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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Jaana Na Dil Se Door 8th April 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Vividha making the girl ready in bridal dress. Vividha asks her if she sure she will go with the people. The girl says it does not matter, I don’t remember anything, I will go with them as they said they know me. She takes a jewelry and says sorry, I feel like knowing this. Vividha says its okay, you are scared, you will be fine after going with them. The goon asks them to call the girl. Ravish asks where is the girl’s Dada ji. The goons give different answer. Ravish and everyone look on. Ravish says you don’t know. The goon makes story. Atharv goes to call the girl.

He goes and knocks the door. Vividha asks him do you think we should send her. He says yes. She says girl was running away from goons, are these people goons. He says no, they said they read ad and came. She says I m feeling strange. He sees the girl. Vividha asks her to come. They take the girl. The goons smile. Vividha asks do you know them. The lady says we were worrying for you, come home.

The goon says I think she has accident shock. The goon threatens the girl and asks her to come. His gun falls down. Madhav sees the gun and says Papa, see the gun.. Ravish and everyone get shocked.

The goon stops Ravish by showing knife. He picks the gun and asks them to move back. The goon says you did good to save this girl, now let us take her. Ravish signs Atharv. Atharv goes behind the goon. He hits on the goon and drops his gun. Ravish beats another goon. The lady picks gun and pushes Vividha. She asks everyone to stop. Else she will shoot the girl.

The goon laughs. The lady asks the girl to come. Vividha says stop, you will be arrested if you take her. The goon asks in what crime, we are taking her, she is the bride of our house. She says for kidnapping crime. The goon says kidnap for whom you gave ad. Vividha says she is our house bride, not yours.

The goon asks really. She says yes, she is the bride of this house, her marriage will happen today. The goon asks really, who is her groom, your husband. Vividha says she is going to marry Ravish. Everyone get shocked. She says they both love each other and want to marry, I will tell this to police, you can’t come in between. The goon says that won’t work. Vividha says you are standing in ex army man’s house, the bride is army man’s would be wife, you all will be badly trapped. The man says she is lying, why did you give ad in newspaper.

Vividha says my husband gave that ad and did not know about Ravish and this girl. The lady asks the girl did you run to marry this man, tell me. The girl sees Ravish and nods. The goon says she is lying. The goon says you will regret a lot, we will not leave you. They all leave. Vividha says I did all this as I did not find them right. Vipul says but we don’t know her. Dadi says Vividha did right, the people were like goons. Sujata says I also feel she did right.

The girl thanks Vividha and says I could not identify them, but I was feeling fear, I collided with Ravish’s car, it was my good luck. She says you saved my life, thanks. Ravish says no, you don’t think so, anyone else would have done this, you are not alone, we all are with you, you are safe here. She thanks him. Vividha hugs the girl.

Dadi goes to Sujata and asks what are you thinking. Sujata says nothing, that girl is helpless, she is good, but is it right to keep her here. Dadi says you are right, I also feel the same, she is stranger, we should think well.


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 9th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vividha says I did a good thing by saving that girl, why are you reacting this way. Atharv says I think she is strange. The girl talks to someone on call. She says I don’t know how did this happened so easily, they kept me in their house. She smiles.

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