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Jaat Ki Jugni 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Jaat Ki Jugni 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Jaat Ki Jugni 12th April 2017 Watch online Episode on

Monty informs Bittoo that Munni wants to meet him in temple. Bittoo says looks like Munni has started loving him. At Munni’s house, Chaudhry tells her a story that their father was killed by rivals in the middle of market and he was young at that time and killed 2 rivals and took father’s revenge. Savita says Munni needs to go to temple for baisakhi pooja.

Munni goes to temple with Sunaina and performs pooja. She then excuses herself and goes aside. Bittoo reaches there and walks towards her. She drops pooja thali by mistake. Bittoo imagines she expressing that she loves him and he delivery lengthy romantic dialogues. Munni asks why is he staring at her and cleans flowers from clothes. He asks why did she call him. She says she called him to inform that her brothers are not cruel and he depicted them wrong. Bittoo says he has to prove it then. She asks to do it. He says he needs time. She says 1 month and says if he fails, she will tonsure his head, blacken his face, and make him ride on donkey. He says she has to do it from her hands if he fails, but he will expose her brothers’ true colors, holding her hand. Spark emerge from nearby board like their first meeting. Sunaina calls Munni and she gets tensed and requests to leave her hand. He says he would not have left her hand if she did not have pleaded. She runs.

At Bittoo’s home, his mother Phool Kumari asks her husband Masterji to stop coming in her way and sit on one side. He says Bittoo has done wrong by take rivalry with bade Chaudry. She asks FIL to speak. He says he thinks his son got exchanged in hospital, their family is of body builders and his son so coward. Phool Kumari smirks. FIL whole village must be celebrating baisakhi rituals, where is is Bittoo. Phool Kumari says he must be arranging baisakhi party. People then donate grocery/give nek to phool kumara and she blesses each of them. After that, she asks Bittoo to start party. Bittoo starts dancing with villagers.

In Munni’s village, people donate grocery to Chaudry. Munni asks Savita what are they doing. She says they are gifting grocery and taking blessing form Chaudhry for their prosperous year. Chaudhry says Bittoo will take nek next. Munni receives nek and then starts dancing. Bheem gives lassi to Pratap and says he wants to take revenge from Bittoo. Chaudry joins and says he remembers every humiliation and reminisces each incident. He says they will punish Bittoo at the right time. Once he and Bheem leave, Pratap’s wife says he ruined her life marrying her, why don’t he tell truth to Munni and save her life. He says he cannot tell truth to her. Simran drops lassi glass seeing Munni in front of them.


Jaat Ki Jugni 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Grocery room catches fire in Bittoo’s village. Villagers say rivalry with bade Chaudhry is proving hostile for them. Bittoo’s father warns he will kill himself if Bittoo does not go from their village.

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