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Jaat Ki Jugni 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Jaat Ki Jugni 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Savita’s doctor friend suggests her to plan a baby, else it will be difficult for her in life. Savita sees Sunaina and Surekha standing and says she considers Munni as her daughter and she does not need any other child. Tauji warns Bauji, Bheem, and Pratap they cannot dare spoil his daughter’s life by getting her married to doctor. Bauji says doctor is best match for Jyoti. Tauji shouts they are most benefitted with it, he will tell Munni why they did not give her normal life and why they will not let her marry. He walks away. Pratap and Bheem run behind him to stop him.

Bittu tells Munni that she has planned everything well. She says even this time her is proved wrong and her trust towards her brothers did not break. He says he remembers she challenged that she will shave his head, blacken his face and make him travel on donkey. She says yes, he will climb horse instead. He says he will if she accompanies him and extends his hand. She holds his hand and smiles.

Tauji reaches hospital. Bauji’s goons surround him. Tauji says he is Tauji of their boss and they cannot dare touch him. Bauji comes with Bheem and Pratap. Tauji says Bauji even he came to stop him. Bauji says he keeps his promise, they are relatives, hugs him and stabs him repeatedly saying whoever comes between his sister’s happiness will have to die. He says it is his time to go and once he reaches up, he should inform his younger brother that his son Gaju has taken care of family well and will fulfill all promises. Bittu comes out of hospital. Tauji tries to shout, but collapses and dies. Bauji gives knife to goon and walks away with Bheem and Pratap.

Bittu reaches village and villagers carry him on their shoulders. Dadaji says Masterji that even he was not greeted like this when he graduated. Masterji says it is obvious his son should be more successful than him Dadaji says he is telling right for the first time. Monty comes and informs that Bauji has promised to repay grocery amount which his goons burnt as he wants Jyoti and doctor’s marriage to happen peacefully. Dadaji says it is a good news. Bittu imagines Munni there and imagines dancing with her on a romantic song, lifting her.


Jaat Ki Jugni 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bittu tells Monty that he loves Munni. Monty says he has to forget Munni. Bittu says it is not under his control, even Munni will love him and their love story will be a firebrand. Phool Kumari hears that and fumes Bittu cannot marry Munni.

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