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Jaat Ki Jugni 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Jaat Ki Jugni 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bauji’s goons trash Bittu on Bheem’s order. Munni runs towards him bare footed. Bheem gets gun. Pratap stops him, but Bheem does not listen. Bheem says he will shoot doctor first. Bittu stands in front of doctor. Bheem shoots. Munni runs in front of Bittu and bears bullet. Everyone stand in a shock. Munni touches her gunshot wound and looks at blood, then touches Bittus cheek looking at him eagerly and collapses. Doctor says Bittu they have to rush Munni to hospital. Bittu lifts Munni, gets her in car and drives. Bauji reaches. Guard tells him that Munni got a gun shot and Bittu rushed her to hospital.

Bittu speeds car. Bheem looks in a shock. Pratap says nothing will happen to Munni. Munni opens eyes and calls Bittu. Bittu reaches hospital and doctor takes Munni to operation theater. Bheem reminisces his love for Munni. Pratap consoles him.

Jyoti and doctor reach Bauji’s haveli. Sunaina yells at them. Jyoti says Munni got a gun shot and Bittu took her to hospital. Phool Kumari warns them if something happens to Bittu, she will burn this house, orders doctor to open door. Doctor does. Phool Kumari rushes towards hospital. Savita prays got that today her dream is coming true, once Munni dies, she can become mother at least.

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Bittu sits outside operation theater. Nurse asks him to go and get treatment. He says he will not go anywhere. She says she will bandage him here itself. Bauji enters with Bheem and Pratap. Bittu says they are worst than enemies and harmed Munni. Bauji shouts. Phool Kumari enters and warns him to stay away from her son and tells Bittu let us go from here. Bittu says he will not go until Munni gets well. Bauji yells to take away black shadow/Bittu from here. Bittu says they are bigger black shadow in Munni’s life. Bauji angrily drags Bittu out. Phool Kumari tries to stop him and he pushes her. Bittu gets her up and she says she is fine. Bittu angrily holds Bauji’s collar. Pratap reacts and Bauji orders goons to trash Bittu. Doc comes and asks them to stop fighting and get O negative blood for Munni, it is a rare blood group and they will not get it outside, so anyone among them have to donate blood.


Jaat Ki Jugni 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nurse tells his blood group matched with Munni’s blood group. Bauji asks if his blood group matched. Nurse says Bittu’s.

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