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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 6th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 6th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav getting ready for school. Dadi Bua asks about Sujata. Atharv says she reached Ajmer well. Madhav calls out Vividha. She makes call to know about gift shop. Atharv looks on and feeds Madhav. He asks did he get everything. Madhav says I don’t know, mumma does everything. Kangana comes and offers to drop Madhav to school. Atharv signs Ravish. Ravish nods. Atharv asks Kangana to take Madhav. Ravish follows her. Atharv goes to Vividha and asks her what is she doing with this family, and Madhav. She says I know, this would have happened early if you helped me, I got a number on that box, last digit was missing, I m matching digits and calling to find something. He asks how will shop make us reach the culprit.

She asks why are you negative, don’t you want us to get child back. He says we are trying, I want it, but I m practical. She says I m also practical, if we got the shop number, I m sure I will find that man. She makes call and gets some details. He looks on. She goes.

Ravish sees Kangana with Madhav. Guddi comes there and sees Ravish eyeing Kangana. Kangana stumbles on stairs. Ravish holds her and says you got hurt, show me your foot, it can be fracture too. He checks her foot. Guddi comes in between and checks Kangana’s foot, saying she knows doing the aid. Ravish asks when did you take this training. Kangana sees Ravish.

Vividha talks to toy shop owner and asks him to help her. He asks how shall I tell you, who has bought what, how will I remember, if you described him, maybe I could remember anything. She says I just want to know who was that man. He says I can show CCTV footage, come with me. She checks the footage.

Madhav comes home to show his prize to Vividha. Kangana says congrats, you won the prize. He asks for Vividha. She says you can show her the prize when she comes, come we will have the cake. Atharv looks on and calls Vividha. Vividha says I will talk later, I m busy. He gets upset and calls again.

She does not answer. He calls again and says Madhav is feeling alone, when will you come. She says I won’t come till I find proof. Madhav asks when will mumma come. Atharv says she will come soon, come, I will make you sleep. She makes him sleep. Vividha sees the man purchasing the doll. She sees a little girl with the man. She recalls the man stealing her baby and cries. Atharv makes Madhav sleep and worries. Kangana asks everyone to sit and have food. She says Madhav did not wish to have food, I told him story and fed him. Atharv says Vividha said she will end work and come. Kangana gets hurt. Ravish cares for her. Guddi asks how many times will you get hurt to get Ravish’s help. Ravish says this happened by mistake, what are you saying. Guddi says I m not hungry and goes. Ravish worries.

Atharv waits for Vividha. She comes home. He asks are you fine, I was calling you, Madhav cried and slept, I was afraid for this. She sits thinking. He says that baby got baby when he was born, see how helpless you are, we can just pray we get our child. She says our daughter. He asks what. She says we had a girl. He asks how do you know. She says I went to this shop and checked CCTV footage, this is our daughter, she was at that shop 4 days ago, that man kidnapped her. Atharv sees the photos. Vividha says hospital has no records of her, they said we have a son. He asks did we have daughter. They cry.


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 7th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ravish says that man would be staying near here. Atharv says if that man stays in this locality, shop owner would have found him, maybe that man is not from this area.

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