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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Jaana Na Dil Se Door 8th March 2017 Watch Online on

The Episode starts with Chintu says we can contact this boy’s family now. He shows the newspaper and says his name is Madhav. Atharv takes newspaper. Suman gets worried. Atharv calls Vividha. Vividha says Ravish, its some unknown number. Ravish stops the car and answers call. Atharv says I read about Madhav, he is safe, he is just scared. Ravish tells Vividha that Madhav is safe. Ravish thanks him. Atharv says I can understand, tell me where to get him. Ravish says I will come, thanks. Atharv says I will get him near the garden area, its not far from my house, can we meet there. Ravish says fine, can we know your name. Atharv sans Raghav. Ravish says I will reach soon.

Vividha asks Ravish to take her to Madhav soon. They leave. Atharv asks Madhav to rest, I will take you to your parents.

Madhav asks shall we leave now. Atharv says not now, we will go in some time. He takes Madhav to room. He asks him to sleep. Madhav says my mummy says one should not sleep with shoes. Atharv asks him to remove shoes. Madhav says I don’t know, my mummy makes me wear shoes and she only removes it, can you get off my shoes please. Atharv helps him out. Madhav holds him and sleeps. Atharv looks on.

Atharv sits by his side. Ravish and Vividha are on the way. Suman scolds Chintu. Chintu and Kalindi ask what happened. Suman says Chintu ruined everything, what was the need to show ad to Atharv. Guddi asks what’s wrong. Suman says you know who is that child, he is not any run away kid, he is Madhav Vashisht, Ravish and Vividha’s son. They all get shocked.

Suman says I worked hard for 4 years that Atharv and Vividha do not come in front of each other, you have ruined it, I will not let them meet. Madhav wakes up and asks Atharv to get up, I have to go to my parents. Atharv says fine, we will go. Suman sees them. Atharv goes to washroom.

Madhav sits to wear shoes and tries to tie the laces. Guddi asks what are you doing. He sees Suman. Guddi asks what are you seeing there. He says bad Badi Maa, did she go. She says there is no one, don’t be sad, keep smiling.

Atharv gets ready. Madhav asks him to hurry up. Atharv says let me get ready. Madhav says my mummy and Papa are not coming to take you, why are you getting so much ready. Atharv asks what are you staring at, we are going, wait. Madhav greets him and says its late, come fast. Atharv asks him to go downstairs. Madhav says you will take more time if I go.

Atharv asks do you talk to mummy and Papa this way. He says this boy got me a headache. He says I m glad you are going. Madhav says I m more happy, my mummy and Papa love me a lot, my Papa is best. Atharv asks what’s his name. Madhav says Ravish, and mummy is also very nice. Atharv asks what’s your mummy’s name. Madhav says Vividha. Atharv gets thinking. Suman and Guddi hide and look on.

Atharv says whatever, its good we got them, else you would have gone to orphanage. Madhav asks if you left me such place, I would have run away and taught you a lesson. Atharv smiles and says naughty, wait….

Ravish and Vividha reach the place and wait. She worries. Ravish asks her to relax. Madhav runs in the house. Everyone smile. Atharv says he is a problem, he is not a kid, he is so naughty. Guddi says we have to drop him to his parents, but you have meeting, you won’t be able to reach on time. Suman signs Guddi.

Vividha says maybe he is waiting somewhere else. Ravish says we stayed here in this city before, they will come, wait. Guddi says we will drop Madhav. Chintu says I will drop him. Guddi says yes, it will be good. Atharv agrees. Chintu takes Madhav.

Madhav teases Atharv. Atharv smiles. He stops Chintu and says I will drop him. Suman gets shocked. Vividha says call him and ask when will he come, I will call. Ravish says he called us, he will come, Raghav will come. She asks Raghav. He says yes, that man said this name. She recalls Raghav’s incoming call on Suman’s number and thinks why do I feel strange by this name. Guddi says but you have meeting. Atharv says no, I will drop him, I spoke to his dad, he is my responsibility, meeting is not imp. Suman stops him and gives him milk. She clears the powder from glass. She asks Atharv to drink it. Atharv drinks it. He leaves.

Ravish asks Vividha not to worry, they will be reaching. She asks Ravish to call him. They see the white car coming.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Madhav gets down the car and runs to Vividha and Ravish. Vividha hugs him and cries. He says I m fine and hugs Ravish. Vividha walks towards the car saying Raghav ji, thanks a lot.

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