shows Madhav. Madhav cries. He asks Atharv to save him. Kangana says don’t worry Madhav, now none can make you away from me. She smiles.


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 29th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kangana asks them not to come close, else she will jump down along with Madhav. Ravish says we don’t want to hurt you, just give Madhav.

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