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Jaat Ki Jugni 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Jaat Ki Jugni 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Pratap and Muskan get out of Phool Kumari’s house. Phool Kumari says she felt good that they spent sometime in her house and asks to return again. She smirks at Muskan. Pratap asks driver to take them to Muskan’s parent’s house. Muskan says she wants to go back to their house, haveli. They both get into car and leave.

Bittu speaks to Munni and assures her not to worry and try to fill love in her brothers’ live. Phool Kumari comes out and fumes that she will slap him, why did not he inform here where he is going and did not even call her once. He tells her whole story of Munni insisting him to take her to Amrithketh, Senior Munni and Bittu’s story, etc.. Phool Kumari is surprised hearing all this.

Pratap takes Muskan home and says he knows she does not love him and married forcefully, but she should not have told all this to Savita bhabhi and Phool Kumari ji. He says even he was forcefully married to her without his wish and in this house, they just have to follow rules. Muskan says she thought of giving their relationship a try, but she was wrong. Munni hears their conversation and thinks there are so many problems in her family. Muskan comes out. Munni tells her that they should at least try to revive Jyoti and doctor’s love story and get them married and not tell Jyoti about Tauji’s death. Muskan says her Munni grew up so mature. They turn and see Jyoti standing. Jyoti says this is not fair, she and Bittu united them, but they both are missing from rituals. Munni relaxes and hugs her.

Phool kumari calls Savita and informs her what Bittu told. She says she is so cruel thinking to kill Munni and proved she is childless, but she will not sacrifice her son Bittu. Phool Kumari says their enemy is same Munni and she will destroy Munni’s life.

Bittu looks at his veil which Munni wore and gets sad reminiscing her words that they should not have met. Munni calls him and tells about problems in Pratap and Muskan’s marriage. Bittu says they got their first mission of uniting Muskan and Pratap. She says she misbehaved with him so much, but he is still helping her why. He says because he loves her and one can go to ay extent for love, he can sacrifice his life for her. He continues expressing his feelings. Monty calls him out to dance in Vikram’s sangeet. Bittu dances with friends on Channa Mere ya mere…and emotionally wipes his tears.


Jaat Ki Jugni 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Munni asks Bittu what is love. Bauji says it is waste of time and fake. Munni says it an unique relationship like his and Munni bua’s was.