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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Sujata and Vividha reaching Vashisht’s house. Sujata asks Vividha to come inside. Vividha recalls Atharv’s words and turns back to leave. Vividha sees Suman and recalls old time. She greets Suman and thinks of her marriage and grahpravesh. She recalls how Ravish wipes her sindoor and ended relations. Suman says situation changed, house is still same, come inside. Suman takes her inside and says I m not annoyed with you, as it was not your mistake, Ravish and I are not annoyed. Dadi Bua asks about Atharv.

Vividha and Sujata look on. Vividha says he had imp work so he had to stay there. Uma asks Atharv did you and Vividha fight, I have never seen you fighting. Atharv says then get habitual, as everything is changing now. Sujata says nothing changed Vividha,its your illusion, why did you and Atharv fight. Vividha says Atharv does not trust me now, I have waited for him madly and did not leave hope that he will get fine, I have hurt a good person like Ravish, I could not do a wife’s duty, Atharv does not trust me. Uma says you should trust Vividha. Atharv says I did, I felt she loves me and wants to do engagement with me, wants to marry, I believed her, she says she has no feelings for Ravish in her heart, but her eyes say something else. Uma asks do you think Vividha loves Ravish. Atharv says fine, she doesn’t, then why did she write Ravish’s name in rice plate, why did she have Ravish’s photo in purse, she wrote a letter for Ravish and asked Sujata to give it to Ravish, she wrote in letter that she missed Ravish, she has feelings for Ravish. Uma and Dadi get shocked. Atharv says if she thinks this, why did she not tell me.

Vividha says I explained him that I did not write Ravish’s name in rice plate, I did not keep Ravish’s pics, if I wrote a letter for Ravish as a friend, why does he not trust me, he looks at everything by doubt. Uma tells Atharv that Vividha has bear a lot for him. Sujata asks Vividha to see some things according to Atharv’s perception, he loves you a lot, when he came back and saw you married to someone, what he went through, now you both are together, he will take time to move on, this can happen with anyone.

Dadi says any new relation is based on belief, if that gets weak, then relation falls weak, you have to understand and trust each other, this is meaning of true love, you can’t deny this, that you and Vividha can’t live without each other, you both are made for each other, I can surely say this, Atharv can’t get a better life partner than Vividha. Jaana na dil se door……plays………… Atharv says I also felt so. Uma asks felt? You should feel this even now, because Vividha also feels this, person will need time to change, Vividha’s marriage happened against her wish, she stayed with Ravish for 3 months without becoming his wife, try to understand her state.

Vividha says he is not understanding, I m not computer that I delete Ravish from my system, Ravish is a nice man and did not ask anything in return, when he got to know about me and Atharv, he promised me to unite me and Atharv, he has done it, if Ravish was not there, I would have not been able to make Atharv recover, once he touched my hand by mistake and said sorry 10 times, he got shot and beaten up, he did not say anything, and then he sacrificed his happiness and sent me to Ravish, how shall I forget such person, how to break all ties with Ravish. She cries. They see Suman hearing them. Suman gets tea.

Suman says I used to be sorrowful to think why is Vividha not able to see Ravish’s goodness, I m glad that comparing Atharv with my son, you find Atharv less, I m feeling good seeing Ravish’s goodness made place in your heart, I wished that Atharv never got fine, so that he does not identify you. Sujata asks what are you saying, how can you say this being a mother.

Suman says I thought that being a mother, I could not see my son’s life getting ruined. Sujata cries and says my son has come back from death. Suman says Ravish risked his life for Vividha, without any pressure, he got shot by terrorists because of Vividha, Atharv also shot Ravish once, you don’t tell me how many times your son challenged death, he will be less than my son in this matter too, Ravish has bear this, even when his happiness was snatched.

Sujata says Ravish’s fate had his house and Vashisht name, Atharv did not had this in fate, Atharv had Vividha in fate, who got snatched from him. Ravish says I wish that happened, atleast my son’s happiness would have not spoiled. Sujata says if you curse my son, remember you have a son too, if this curse affects your son, we both will regret. Vividha asks them to stop it, if your son know you are fighting, how will they feel. Suman and Sujata talk in support of their sons. Sujata says my son called you Maa and said his fate is good that he got three mum’s love, I regret that you did not fulfill his expectations, Ravish is my son and will always be, I want to see him happy. Suman stops Sujata and apologizes. Sujata says leave it, true things come out in anger. Suman says it was not true, it was my anger, its my heart darkness which came out, I don’t want bad for Vividha and Atharv, you know this, Ravish will be upset on not finding you and Vividha in this function, stay back please. Vividha asks Sujata to stay for Ravish’s sake.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Sujata asks Vividha to think with whom she wants to spend her life, Ravish or Atharv. Uma asks Atharv what will he do if Vividha loves Ravish.

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