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Jaat Ki Jugni 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Jaat Ki Jugni 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Jyoti points knife at Munni and warns everyone not to let her elope with doctor, else she will slit Munni’s neck. Bittu asks what is she doing. Bheem fumes he will not spare Jyoti. Jyoti warns to stay right there. Bauji pulls gun from room and warns Jyoti to leave Munni. Jyoti says she will kill Munni if he stops them. Bheem says he will cut Jyoti into pieces. Bittu stops him and says love cannot be controlled with weapons and if Jyoti can kill and even die in love. Munni with doctor takes Munni out on gun point and speeds away in car. Bittu speeds behind car on bike.

Bauji asks Bheem and Pratap to go behind Munni and asks to open door. They open door and rush behind Munni and Jyoti. Bauji comes out holding gun and shouts who locked him and points gun at Savita. Everyone get afraid. He walks out of house holding gun to kill Bittu first.

Phool Kumari sees Bittu speeding on his bike and goes back to Bauji’s haveli. Daadaji with villagers and masterji joins her. Bauji points gun at Phool Kumari. Phool Kumari warns that she is not alone, if he shoots her, her team will kill his whole family. Masterji says she did not hold pen in life, so she does not know what nonviolence is. He pleads Bauji to stop blood game. Bauji points gun at him. Dadaji says Chaudhry will listen to only weapons. Masterji warns him if he tries violence, he will see his dead face. He again requests Bauji to stop blood game.

Doctor drives car. Munni cries leaning on Jyoti’s shoulder and says she is on her side, then why she targeted her. Jyoti apologizes her and throws her out of car. She falls from cliff and holds hanging tree. Bittu jumps from his bike seeing that trying to save her and hangs on same tree with her. She shouts she will die. He asks her to calm down. They see crocodile down in lake.

Pratap and Bheem with goon see bike on road. Bheem says Bittu planned all this and escaped, once he will find them all, he will kill them. They must be in their area itself. They all leave in car.

Munni and Bittu continue hanging on tree. Munni says they will ffall and die. Bittu says brain says he will die, but love says let us see. He holds her waist and looks into eyes. She asks not to look at him as if he loves her. Tree bark is about to break. He says good bye miss galatfehmi/misunderstanding and falls into water smiling at her. She shouts Bittu and cries….Bitttu falls deep into water.


Jaat Ki Jugni 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Crocodile heads towards Bittu and he tries to swim away fast.

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