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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Atharv saying your small details are taking me to truth, you can’t hide truth, I promised you I will fail death and come to you, I will find the truth, you know I don’t break my promise. He goes. Dadi asks the servant to get more servants to help tomorrow for Chautha ceremony. Everyone cry for Ravish. They all talk of Ravish who saved many lives by taking bullets on himself. Atharv consoles Sujata.

Atharv recalls Vividha’s defense given by Ravish. He asks what did Ravish train you. She says a lot. He recalls Ravish and thinks he was not an ordinary man, he was an army man and could manage 10-15 people at once, how did Vividha stab Ravish so easily, how can this happen.

He recalls Vividha’s words. Uma asks her to take rest now. He goes. Atharv checks all the knives in kitchen. He says one is missing. Khushi comes there and shows him something. He asks her is she hungry, does she want something else. She goes. He looks on and goes. Kailash feeds Khushi. He asks her will she do one work for him.

Atharv sees Vividha’s bindi and imagines Vividha. She asks him not to put wet towel on bed. She cleans the bed. He cries. Dehleez pe mere dil ki….plays….. Vividha also imagines Atharv. He holds her and wipes her tears. She rests in his lap. Khushi takes a knife in hand and goes to Atharv. He wakes up and gets shocked seeing her. He asks Madhav why is he sad. Madhav asks him to take him to Vividha. Atharv promises he will get Vividha home soon. He recalls leaving the fruit knife on table. He asks her to give knife to him. Khushi acts like stabbing him. He gets shocked.

Its morning, Sujata says kids got affected by all this, Khushi does not say anything, but she understands, we should talk carefully in front of kids. Atharv says I feel Khushi wants to tell something. Sujata asks why will she tell, she was not inside that room. She goes. A lady talks to Vividha, and says you stood for me, you look innocent like a kid, you can’t be a murderer. Vivida recalls seeing Khushi holding the knife. She gets shocked and hears Atharv coming. She asks her to hide. Atharv and Kangana come there. They all leave. Vividha shuts the door and asks Khushi why did you do this, why did you kill Ravish. Khushi sees Kailash and signs he has stabbed Ravish. Vividha asks was Ravish troubling Papa, did you do this for Papa, don’t worry, sometimes innocent people do mistake, I will not let anything happen to you. FB ends. Vividha says sometimes, an innocent’s mistake forces other innocent to take a tough decision. Madhav asks Atharv is Vividha coming. Atharv says no, I promise I will get her soon. Madhav says my schoolmates said mumma killed Ravish, is this true, why do they tell this. He asks do you trust them or me, remember they will tell a lot of things, they don’t know Vividha, do you think mumma can do this. Madhav says mumma can’t do this, she is very nice. Khushi hears them.


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 10th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lawyer asks Vividha to sign on papers. Vividha refuses. Atharv says you are taking blame on yourself as you think Khushi did this. She asks him not to get Khushi punished. He says Khushi did not do this.