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Jaat Ki Jugni 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Jaat Ki Jugni 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Munni slaps Bittu and confronts how can he play with anyone’s feelings, she did not expect from him. She wipes her tears in rain and says he knows just to play with people’s feelings. Bittu says if she hates him so much, she should go on her way and he will on his way. They both walk in opposite direction.

Jyoti and doctor hide on tree after their car petrol finishes. Bheem stops car and asks Pratap if it same car in which Jyoti and doctor escaped. Pratap says yes, checks car and says it does not have petrol. Bheem says they must have not gone far, if he finds them, he will kill them. Jyoti and doctor gets more afraid. Jyoti’s ring falls down near Pratap’s leg. He stops and Jyoti gets more tensed. They both leave with their goon towards bus stop nearby. Doctor says they will go into jungle get killed by animals than getting killed by her brothers.

Sunaina serves snacks and tea to Dadaji, Phool Kumari and Masterji. Masterji says they will stay here as it is night. Dadaji says first time he proved he is his son. Phool Kumari says they cannot trust Bauji as he changes his words like a chameleon.

Munni walks in jungle and gets afraid seeing darkness. She stands in a shock when she feels something on her shoulder and turns. She relaxes seeing Bittu and asks why did he come back. He says he will not leave her alone in jungle and his words are not final, to unite doctor and Jyoti, she is important, she has to tell truth to everyone and clear their misunderstanding. She walks and he walks behind him. She slips and breaks her slipper. He laughs and jokes. She fumes and walks and gets thorn in her leg and writhes in pain.

Pratap and Bheem return home. Bauji asks if they found Bittu and Munni, doctor and Jyoti. They say no. Bauji fumes that Bitttu must have eloped again with Munni. Phool Kumari enters with Dadaji and Masterji and says her son is not a coward to elope. Masterji asks her to behave with Chaudrys and says Bauji that his wife is right, his son will not elope. Bauji says he had already kidnapped Munni once and did it again. Bheem holding gun boasts that he will shoot Bittu and close this issue at once. Phool Kumari snatches gun from him and warns if they harm her son, she will shoot them all. She knew they are snakes. Bauji says she is right, if she thinks they will dance to her tone, they will not and bite her. This haveli is his and his men will kill her and family.

Bittu holds Munni’s leg to remove thorn. Munni holds his shoulder tightly and closes eyes. He looks at her face. He removes thorn and comments why women frighten men before marriage with sandals and with roller/belan after marriage. She says she does not want to answer, walks and writhes in pain. He forcefully lifts her. She resists at first, but then gives up and looks at his face. He walks and asks what happened now. They both hear a sound and get tensed.


Jaat Ki Jugni 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bauji takes Munni home and orders his goons to kill Bittu. Back home, he tells Phool Kumari what she thinks of her son, his men will kill him and throw his dead body in jungle. Munni hears his words standing behind and looks shocked.

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